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    Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    Welcome to version 1.3 EXPERIMENTAL!


    The year 2020 is slowly coming to its end - but Empyrion Galactic Survival is not! With the upcoming v1.3 we are adding a bunch of bug fixes, but also several new features and more content.

    One of the main features is the new decals system. The decals feature will allow you to bring custom pictures into the game and add it to structures spawned in the playfields.

    As a second addition, you can now create custom NPC factions and add them to galactic territories, playfields and POI as you like! We are also adding new POIs and new variants of NPCs and Creatures for you to equip your POI structures with.

    Last, but not least, you can test four new main story missions which continue the chapter 1-6 story arc!

    Please have a close look at the changelog below. More info about certain topics, explanations and a chance to give your feedback on them can be found stickied in the EXP feedback forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/experimental-features-discussion.35/

    As always please note

    Report bugs and issues right over here: https://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.34/
    Fixed bugs for the Experimental branch can be found here: https://empyriononline.com/forums/tracking-filed.91/
    Fixed Experimental version bugs can be found there: https://empyriononline.com/forums/fixed.90/

    For discussing the new and updated features, please head over to the Experimental Feedback forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/experimental-features-discussion.35/

    Have fun exploring the v1.3 Experimental!
    Empyrion Dev Team

    If the experimental branch doesn't appear in the branch list for you please try restarting your steam client!


    Patch 2020-12-15 v1.3 B3196

    - Added: Scenario Workshop publishing now allows png files (needed for transparency)
    - Factions.ecf: Admin faction needs to have "NPC: false" set
    - Talking to trader entities: reputation check is now only done on factions that have reputation enabled.
    - Scenario Loading Screens: fixed problem that the first loading screen was from the lastly loaded scenario (BETTER FIX)
    - Loading Screens: now only one loading screenshot is shown (instead of two) during the loading
    - Updated GIN: you can now use credibility seals with the 'Contact an Ambassador' dialogue to restore your reputation
    - Updated: Credibility missions now have a waiting time before they can be repeated
    - Updated: Intro description of starter planets (added some hints about their individual challenges)
    - Scenario Loading Screens: loading every 10s a new screenshot now
    - Small update of scenario "Invader vs Defender - Conflict of Cygnus"
    - Added: PDA playfield op "AI" use with parameter true or false, e.g. 'AI: false'
    - Improved Attack/Defense value calculation: no longer using averages of weapons of vessels and spawners, also handling melee type attacks of NPC's

    - Fixed: Vessels coming to a stop with cruise mode on after using the detector
    - Fixed: Loss of vessel speed
    - Fixed: problem that asset bundles (w/o extension) were not sent to clients in SharedData (now able to use suitpropsext in MP games)
    - Fixed: PDA actions with Amount > 1 didn't always complete when using "[Names]Required: NeedAll" or when exiting and resuming the game while the chapter is in progress
    - Fixed: Destroying drones at end of Human Remains mission does not complete task
    - Fixed: loading screenshots overlapping respawn buttons (moved buttons to the left)


    Patch 2020-12-10 v1.3 B3192


    - Faction Discovery: showing now InGameMsg
    - Updated: Set all factions to be discoverable (your map legend and faction screen will show only "Unknown" when starting a new game!)
    - Updated Mission/Journeybook to new PDA group/sorting methods
    - Added GIN consoles to Trading Stations (to be used with Credibilit Missions; not yet functional)

    - Scenario Loading Screens: fixed problem that the first loading screen was from the lastly loaded scenario
    - Fixed: Kriel barking dialogue lead to CoQ
    - Fixed: 07660: Prefab exploit
    - 07693: Non Docked vessels can "sink" under blocks they are left placed on
    - DecalControl block: fixed regression that the initial state was broken since we are using a regular block now.
    - Decals: fixed decals not getting removed on regeneration of a structure


