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    Two toned paint schemes: So I can paint the block one color and the emissive part another(would really really love this). Or paint glass windows one color and the frames another.

    Gravity Generators: Debug mode showing area of effect.

    Creative mode building:
    GUI for mergestructs. I imagine this working something like blocks. Press N to open the panel(or give mergestructs its own panel). Turn on Merge Structures and then select the first structure by clicking on it. Now you can move it around, rotate it, place it, etc like a block. Right click to place/release it. Click another structure to select it. Place it. Then hit the Merge button in the panel. Confirmation box pops up. Click. Done.

    Right click/drag highlight and cut/paste/delete.
    Symmetry texture/paint
    (and please get someone to fix the stuff that doesn't work with the symmetry tool. ya I know it's probably on the list. just sayin') - thanks for working on this devs! whoever has been fixing this stuff deserves a raise! or at least a good lunch. :)
    replacetextures command.
    Widebrush option for texture/paint

    TEXTURES: I understand there are limitations to how many textures you can add currently. I hope a solution can be found to this so that you can add textures whenever you want in the future.

    More textures of all types(sci fi, metallic - both pristine and scuffed up/corroded)
    More textures that are uniformly tiled, ie they look the same no matter which direction they're facing.
    Ability to color the stone and brick textures(or just add more). Would like some greyish or brown bricks.
    More options for Alien block textures.
    Computer terminal type textures(for HVs and SVs). Keyboard and computer screens, status displays, radar and targeting, dials and knobs and switches, etc
    Machinery type textures
    Textureable stairs: I'd like to be able to use all the stone and wood textures on these.
    Lava texture
    Water texture
    Grass texture
    Gravel, granite, slate, sandstone, sand
    Carpet textures: plush and commercial, more geometric patterns
    Tile mosaic textures
    Stained glass windows
    Animated textures(water)

    Textureable rails(wood, stone, etc)
    Texturable toilet/shower deco

    Boarding ramps for SVs
    Heavy Windows for SVs

    Food, Water, Air, Plant, Fire, Recycling, Chemistry beaker, Restroom, Fork & Knife, Plane, Dollar sign, Phone, WiFi, Hospital, High Voltage, and other common universal symbols.

    Fish tank deco
    Plant deco: flowers, trees and bushes, crops.
    Fireplace, campfire, torch deco
    Fountains/water feature deco

    Resource piles: metal bars, stacks of wood, raw ore, etc.

    Statue deco: gargoyles, gravestones, boulders, Egyptian type obelisk

    Piles of garbage, dirt, construction debris

    Computer deco with built in chair and computer terminal(like the alien block ones)
    Holographic screen: astrometrics display of solar system/galaxy
    Holographic display: radar contacts

    Round table with umbrella
    Pool side lounge chairs
    Alcove type bed
    Single block size sink/vanity with cabinet and mirror
    Single block size wall mounted sink
    Stand alone toilet with no walls
    Public toilet: ie metal walls and a door(non airtight)
    Kitchen Counter deco with microwave and dishwasher built in
    Fridge deco
    Stove deco
    Chest type Freezer deco
    Mini Fridge
    Framed picture deco
    Bench corner
    Cart - shopping, laundry, etc
    Dishwasher/stove/clothes washer, etc

    Trash cans

    Office cubicle with workstation and desk
    Long table
    Long table with chairs
    Maybe a rounded corner piece for the table(idea being to make conference tables with them)

    Shelves with stuff on them: Books, tools, parts, etc
    Vendor display tables with things like food or electronics or other goods
    Vending machines
    Row of full size lockers(that look like the personal storage ones)
    Wall of half size lockers
    Metal shelving: Free standing and wall mounted units

    Pool table
    Roulette table
    Slot machine
    Blackjack table
    Craps table

    Lab table with chemistry equipment/microscope
    Dentist type chair
    Surgical table: Can treat everything.
    Futuristic hospital bed with electronic readouts, etc.
    Lab specimens in containment tanks
    First Aid Kit: Placeable on a wall. Can treat poisonous bite, food poisoning, poison, open wound, burns, etc.

    Machinery/Parts/Power Generator deco: Various.

