Not a bug Can't Loot Blue Plant Protein Plant

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    Build: v1.4 3259 06-14:11 (noticed it in last several versions)
    Mode: All
    Mode: All


    Reproducibility: Every new map
    Severity: Minor

    Type: Terrain sprites

    Summary: Cannot loot blue plant protein plant because it's too deeply in the terrain.

    Description: Even if you remove the terrain from around countersunk blue protein plants, you still cannot loot them. I can't even target them (in either state). Now, while this isn't a major thing, it seems to be increasing substantially in frequency.

    Steps to Reproduce: Check any map or make a new map. (Happens on any planet where they can spawn)

    Screenshots, Crash Logs, any other Relevant Information or Download links: Here's a screenshot of the same plant as it was, and after drilling around it. Cannot be looted in either case, even once the 'root' is exposed.

    blueplantbug1.jpg blueplantbug2.jpg
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    there are 2 versions of that plant. The one you pictured with no leaves around it, that is a decorative plant. Then there is the one with leaves around it that you can pick and get plant protein from.

    Unless all the ones with leaves have been replaced by the ones without leaves this is normal
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