CPU balance between SV & HV

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    May 23, 2019
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    CPU cost on a HV for each tier is 5k, 12k, 30k and now will be 100k in alpha 12.
    but the CPU for SV for each tier is 6k, 15k, 40k and 100k

    this makes HV very heavy on the low end, it would be much more balanced if you set them to match the SV 's
    at 6k, 15k, 40k, and 100k.

    in my opinion all of the their lvls are weighted to much to the low end with a huge jump at tier 4, CV for instance are 200k, 500k, 1.5 m, then jumps all the way to 10 mill.

    if you take the ratio's of the SV HV it would be more like 600k, 1.5m, 4m, and then 10m.

    Thank you for listening, you guys are doing a incredible job.

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