    Patch 2020-12-09 v1.3 B3191

    - Decals on Blueprints: added new block class 'DecalControl' that can be connected to decals via their name in CP. This block will switch these decals on/off according to its activated state. No default block was added yet to BlocksConfig.ecf, so only for modding yet.
    - Updated BP groups CivilMain, CivilSettlement and Waystations with Commodity Traders
    - DialogueSystem: added convenience function SetBlockActive(string name, bool bActive) to allow setting a block by its name to active/deactive
    - Added Santa Claus Hat and Snowmans Head as usable items (will be equipped automatically when carried in inventory or toolbar)
    - Updated TSO and TSP with barking, trader dialogue and some NPC/trader changes
    - Removed most of the shader warnings on playfield server logs (Shader XXX shader is not supported on this GPU) by disabling fallback shader
    - Added Santa Claus Hat and Snowmans Head to EscapePod inventory. Will be equipped automatically.
    > Note: If you have both, drag the one you want to show to a "higher" slot number. Enjoy and have fun!
    - PDA: implemented new chapter Group and Faction properties
    - PDA: changed window to use grouping instead of a tab per faction (as we now have more factions)
    - CP opened through registry: also added 'warp check' (do not open during warping)
    - Player window: the day count calculation is now different in SP (total time spent in the game) than to MP (total time spent on server)
    - SharedData client download: showing status message about files that need to be downloaded when connecting to a server
    - Removed obsolote GrassGree01 blocks to free up BLOCKIds (free areas are marked with 'available free' in the document)
    > PLZ watch out if something looks like it is missing grass (or is said so in the logs/console) and report!
    - Added Decal Control Unit block (Place in Creative to use with decals: on/off of the block defines on/off of the linked decal)
    - Updated main localization
    - Updated/added commodity traders to Polaris, Pirates, Colonists & Trader factions planet and space POIs (where applicable/appropriate; first pass)
    - SharedData client download: loading small files first now to show better status update on client side
    - SuitPropsExt: removed the need for 90° z rotation in modded player suit head props
    - Added: PDA Chapter group names can now be loca keys
    - Added: PDA group lines now show number of activatable chapters in group
    - Changed: PDA content now hierarchically indented
    - Factions can now be discovered as soon as any of their POIs get discovered. To enable that a faction is 'discoverable', add 'Discovery: true' to the faction in Faction.ecf. Use console cmd 'faction discover <faction>' to debug that.

    - Fixed: PDA window cached content between games
    - Fixed: PDA Journeybook tab is only displayed if there are respective chapters in the PDA.yaml
    - Fixed: Pressing Escape in main menu removes any options and the client must be restarted
    - Fixed: Aluminium definition for Resource Trader being wrong
    - Fixed: ESC key not working anymore after using 'Text Color' of an LCD
    - Fixed: Colonists faction was not visible in faction screen
    - Fixed: Trader discount was set to 80% instead of 8%
    - Fixed: Rolling with vessels is not working when there is enough thrust & RCS is turned off


    Patch 2020-12-07 v1.3 B3187


    - Decals on structures: you can now specify a web url to download the image from there.
    - Decals on structures: you can now specify '-Video=' to show a mp4 video instead of a texture. Please use responsible as this can affect performance!
    - Decals on structures: added '-Color=r,g,b,a', '-ColliderMode=NoCollision|Collision|Off' to set tint color/transparency and optional colliders to the decal.
    - Decals on structures get now saved into <gamename>/Shared/<structid>/decals.txt to be able to change existing decals manually using a text editor.
    - Decals with video: warning message 'AudioSampleProvider buffer overflow. 1024 sample frames discarded.' should now occur less often.
    - Console cmd 'decals reload' will now prefer the 'decals.txt' in the 'Shared' for reloading. With this also player created structures can be adjusted during runtime.
    - ClientUpload system: added 'mp4' to the file extensions that get uploaded to clients.
    - Adjusted position of SantaClauseHat + SnowmanHead a bit to not clip into armor too much.
    - If RangeAU/RangeLY is modded with Mod.RangeAU/Mod.RangeLY, it is displayed correctly now in info texts

    - Added the Journey Book as new Empyriopedia element for tracking the story progress (currently all visible;will change later) and re-read all important info, logs and dialogues
    - Changed: Starting the Journey Apollon logs now available in Journey Book (removed from dialogue, because considered as too long)
    - Updated Ilmarinen (Ancient Revelations) with new Infected Legacy creatures
    - Updated UCH Heidelberg, Sigma Fulcrum
    - Updated Loca texts

    - Modded item properties via player skills: added BlastDamage
    - Modded item properties via player skills: added RangeAU, RangeLY from BlocksConfig
    - Updated: Starter planet description texts (random default scenario)
    - Updated: XenuFuelDepot (thx to sulusdacor)
    - Updated: added commodity traders welcome texts
    - Added Pirates OPV 'Quin Merac' (thx to sulusdacor)
    - Added Station Services for Ambassador Vessel and GLaD Outpost
    - Added Commodity Traders to several orbital stations (thx to Kaeser)
    - Item Icons can now be modded in SharedData/Content/Bundles/ItemIcons
    - Item Icons are now loaded from asset bundle (to prepare allowing to mod them, modding not active yet!). Please watch out for missing item icons!
    - Improved: Color Tool Configure window can now be closed with ESC key (behaves like clicking on 'Cancel')
    - Changed: Creative Scenario: Moved position of White Canvas moon further out
    - Added proper names for new NPC enemies and civilians to loca file (only EN; Translations will follow)
    - Added first draft of suit props: SantaClauseHat, SnowmanHead. Use console cmd 'psp SnowmanHead' or 'psp SantaClauseHat' for now.
    - TokenConfig.ecf: added example how to set an icon for a token

