Filed / Tracking Block called 'Cylinder 6-way' does not accept "paint whole block" (parts won't paint at all) [7717]

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    (Sorry, title should say "some parts" won't paint at all)

    Version: v1.33 3209 05-13:26
    Reproducible: Always (all game modes)
    Severity: Trivial

    When you attempt to color the Cylinder 6-way, the inner corners won't paint at all. This includes if you use "paint whole block" function. In case people think I might be doing it wrong, I included an image of the full selection.

    I have tested this and can reproduce it on small and large blocks, and on all blocks of any material, including concrete, steel, hardened steel, and composite. I have tested it in singleplayer and on two different servers. I have ensured that other people see the same thing that I do so it is not a bug specific to my build/ pc.

    Please see the attached images.

    Thank you!

    bug-2.jpg bug-1.jpg
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  2. Escarli

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    Build: 1.3.3 3209
    Mode: Creative
    Mode: Singleplayer

    Reproducibility: Every time
    Severity: Annoying

    Type: Building Block Textures

    Summary: Texture issue - Cylinder 6-Way

    Description: When texturing the Cylinder 6-Way the sides are fine but the corner pieces are not as you can see in the screenshots. It seems to be the same for all block types for all build types (BA/CV/SV/HV)

    Steps to Reproduce:
    Place a Cylinder 6-Way block on any build and texture/colour it and you'll get the same result.

    Have spawned in a CV build that has this block on it and it's effected also.

    Screenshots, Crash Logs, any other Relevant Information or Download links:



    When spawning in a CV which has this block:
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  3. Big Dan

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    Additional Information - This error was not present (for me) in early December 2020, when I last played the game. I used this block to create landing gears on an SV and saw the texture and color were missing on the corner surfaces when I opened a save file on 15 Jan. 2021.
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  4. Ravis

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    Mode: Creative / Serv
    Vs 1.3 / new game

    Block missing texture, unable to add new texture, wont hold if it currently had one before. POI stuff_2021-01-24_12-40-43.png

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