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    DISCLAIMER: The manual methods for updating your savegame for a new mission (including PDA, playfields and POI) described below have a high chance of being successful as we use the same approach internally. That being said, there is always the risk that, for whatever unknown reason, the how-to might not work in some cases or cause side issues. Please use carefully and at your own risk. Before working on a savegame ALWAYS make a copy of it before!

    Your Situation:
    If you continue an old savegame OR have visited the ContAr1a95 system (Sun Type) in any experimental version, for example to see two of the new deco planets OR in case you have visited the system with that type at ANY time before this update, you either have to clean up this system first (see below) or you simply start a new savegame with phase 3 - which we recommend for a "clean" test of the other changes and additions!

    If you do not want to start a new savegame, please follow the guide below.


    A. You did not visit the star system BUT are continuing a pre-EXPphase3 savegame?
    When starting a savegame, the PDA mission structure is copied from the games main repository to your local savegame folder to make sure, when we change something in PDA, it does not break your ongoing savegame (For example new mission using new POI that you do not have > broken). But this also means, when PDA missions are added or changed, they will not automatically update your local savegame to the newest version.

    But it is quite easy to fix that:
    1. Load up the savegame
    2. Quit any currently active PDA mission (You will lose the progress on that mission - sry)
    3. Open the ingame console
    4. type in 'pda rd' to update the PDA mission structure. (type in the command twice just to be sure :D )

    You can check if it worked if you open the PDA ingame (F1) and see the 'Murky Christmas' mission being listed in the Story tab/list!

    Remember: This only works if you NEVER visited the ContAr1a95 system. If you did, you will much likely be missing he required playfield changes including the required POI.

    What about Dialogues?
    Oher than the PDA system, Dialogues will update themselves as they are not copied to your locale savegame when you start a new game, but always reloaded from the game repository when resuming said savegame.

    If you want to enforce the reload of dialogues, either to be sure it really updated or just for forcing it because you changed something in the dialogues.ecf or .csv and want to see it while the game is still running, you can type in 'ds reload' to the ingame console. This will force-update the dialogues in your savegame. In our case this should not be required.

    B. Visited the star system already?
    The 2nd challenge for resumed savegames prior to a change where we add new PDA missions AND new POI (maybe even new playfield definitions) is, that the templates of the playfields are copied from the repository to your savegame AS SOON as you visit a new solar system and venture into it.

    So in case we make a change in THIS particular system (like changing playfield definitions for the sun type "ContAr1a95") there is no automatic update of that system (which makes sense, as this has not only the risk of breaking your ongoing savegame but also is not possible technically at the moment).

    You can work around that, BUT only as long as all the playfiels related to a mission are already in your savegame (and just need to be "updated").

    For the Murky Christmas mission, this is how to do that:

    1. Open the system map (M) and note down the displayed names inside the ContAr1a95 sun type system..
    a. of the main planet (Example: Opade)
    b. of the ice moon (Example: Ireura Moon)


    2. Move out any vessel you have parked in any of the playfields of the system (Otherwise this might cause issues)

    3. Close the game (Back to desktop!), then find your savegame in the windows folder: ..\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Saves\Games\<yoursavegamename>

    4. In the savegame folder, go to PLAYFIELDS folder and delete the playfields ( those that are encircled below in the screenshot for example).
    - The Moon playfield (planet) and its orbit (Sector)
    - The Planet playfield (planet) and its orbit (Sector)

    Note: If you do not have any of these entries, then probably you just jumped to the sun and did not fly into the system. In this case skip this step and go to the next.


    5. In the savegame folder, go to the TEMPLATES folder and delete the same entries
    - The Moon playfield (planet) and its orbit (Sector)
    - The Planet playfield (planet) and orbit (Sector)

    Note: If you do not have any of these entries, then probably you just jumped to the sun and did not fly into the system. In this case skip this step and go to the next.


    6. In your savegame folder, go the the SECTORS folder

    a. find the sectors.yaml that contains the Moon/Planet entries (in our example the Opade and Ireura entries)
    > Both will be in the same sectors.yaml, like in 'Sectors_94,32,107.yaml' in the screenshot example
    > Open the file with an Editor (like Notepad++)

    b. Find the entries for the Moon,Moon Sector, Planet and Planet Sector, like in the screenshot.


    c: Make sure the entry AFTER the planet/playfield name (encirceled in BLUE in the screenshot) in each of the four entries in YOUR sectors.yaml looks like the one in the example screenshots.

    Means, if there is for example

    - ['0,0,0', Ireura Moon, SOEMTHINGELSE,'', '', '', '']
    - ['0,0,0', Ireura Moon Sector, SOMETHINGELSE, '']

    you need to change it EXACTLY to the blue text below:

    - ['0,0,0', Ireura Moon, ContAr1a95GasGiantMoon,'', '', '', '']
    - ['0,0,0', Ireura Moon Sector, ContAr1a95GasGiantSpaceOrbit, '']

    SAME for the planet. There you need to have it like

    - ['0,0,0', Opade, ContAr1a95,'', '', '', '']
    - ['0,0,0', Opade Sector, ContAr1a95SpaceOrbit, '']

    d. If all changes are made, save the file.

    7. Start up the game and teleport to the Ellyon System.
    >>Note that you also NEED to update the PDA like described above!!

    8. Let us know if this Howto helped you :D

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    Very useful. Thank you.
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