    - Fixed: CoQ when skill values get saved to DB
    - Fixed: UCH Heidelberg wreckage too far away from starting point on Snow Starter (random default scenario)
    - Fixed: Ok'Y medical had 2x Stomach Pills entries
    - Fixed: BUDS entry in Empyriopedia showing/naming the wrong plant
    - Fixed: Motorbike exception spam on pf server
    - Fixed: CoQ in Color Tool
    - Fixed: Color Tool not updating RGB/HSV sliders when selecting another palette
    - Fixed: Self destruct timer for AI vessel triggering incorrectly
    - Fixed: Item Icons: fix for MP when first time connecting to a server and getting the icons, no icons were displayed
    - Fixed: Gas Refinery (Traders Guild) Power trader leading to CoQ
    - Fixed: SuitProps: fix for other player's prop was not visible when entering a MP game.
    - Fixed: [MP] Legacy base turrets will not shoot
    - Fixed: Ticks become broken after sleeping in space after multiple warps

    - Updated EAH https://empyriononline.com/threads/tool-eah-empyrion-admin-helper-v1-52-x.5771/page-70#post-424576


    UPDATE: v1.3 (Build 3180)

    Updated to Unity 2020.1

    Player skills:
    - First draft of player skills allowing to change item properties (for now only Damage, more properties will come soon):
    • For now this is only usable with the Dialogue system. There you set up skills with e.g. Player.Skills['yourSkill'] = 1.5.
    • That skill (yourSkill = 1.5) can then be used in the ItemsConfig.ecf to modify the 4 properties you see below (Damage, BulletSpread, etc. If you think other values make sense too, please let us know. BlocksConfig.ecf comes next to change RangeLY for WarpDrive etc.).
    • For example with a Pistol: Mod.Damage: "Damage + Player.Skills['yourSkill'] * 2"
    • That way, properties are different handled per player - depending if the player skilled it or not.
    - Modded item properties via player skills: added BulletSpread, ReloadDelay, Recoil
    - BlocksConfig: added MarketPrice property
    - Added console command 'itemmods' to show the active modifications of the held item of the local player.

    Decal System:
    - First draft of simple decal system for POI Blueprints (static Blueprints) (WIP!)
    - Added console cmd 'decals' that will reload the decals in the current BP. Added 'decals clip' that will paste an example for decals to the clipboard.
    - First draft of a simple client upload system for files. Will be first used for decals, can be used for other modding files later, too.
    - Client upload system: files are now sent only in 1MB chunks.

    Custom Factions:
    - Faction.ecf: added new config file to allow defining your own factions in there
    - Factions.ecf: added 'Description' for NPC factions to display on the faction windows NPC tab.
    - Faction window: Localizing now all faction names on the reputation page
    - Factions.ecf: added hardcoded factions, please only change the color and maybe the Abbrev.
    - Factions.ecf: added OmitMapLegend to not show this faction in the map legend info
    - Factions.ecf: renamed "FriendlyToAllPlayers" to "Friendly". Added "Unfriendly". Added "HideAbbrev" to hide the faction abbreviation at certain locations in the game.
    - Added/updated docu to Factions.ecf

    NPC Faction updates:
    - Added: VOID faction (static hostile; Antagonist to TESCH)
    - Added Abyssal to planetary playfields (Alien,Ocean,Temp,Tempswamp,ForestMoon)
    - Changed: Set planetary POI groups to appropriate Zirax house faction
    - Changed: Added RP-dynamic Colonists NPC faction to fill in "out of npc faction territory" POIs
    - Added TESCH Territory, OPVs and BAOs.
    - Added Zirax Empire houses as Reputation-dynamic subfactions: Xenu, Rados, Epsilon, Ghyst, Serdu (dynamic standing in one subfaction will influence your standing towards the 'Zirax Empire'; Faction matrix not yet final!)
    - Reputation bars in faction window: small improvements on bars and colors
    - Updated GalaxyConfig.ecf with TheLegacy faction
    - Updated playfields to use TheLegacy faction
    - Change: The Legacy faction ist now a custom faction in the Factions.ecf
    - Change: Alien faction abbrev reverted to ALN
    - Increased probability of CIVILIAN faction in non-territory and territory spaces

