New Base Turrets stop shooting during Drone attack

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by SpaceFlyer, Nov 26, 2020.

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    Build: v1.2 3129
    Mode: Survival
    Mode: Singleplayer

    SEED-ID: SEED-ID 877763

    If applicable:

    Reproducibility: build some 30mm turrent and play the game
    Severity: minor

    Type: Global

    Summary: Base Turrets stop shooting during Drone attack


    the turrets had enough ammo. i checked the ammo crate and nothing was missing, means for me they were loaded with enough rounds.
    dont know what the range of the different drones is so first i thought the rocket drone was out of range but it didnt look so, even it was closing in.
    not sure if that behavior of the my turrets is intended but if so, it sucks. the targeting / aiming should be much smoother. and this is singleplayer. dont want to see this in pvp

    short edit: cpu for the base was red (128k/50K or so). not sure whether this matters.
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    I've seen this for a long time. Turrets seem to go to sleep for what seems like 5-10 seconds (way longer than reload cycles). Better off without them (use the CPU for something more useful) and instead run out towards the incoming drones and engage with your sniper rifle. I vaguely recall a release where this seemed to suddenly get worse - I wonder it the targetting task just goes to sleep for 5-10 seconds with the result that any turret that finishing killing its target doesnt get given a new one. But also I have seen turrets tracking but not firing for no apparent reason so perhaps two separate issues.

    Multiple remote defence towers work alot better - they can engage before rocket drones get into range of your main base, their CPU is separate from your base, so you can have a useful number of turrets... etc. These days I dont even bother sticking turrets on my main base (though will do so for published builds because people like the illusion of some protection / looks) and only really use remote defence towers with overlapping fields of fire (so if one goes to sleep hopefully another will at least partly cover its zone).

    I had two funny instances of sleeping sentry guns yesterday - one was a critter that crawled right up to 3 sentry guns that completely ignored it until it was almost close enough to bite one of the sentry guns when they finally woke up and shot it (Darwin award - posted screenshot to A12 photos thread - the turrets had that WTF look about them as if they had just been woken up) and the other was a critter that walked into my base right past a couple of sentry guns and bit me in the ass while I was on the drone adding some cargo extenders. Both of these critters had to have walked an extensive distance in close line of sight to the sentries and yet were ignored (and yes, I do have them setup correctly for predators).

    Your CPU may make the situation worse (not sure), but on my bases I definitely have plenty of CPU capacity.

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