CURRENTLY not reproducible Clone chamber in HV vanished

Discussion in 'Currently not reproducible' started by SharkTheTech, Oct 25, 2021.

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    For more information see here Bug Report Template

    Build: 1.6.3

    SERVER NAME: 4Ntplayers

    We tried raiding a Zirax drone base with three people the other day. 2 of us were usign figthers, I was using a heavy armored and shielded HV that is equipped with a clone chamber. One of the fighters was shot down and the player wounded. I picked her up with the HV (it has two passenger seats) and we went back to our home base. On leaving the HV she died of blood loss (don't ask why she didn't use the med station). She choose to respawn in the HVs clone chamber.
    She respawned somewhere inside the blocks of the engine section of the HV and needed quite a few tries to get out (I don't remember if she disassembled it or was able to bug out). When I checked the passenger compartment of the HV a couple minutes later I noticed that the clone chamber had disappeared. Neither of us had the clone chamber in his inventory either, it hd vanished.
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    It has happened to me with a machine gun turret on a base. I put the turret and entered the base and soon after I left the base and the turret is not there! It's just gone!

    Me ha sucedido con una torreta metralleta en una base. Puse la torreta y entre a la base y al poco tiempo salgo de la base y la torreta no está allí! Simplemente ya no está!

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