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    So depending on if you play on a stock SP/MP server or not, it can be fairly tough/luck based to get an Epic Armor unless you can find a vendor (obviously some server admins set up vendors for buying these but some do not).

    Anyways my main gripe with the epic armor is the extra SU capacity or lack of. A heavy armor gives 200 SU, but the Epic does not give any additional SU over the regular Heavy. I think the Epic should give double like 400 SU extra carrying capacity (or hell just make it 500 SU so your total is a nice round 1000 SU)

    The reason why is because by the time you normally get one, you are probably using some epic laser based weapons as well. A single 4k stack of laser rifle ammo plus a bike on your hotbar is currently 350 out of your 700 SU. Throw in some 15mm for an Epic Sniper and you'll find your common load out is over 500 SU. I find it very lackluster not to have any way to be able to carry more stuff with the MV logistics setup right now.


    Also on a side note, the current epic armor model is just a re-skin of the heavy with a few accents. I really think you guys should use a completely unique model for the armor that looks more unique and distinguished. Would be cool if there were several models, like a different unique model inspired by each faction depending on which faction's POI you're looting it from. The Zirax armor already looks pretty good, you could modify that existing one maybe. Pirates might have a darker theme, talon epic armor might have a more tribal look, Legacy could have a Predator inspired look to it, etc. Doom guy gets plenty of options why can't we :)

    (not necessarily advocating for any of these personally)

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