    Signs: Various shapes and sizes advertising things. Holographic, neon, billboards, free standing on post, etc.

    Satellite dish: various sizes

    NPC DECO: Standing, sitting, laying in bed, eating food, at their computer, walking around, etc.
    Possible to make these texturable/paintable? ie different kinds of uniforms/different color clothes?

    Ideas for more types of NPCs: technicians, doctors, mechanic, merchant, science officer, scientists, chef/cooks, alien critter deco, police, fire and rescue, musicians, etc. NPC's in formal wear(especially sitting at an elegant table). NPC's in formal wear that look like they're dancing.

    NPC's that walk around. Maybe set a route/area(that works similar to setting up the area for motion sensors) and they walk around within the area you've selected. Maybe they'll stop and talk to each other before moving on.
    Pet deco: dogs, cats, etc.
    Animal deco: livestock
    Robots: Various types. Bipedal, wheeled, floating, rovers, etc.

    Throne, wooden, bar stool, recliner
    More types of Passenger chairs, especially ones that incorporate computer consoles.
    Cryochamber passenger chair

    Double doors 1x2
    Circular doors
    Barred doors - for jail cells and gates
    Wood door(non airtight)
    New door type: secret door. Flat, can be textured and painted.
    Doors that are not transparent and not airtight.
    Doors that are transparent and are airtight.

    Hangar doors: 7x3, 9x3. Something on the small side that's wider than it is tall. Idea being to use it on smaller CVs but still be wide enough for SVs that are maybe a little larger than a shuttle.

    Indoor table lamps
    Street lights
    Bollard Lights
    Standing torches, campfires, fireplaces
    Light blocks that have motion sensor functions built in by default
    Organic light sources. They work like lights, you can rotate and place them, change the settings but they're not technology(a cloud of fireflies, an alien bug, fungus/plants, crystals, etc).

    Cylinder End D(Same shape as Cylinder End A but fits Cylinder Thin)
    Thruster S Slant

    Ramp: Ramps that pivot up and down instead of sliding in and out.
    Elevators that extend and retract.
    Multiple size elevator blocks: 1x2, 2x2, 3x3.

    Freight elevators: various sizes like the ramps but retract/extend straight up and down. Could use this as a way to get HVs onto a ship.

    More Seasonal Deco. No reason. Just fun. Christmas trees, jack 'o lanterns, etc.

    Shutter window blocks that actually close.

    Chain link Fences
    Barred wall(for jails and such)
    Working ladders
    Walkway Round Corner
    Rails for Stairs Wedge Long
    Razor Wire
    Stairs Corner are probably too small when trying to create a spiral staircase. It's hard to navigate them. Maybe make them a 2x2 block instead of 1x1.

    You gave us non-turret versions of pulse lasers and rocket launchers for CVs. Why not give us non-turret versions of the others?
    Bubble canopy type turret
    Big battleship type turrets
    Small turrets, large turrets, super large turrets
    Special weapons(example: the wave motion gun on the Space Battleship Yamato)
    Torpedo Tubes(front facing like on a submarine, fires rockets/missiles/etc).

    Better bases for existing turrets. The clamps/feet they rest on currently are not aesthetically pleasing and really don't look like they integrate well with placement on ships. They look out of place.

    Retractable elevators
    Retractable Landing Gear
    Landing gear should also function as docking clamps.

    Possible idea: Translucent blocks. Don't know if this is doable or even advisable. Just wanted something to put in my pool. Could use them as "water" or glass. Give them a glowy property and they could be used as a kind of light source.

    Water Tank(storage device for water)
    Water Cooler(dispenser similar to the Oxygen station)
    Water pumps(to move the water)
    Water pipes(to get it from point A(lake) to B(base)
    Maybe water filtration systems too if you want to be more realistic with it

    Ship Orientation: Need an easy and intuitive way to reset this if possible.

    Wing pieces for CVs.
    More types of wing pieces that join together seamlessly to form a larger wing(think Star Wars U-Wing).

    Gravity generators and deco for SVs.
    SV turrets
    Elevator blocks for SVs
    Deco for HVs.
    Boarding ramps!

