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    I bought a game many years ago called " Orion: Dino Beatdown " and after trying it I found it lame and repetitive. It's a multiplayer game where players fight off hordes of various size dinos and get credits doing so to buy weapons and upgrades. At the time I bought this game it was not much to talk about.

    But I revisited the game recently, after seeing some recent reviews mentioning the game still received updates long after its official release, to the point it has now become a somewhat enjoyable and non-fuss multiplayer game. I was pleasantly surprised !

    I'm not very much PvP, so this game is perfect for the PvE players but in fact it has lots of different game modes ranging from simple PvP/ king of the hills to the "rampage" mode where up to 2 players can play Dinos while up to 10 opponents try to steal their eggs. Survival mode against successive hordes of dinos is also very fun, I tried it with my girl and we left the gamne open so a few strangers joined us, and we had a great time. The game is very dynamic and fluid, I used my average laptop on a wifi connection as a server and everything was top notch, responsive and bug-free. It's made with Unreal Engine 4 and very solid, maps are very large, gameplay fun with many weapons, upgrades, perks, and... vehicles!

    In sale now for less than 1$$ on Steam. At that price, I highly recomment it to all my fellow Empyrion players here, to try something fun and not complicated for a change.

    Why suggest that game here ? Well very simply because that game is a good example of a product deemed "dead on start" because of mediocre design and quality but on which the developers just kept working, very slowly but surely, up to now, and the game has now become something quite different and enjoyable. Does this sound like something we all know ? ;)

    Time can make miracles...

    Happy new year everyone !
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    Looks neat.
    I'll grab a copy if it has coop / vs
    Nice to see a game that has come along to be something more than it started as.
    Gives me great hope for the future of Empyrion.

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