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Discussion in 'Known Issues' started by krazzykid2006, Apr 22, 2020.

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    Mode: Survival
    Mode: Dedicated
    SERVER NAME: Eleon experimental test server

    Reproducibility: Always

    Summary: Deposits still showing in the registry even after other players have long since cleared them out.

    Description: Deposits aren't being removed from the registry when mined out. Since they no longer show on the map as being a deposit it seems like they should be removed from the registry as well, since they no longer exist.

    Steps to Reproduce: Join the server and find a deposit. Come back later after it's been mined out and set a waypoint through the registry expecting to find ore still.

    Also, shouldn't things in the registry be shown in some sort of order instead of just all over the place? They aren't sorted by type, alphabetical, or distance. They just seem to be in a very random order and not even the order discovered.
    I know we have the category buttons up top but I'm talking about the actual sort order they are listed in. It's especially bad if you are on the all category and have done a bit of exploring.
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    Possibly simply not registered by the database yet. Will investigate.

    @Sort > added to feedback

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