    Audio sensors! Would greatly increase immersion. Imagine if you had a motion sensor that you could set up in an area and it would play a noise or sound when people tripped the sensor. Like birds singing/nature sounds in a park area or people talking or city sounds in a city area, machine sounds in a factory area, etc.

    Slim line versions of the gravity generator.

    Space Furnishings

    High tech appliances: stove, sink, fridge, dishwasher, computer desks, etc that are suitably sci fi/high tech looking.
    Space toilet: same deal.

    I'd like beds, kitchens, shelves, etc that are designed to look like they're inset into the wall. Not freestanding.
    Couple pics to give you an idea of what I'm talking about
    Korben Dallas' apartment from Fifth Element. I like the aesthetic of this hi tech micro apartment where things are inset into the wall for maximum efficiency. I can't really achieve the same look with the freestanding deco items in Empyrion even if I surround them with blocks. It would work better if the deco itself mimicked this look.
    Bed that's inserted into the wall

    Things I wish I had today:
    Npcs that have been captured and webbed up or stuck in goo.
    Dead npcs and animals, animal bones, etc.
    Stone textures for dirt, sand, etc. It would come in handy making 'natural' tunnels when making POI's, etc.
    Piles of rock debris. Rock deco, boulders, stones, etc.
    Piles of ingots.
    Piles of raw ore, minerals, etc.
    Damaged deco, computers etc with sparks coming out, overturned tables and chairs, etc.
    Flickering lights. Random pattern.

    More xenosteel block textures that are 1) alien 2) emmissive.
    Fungus deco, mushrooms, etc. Plant deco in general.
    More variety for Alien Container(reward containers). High tech versions that look like a storage vault. Low tech versions that look like various kinds of treasure chests, egg sacs, pods, tree stumps, etc.

    Searchlights. Spotlight on a round base, swivel animation so it moves back and forth. Ideally pointed down at an angle. Usable on bases.

    General Devices(deco) ---> vent(deco): new size: 3, 1, 3
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    I have a blueprint still left unfinished from 4.0 that is waiting on stained glass windows. I really wish they would give us this option
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    Totally agree on all of that.

    The gravity gens would be awesome if they could be setup like we do with motion sensors (just allowing the max of 32b in any direction slider).

    For now, you can make secret doors from trapdoors set sideways, and hide a lever or laser trip somewhere to open it. The trap door has a setting now to not open automatically when you get near it (or use that as the secret way to open it, you have to bump near it to make it open).
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    Also: clear windows.

    EDIT: and a sensor that triggers when it detects any object in it's range.
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    I would like signals to have a extra skin shaped like a computer console.
    So you have
    Computer screen/ terminal.
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    I updated the OP with more suggestions. Will add more over time.
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    Edited and stickied.
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    What about a "V" shaped block and/or truss? We have angled blocks and half angled blocks... but since we can't fit two half angles into the same space, a V would be cool.

    EDIT: and a "U" shaped block.
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    About time this stuff made it's way into a stickied thread!:rolleyes:

    would also like to add:

    save my sanity, and my teeth.
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    A "V" block could make a sweet roof peak. I have wanted this since day one.
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    - Let LCDs display multiple messages depending on signal; i.e., signal inputs should tie to the text display not the entire LCD, then have an option to add more text displays with the corresponding signal trigger. Allowing us to have LCDs that update with changes in signals.

    - Shutters without the blue field, and Ramps with the field, i.e. angled shutters. Also more size options for both (especially for HV/SV).

    - Deco and switch blocks in HVs/SVs

    -A "switch bank" block on CVs/Bases, with more than one lever/button on a 2 meter block.

    -A push-button trigger block

    - Add textures and paint to the symmetry tool, and the ability to select multiple axis' on the symmetry tool (not a block but really, really, needed). Also, the ability to set two blocks (or the break in between) as the center-of-axis.

    - Blinking lights (or the ability to make the logical means for them) and the ability to loop signals.

    - A sensor that can detect an empty vehicle, like a light beam that trips with broken by anything.

