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    I'm changing this layout more to adapt to the ever changing information pouring in from around the Internet. Normally its been mostly just questions and answers but not always the case.

    Empyrion Online:
    Weapons of Empyrion:
    • Ground combat weapons for the player that are already implemented: minigun, assault rifle, pistole, rocket launcher, shotgun, sniper rifle. We are currently working also on laser-based weapons and alien weapons.
    • Spaceships: minigun, rockets and laser-based weapons (last is still in development).
    • Mothership: different kinds of turrets.
    Devices of Empyrion:
    • Engines: we are planning to have different types of engines (depending on your technology level). The engines also differ for the small spaceships and the large mothership.
    • Power generators: also here you will be able to craft different types depending on your technology level.
    And much, much more....

    Kickstarter Comments:
    With such a large world, i'll be interested to know how you are going to add enough interest for players to explore on the planets? How will you make exploration worthwhile? Will there be secrets?
    • You must explore different planets because they will provide you with the necessary resources. You won't find everything you need on one planet. Each planet will be unique with its own characteristics and potentially unforgiving conditions. You have to adapt to a planet's environment - otherwise you will not succeed. Initially, you face an uncharted universe with only basic information about the planets, their resources, and (potentially dangerous) life forms. Before your first landing on a planet, you will not know exactly what awaits you. So you will feel like Christopher Columbus each time you enter a planet's orbit for the first time.
    Do you plan to add a customization ship system ? (I mean create your own design) Is it possible to play the whole game in single player ?
    • (i) regarding customisation of ship system: Yes, you can actually build your own ship with blocks and building parts, i.e., you can create your own ship design.
    • (ii) regarding single player: yes, you will be able to play the whole game in single player if you want.
    How in-depth is ship designing going to be compared to say, Space Engineers and will there be asteroids?
    • the focus of Empyrion is on exploration & survival and not on engineering. That means you will be able to design your own ships (with blocks and building parts) but it will be definitely less complex than in Space Engineers. Yes, there will be asteroids and the asteroid fields can be quite large.
    Eleon Studios, will this game be open to modding to the same degree as say minecraft or kerbal space program?
    • We are open to modders! However, it will require additional time and effort to polish developer tools and make them intuitive for modders. Therefore, the extent of mod support we will be able to provide is a question of priority, cost and time. Currently, our highest priority is getting the demo done and then polish the game for the Alpha release. Let's delay the discussion regarding mod support until when the Alpha version is released.
    Also how will gravity and orbits be expressed in the game mechanics?
    • Gravity, Orbits etc: each planet has a gravity that depends on its mass and size. In the first Alpha build, celestial body (planets, moons, etc) will probably not move in relation to each other
    Maybe you can some interesting rare artefacts to discover on those planets moons too if you can...
    • Yes, we are planning to integrate alien artifacts that may give you access to advanced technologies (engines, weapons, etc).

    Steam Discussion:
    Many questions :)
    • warp drive: yes, a warp drive along the lines you described it is in planning
    • mining equipment: yes, it is still a placeholder
    • keys: you will receive the corresponding number of Steam keys as soon as the Alpha version will be available. The Alpha release is scheduled for March 2015 and your keys will give you free access to all further updates of Empyrion (Beta, finished game). See our website and the email we send to all participants of the Invite-a-Friend program.
    • coop: yes, you will spawn on same planet
    • editor mode: good idea
    • tracking beam: something to think about
    What is the progression like?
    • No worries, when you start the game, you won't be like Wilma and Fred in the Flintstones! You will already have access to basic technology with blueprints for different items. However, you must find the required resources to craft your engines, power generators, weapons and so on. The more you progress, the more advanced will be the technology to which you have access.
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