PLZ Retest and Re-Report Cant remap mouse buttons

Discussion in 'Archive (Read Only)' started by germanphreaq, Feb 14, 2020.

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    Hello all at Eleon Studios, first i wanted to say i'm a HUGE fan of your works! Keep up the great deeds and i cant wait to see whats in store!!

    I have run into an issue unfortunately. As of any patch after 11.1.1, i cant for the life of me remap the mouse buttons to be anything other than the default primaries. The secondary buttons work fine, but i play left handed mouse, and my left middle finger is usually set to JUMP and the index finger button is set to FIRE, while the middle mouse button (scroll wheel) is set to secondary action (radial menu for multitool mainly). As of anything after 11.1.1, it just stays as factory default no matter what i try to do. Even reinstalling the game, clicking default settings, file verifications...nothing seems to fix it :[ . I thoroughly enjoy this wonderful game, but i cant play without jumping and pulling up a scope or menu at the same time lol...of which can get me killed. My latest update was build 2780 i believe of the experimental variety. Sorry to be a bearer of bad news, but at least its some feedback that could affect others like me i guess.

    Anyway, keep up the great works and thank you for your time.
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    Hi can you try removing the secondary keybinds ?
    Find the action in the list then in the secondary list click on the box then press the Escape key 1 time to clear the box.
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