    - A small turret for SVs, even if it's only as strong as the hand-held Gatling gun. It's silly that a 1960's attack helicopter's chin turret or WWII bomber's ball turrets have more flexibility than a futuristic spacecraft. Please give my passenger something useful to do.

    - More block shapes, including bends for the large cylinder and cylinder fence. Also a half-cylinder block. ETA: add to that a four- and six-way junction for the thin cylinder.

    EDIT: PLEASE allow devices to send signals. I would love it if a constructor would send a signal when it is active, or the ability to set up a harvest/ammo box or O2/fuel tanks to send a signal when it's empty/full. Then I can set up a display in my cockpit area with my updating LCDs, that display multiple messages, to give me an update.
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    AND: Most difficult and perhaps impossible, would be to have some sort of 'panel block' that would allow multiple switches. I would love to be able, on my CVs, to have a row of buttons that I could push to configure my ship as needed.

    "At Base Energy Conservation Mode checklist:
    Kill RCS - check
    Stop thrusters - check
    Lights off - check
    Grow lights on - check.
    Turrets off - check "

    Most of this can now be done through the SUPERB new changes to the control panel, so it is less pressing than before. GAWD I love what you have done with the CP. Ballard is many happys. So being able to deploy a 3x3 (or something like that) set of switches on a single block is less of a need and more of a 'golly gee whiz' sort of ask.

    - Switches need some sort of built in label, even if its just 8 to 12 letters.
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    Automatic doors for SVs/HVs, manual doors for CVs/Bases.

    And eliminate (or allow the ability to disable) the default auto-opening for shutters and hangar doors (since sensor triggers make them redundant).
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    -Elevators and stair blocks for HV/SV.

    -Working ladders for everyone.
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    Other classes of constructors for HVs/SVs that allows construction of items not allowed in the general constructor, but also does not give the current constructor the same flexibility of the CV/BA ones. For instance, a ammo constructor that can make ship/turret ammo, one for basic fuel processing, one for O2 tanks, etc. You can also add in a basic food processor in this class also. These can be T2/advanced skill/trader purchased only items.
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    It would be cool if weight was calculated by volume instead of "by block", meaning a tiny pyramid corner shouldn't weight as much as a full cube, hence making designs more attractive wouldn't sacrifice a lot of performance. As it is now, there is no logical incentive to make nice designs because it eats away engine power and agility. And armor points per block could also be adjusted the same way instead of having tiny blocks with holes be as resistant as whole blocks.
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    But then you'll have people complain that it takes the same X resources for a small detail block, as it does for a full cube block.

    Then to solve that, every block would have to be broken out of the 'group' and made into many multiple smaller groups... which then means to even construct something you have to fill your hotbar with just a few of those groups, shuffling and juggling whats in the hotbar (which is already a pain with all the other block groups) just to build something. Not only that, in SP you would have to plan way ahead and make sure you construct the right blocks you think you may need.
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    In present groups there are already different "hitpoints" for half of the blocks. The hangar and shutter doors, for example, already have different weights, dimensions, hitpoints, etc, and take the same amount of resources whatever the door / window chosen; I did not read a lot of complaints about that yet. I think it's already and easily feasible.
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    Volume has nothing to do with mass. a 1 meter cubed box of feathers vs that same box full of lead would have totally different mass. and a different weight in gravity.

    Volume is a measurement of space it usable for cargo capacity. in that case 2 times ramp blocks would take the same space as 1 cube block.
    you could ditch slots and stack sizes and just have volume.

    A ramp block should have half the mass of a cube. assuming there made of the same components. i Hope the developer do fix that mas to better represent the shape at some point.

    I Agree that the current system of creation is simplistic and component cost are only for the base cube.
    I don;t think many complain of the cost of simplistic. but when building every point of mass/armor can and should be a factor. this should also factor into HP those tiny picket are dam strong.
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    1 cubic meter of hardened steel should have more mass / weight than a tiny picket made of the same material. That was my point, in relation with ship design where making slopes requiring half the material still weight the same as if building with full cubes. When adding thousands of these sloped half-blocks to ships, this "artificial" mass is far from negligible. Tx for the small physics course though, but that's beyond the point I'm trying to show. ;)

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