Clipping through HV when docked to turned off CV

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    For more information see here Bug Report Template

    Build: V 1.7.9. 3724
    Mode: Creative/Survival
    Mode: Single Player (not sure about MP,probably as well)


    If applicable:

    Reproducibility: Always
    Severity: Very significant

    Type: Bugged docking

    Summary: When you land on a planet, then you dock HV to CV, turn off CV, and then try to enter docked HV, you clip/fall through the HV, not being able to enter it at all.

    Description: Seems like it is tied only to planets, not space at all. When you land on a planet, keep your CV turned on, and then dock your HV to a CV, everything seems to work fine. But once you turn power off on CV, and try to enter your HV, you will start clipping through the the HV to the CV, there is no way to enter it.
    It is tied to HV interiors only (open cockpits,not closed ones). When however you turn on power on your CV, then you are magically able to enter your HV as well.
    Simply turning power off on CV on planet bugs your docked vehicles, making them unusable.
    I am unsure about docked SVs though, I spawned one, tried it, but I clipped only once, other times I did not.
    Having power on/off on your HV seems to not make any difference at all, only thing that matters is power on CV.

    When you use godmode, and fly to your cockpit on HV while CV is off,enter the seat, then your CV starts flying by itself, above ground,turning itself on its axis,etc.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1) Land CV on a planet
    2) Enter CV with a HV, dock your HV
    3) Leave your HV, turn off power on your CV.
    4) Try entering your HV. You will clip through the floor of HV.

    Screenshots, Crash Logs, any other Relevant Information or Download links:
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