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    So being a progression player at heart I love to work towards tech, lvl, unlock etc. as goals. One of the many obstacles to overcome in these cases is combat and raiding. In my short time playing (approx 40+ active hrs not spent idle) I've noticed some things I would change to make combat feel more impactful, fun, tactical and not so much an afterthought. That last bit can only really be applied if the game were in release and not alpha/beta but for now im using it to get my feeling out there.

    1.) Sound
    For now I'd like to refer to the current sounds in the game as placeholders. The biggest reason being that they feel very out of place or at the very least aren't mixed in a way that feels right. More bass and impacts that sound like impacts would go a long way. Being an alpha I absolutely understand dealing with game bugs first but I do think the sounds need an overhaul to make the game feel more modern and give the guns personality. I want to hear the metallic clank as a cartridge is ejected and the shells hit the ground.

    Equally as important to me is sound propagation. Two notable points here are distance and barriers. I've noticed weapon sounds feel like they have basically 2 modes. Loud AF and quiet AF. Long ranges tend to yield almost no sound when one would expect to hear cracks in the distance from guns being fired. Lasers are another story as I don't know how the team wants to handle them. Currently Laser weapons sound like they belong in a fallout game. Not a bad thing but something to consider when choosing new sounds or remixing the current ones.

    Personally I would like to see sound muffled to 10% volume through closed doors or even 5% with added bass and distortion to give the feeling of a barrier absorbing most of the sound.

    2.) Balancing

    As of right now weapons feel like they need a little love. In a previous post I mentioned mods and I'm going to bring that up here as well. I'm not the biggest fan of predesigned weapons. What I mean is, weapons that have scopes whether or not you like the scope it's there. Personally I would love to see a choice between Iron Sights, Holographic, ACOG and Variable Zoom 2x-8x. Preferably with the ability to paint your own reticle but that's not really a big deal.

    Along with this I would like to see mods that affect each weapon differently. None of it has to be cosmetic but that is always a nice touch when done. Think along the lines of how Destiny has their mods, none of them are cosmetically different except for the sights. I think either a random role system for weapons would be really cool for this game but even having the ability to find the mods and apply them would go a long way.

    Weapon types should also play a larger role. Energy weapons should play a more support role while ballistics and explosives do more of the work. I can see Laser infantry weapons having a chance to cause burns, raising internal heat as the armor absorbs the damage and doing extra damage to armor but doing less direct damage to HP while ballistic weapons like shotguns, rifles and pistols rend flesh and do more damage (the more damaged the armor is) causing lacerations, bleeding, fractures and more as they puncture the suit.

    Space and ground combat also feels rather easy with the current balancing of weapons. Speaking from a purely PvE perspective, there's little risk to running a hover-tank towards an installation with 8 turrets guarding it. It feels as though all weapons do roughly the same damage to shields regardless of the payload. For that I propose the same tweak as with infantry weapons. Energy weapons cause shield damage, once shields are down they should cause minor power fluctuations with every hit causing damage to the engines (Not a lot but enough to be alarming) This forces players to be smart about how they approach a base. Along with this ballistic and explosives should do about 25% of their max damage while shields are up. Energy weapons would do roughly 25% of their max damage to un-shielded targets but as I mentioned above, there's the issue of engine damage from the highly charged particles.

    3.) Melee

    So being that there is a pseudo law and order system, not really but the faction rep system is close enough for now, it would make sense for non lethal options to be available. Along with this it gives a chance to branch out the Talon a bit more being that they seem to be a very warrior/nature focused group. With this I would propose a new faction known as the Talon Warrior Monks or something along that line. Kills with melee or primitive weaponry gives a small amount of rep while participating in hunts and training with the temple in friendly competitions of strength would net you more allowing you to purchase new cosmetics for your base and perhaps blocks that allow the use of more tribal and primitive looking textures.

    If anyone has any further ideas I'll add them to this post when I have time.

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