Choose bounding box for Grav Gen the same as sensors work

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    It would be nice to be able to choose the area that a Grav Gen influences in the same way you choose sensor area. Optionally, if two or more overlap they could have a priority, or even both act as the same time! The purpose would be:

    * Proper GRAV LIFTS! Step in and whoosh you fly up or down the lift shaft. Much more stylish and fun!
    * Amusing ways to launch people out of bases
    * Intersting POI jump mechanics AKA human ping pong
    * Other design features nobody has thought of yet!

    I heard a basic imitation can be implemented with sensors switch grav gens on/off, but that's useless in multiplayer and are a pain for even the most basic design. My hope is that this change would add a lot but be easy to implement as the components and GUI are already in the game.

    Lastly, it would be good to have a "brake" block or gen that you can put somewhere that slows a person down to max 3m/s that's in it, for example to prevent splatter and the endpoint of a grav lift shaft.
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