PLZ Retest and Re-Report Container Controller CPU value is wrong

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    SEED-ID: N/A (summoned BP in 2 separate creative games, same problem manifested in both games)

    If applicable:

    Reproducibility: With this blueprint all the time
    Severity: Low

    Type: Container Controller Block

    Summary: Container Controller shows an incorrect number of containers and an incorrect CPU value for a blueprint I've been working on.

    I've been hard at work on a new CV and I'm pushing the limits of a T3 CPU, so I was busy shaving CPU resources to keep under the cap when I noticed that my Ore and Wood, and Ammo Container Controllers were coming in at 960, while my plain Container Controller (of which I only placed 1) was being registered 2 times, at a value of 3460 or 1730 per Container.

    So there seems to be 2 possible bugs, or at least artifacts being produced here. The first is the CPU list registering 2 Container Controllers when only 1 is being place, and the second is the value being assigned per Container Controller.

    As a test I loaded up an older CV (my Imperial Frigate) that I need to rework for the A12 changes, and slapped down a Container Controller on it, and it properly registered 1 time at a value of 960. There is an unrelated artifact with this old BP in that the old Cargo Boxes list as "Cargo Boxes" in the CPU list when no Container Controller is present, but get summed up under "Container" when I add a plain Container Controller, but that is a different issue and I only point it out so that the screen shots I provide have context.

    I've tried removing and replacing the core to see if that would reset the CPU calculations, and I've placed the Container Controller on the Container Extension grid and off the grid in isolation, but both result in the erroneous values. I can get around this problem but swapping in another Ammo or Ore and Wood Container Controller and it will calculate those Controllers correctly, but I was hoping to have the main inventory be a plain Controller because I already have separate cargo grids for the other two functions.

    Steps to Reproduce: Summon Khonsu class BP and place Container Controller down. (I can provide BP and/or saved game(s) files upon request)

    Screenshots, Crash Logs, any other Relevant Information or Download links:
    Link to Screenshots displaying both the control test on the Imperial Frigate, and the Bugged test on the Khonsu.

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