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    This is actually my main problem with the game. Building is such awesome in creative, the best building experience out there but on the other side building ingame in survivalmode is nearly impossible.

    I always end up with this szenario:
    -I start the game, get some ressources and spawn my in creativemode builded first hover.
    -Then is get ressources, leave the survival, build my bigger hover with drills and stuff and spawn it in.
    -Build a small vessel in creative, get ingame the ressources for it.
    -build a capital in creative, get ingame the ressources for it.
    -build a tank in creative, get ingame the ressources for it.
    -build a funny agile SV in creative, get ingame the ressources for it and spawn it.
    -build a nice base in creative, gather ingame the ressources for it.
    -now i want any SV Fighter or i have any idea for a HV, go in creative, build it, get ingame the ressources for it.

    I think the list is long enough to get the point. Ingame is nothing to do than get the ressources and spawn it.
    When we play with 4 players coop its not fun because most of the time is spend in creative mode. We just meet sometimes to make some dungeons.

    My dream would be to bring the creative mode into the survival. A factory, a big area seperated from the outside like the repair shield. Inside you can fly because you control just a drone from a panel, you never get inside that shield with your char when its active. You can do all that stuff from creative, all the functions, blockpickup, copypaste, axis building,...

    The difference is the ressources are not endless, they come from a container attached to it.
    Your toolbar is not filled up with the building stuff because its on the drone and the factory .
    I can everytime just leave the factory console and instant be in survival.

    This way the coop players are never splitted again, everyone can see what you are building inside that shield and you can react in seconds to anything like a ziraxattack or hunger.

    Building is the most important feature of this game and when its seperated from the game itself, then... i dont know how this couldt work. I dont wanna hurry up building to get faster ingame again.

    Bring the creative mode into the survival mode, at least in a 20x30x20 box size. Hard to imagine this with sizeclass 15 capitals, this needs to be in orbit.
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    The main problem I foresee is that if you limit the player to the resources they have on-hand, they generally won't be able to build much unless they've already gathered enough resources.

    I agree that introducing creative tools into survival would be desirable, though. An alternate way to do this would be to pop a player into a creative instance from some kind of terminal, while still tracking their HP and food level. Spawning in a blueprint should require a physical factory area to protect in realtime (rather than simply popping out the final structure at the end).
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    I wonder if Survival Mode (Single Player or Multiplayer) could launch another Creative Mode instance of the game. Then your character could be standing at a "Creative Mode" console, you could respond to Base Attacks, get hungry, etc. If you step away from the Creative Mode console then the Creative Mode instance would save and pause. Anyways, this is probably great if you've got two monitors or more, but not so great if you only have one.
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    I built ALL my vessels NOW in survival since I started playing @ravien_ff scenario Project Eden. There is a Dead Planet Starter world with disabled access to the BP-Factory. THAT spurs my Fantasy and Creativity tenfold!
    Currently I try to manage a large CV which is still missing several thousand Blocks..:D.
    Also I constructed a SV and, since I started on that Planet now for 6 times(or more) 6 different HVs and a further CV
    Wasteland_2019-10-08_09-03-54.png Wasteland_2019-10-09_21-53-28.png The Hour of the Wolf_2019-09-11_13-27-13.png One Year EGS_2019-09-08_08-41-51.png
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    Think of going to creative as you enter the "factory" instance. Supposedly the BP factory workings are to be changed, maybe get a kind of "repair" block that do the constructing, or add that to a Repair T3 (T2 have repair to BluePrint).
    The few times I have played MP, I normally in my "spare time" (or already) have created a vessel.
    Then I can have a quick recall of the design and build it in survival. Also one of the reasons I try keep my builds simple and functional, instead of fancy and a lot of likes if put on Workshop. Looks disappear if get blown up in a fight:p
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