    - DialogueSystem: added function "string Loc(string key)" to localize dynamic text
    - DialogueSystem: added "Execute" property without any size restriction to allow multi line text (can separate lines with \n), added "LocalStructure" to allow accessing the ModAPI better f.e. accessing devices like LCDs etc
    - DialogueSystem: renamed barking state from "BarkState" to "BarkingState" in Dialogues.ecf, barking supports now NPC dialogue blocks, buffering dialogue write variables now (perf. opt.)
    - DialogueSystem: added possibility to use "sub routine jumps"
    - DialogueSystem: now using "<nl>" instead of "\n" to separate newlines in Execute code parts
    - DialogueSystem: added dbglobal_string, added dbplayer_string
    - DialogueSystem: added 'Functions' to allow to define your own functions, added GetItems() to return all items of the local player
    - DialogueSystem: added dbstate_string, added Player.Name Player.Id Player.EntityId
    - DialogueSystem: Player.Skills['name'] = 1.23 possibility. Later we will enhance that to allowing to modify certain ingame properties with that.
    - Updated Loca for PDA, Tutorial and Dialogues (incremental update; various languages)

    - Added: Story Part II Interlude and Chapter 7
    - Added: Story Chapter 8
    - Added: Story Chapter 9
    - Updated Story Playfields and POI (Ghyst Prison, Sigma Fulcrum, GLaD Hideout,..)
    - Updated PDA mission 'Ancient Revelations' > using new Ilmarinen version (thx to Vermillion)

    - Added: Spider01Small, Spider01Baby for better use with use inside POIs (lowered HP & DMG compared to Spider01 accordingly)
    - Added: Spider01,02,03 and AlienBug02 Small and Baby variant for better use with inside-POI spawns
    - Added: Additional info about BARKING dialogue state do Dialogues-config-and-examples.txt
    - Added: New TraderCyborg model
    - Added: new Zirax Civilians and The Legacy Infected to NPC spawners
    - Added: Damaged Assault Cyborg ( armed cyborg for use with f.ex. Pirates faction )
    - Added: Themed Cyborg models (available as Civilian and Trader models): Damaged, Medic, Servant, Engineer
    - Added: Static variants of civilian NPCs and Cyborgs (spawn via spawnpad > they will stand still, but run away when shot at. To be used for quests, dialogues and other purposes)
    - Added: Talon Advanced (warrior and civilian)
    - New group behavior for bug 02 and 03, added bombardment and bug03 can spawn bug02
    - NPC marked as OLD or TEST or only relevant for Base AttackS and else have been removed from all POI NPC Spawner block dropdowns (set AllowInSpawners: false in EClassConfig.ecf)
    - Added new barking-lines to NPC Dialogues
    - Strategic AI uses AttackDefenseValues system

    - Added: Tesch Node defense stations T1-3 (by Escarli)
    - Added: Abyssal (Faction) structures. (by Fractalite)
    - Added: Several new and updated POI for Colonists, Zirax, Progenitor etc pp (thx to all builders!)
    - Added: TESCH Soul Anchor (Lava, LavaNascent)
    - Added: TESCH Array BAO (thx to Escarli)
    - Updated: Sigma Fulcrum (Kaeser)
    - Updated: Talon Monument (Spawns, Loot)
    - Updated: POIs: SigmaFulcrum (Kaeser) and AbandonedAssemblyYard (Fractalite)
    - Updated: Polaris Asset Protection (thx to Fractalite)
    - Updated: Legacy Corruptor now has NPC AdminCore


    - DB: added a warning message if a query was executed more than 1s after it got scheduled
    - DB: all write queries now get buffered, this should result in better performance for DB accesses. Improved DB debug write performance of log.
    - DB: Fixed dockedto column in Entities DB
    - DB: Added console command 'database' to allow dump all DB queries into text file
    - DB: added more indexes for optimizing DB queries (registry overview, get next medic station)
    - DB: added index for long lasting query to get all teleporters in games with huge DBs. Also added index for querying chat messages.
    - DB: turned some ERR messages into WRN messages
    - DB: added some more index for player ranking (more to come)

    Updated Invader vs Defender scenario - Conflict of Cygnus:

    - Added 100 Random Stars to make Universe more interesting
    - Old Systems in the Center have still the most resources
    - All 100 Random Stars are PvE
    - All 100 Random Stars have neither Zascosium nor Erestrum nor Gold Resources. (except some tiny stones on planets). The PvP System (Cygnus) in the Center has all 3 in big quantity.
    - Fixed Taldor Sector Map icon
    - Fixed PDA Preamble not visible in MP on first join

    - space_dynamic.yaml: added Pos/Rot to ResourcesDesc. if Pos/Rot are present, fixed positioning is used.
    - space_dynamic.yaml: added RadialInfo to PositionDesc to allow placing Resources/POIs in a radial way and also attach it to a planet (considering its radius). See docs/website for detailed information.
    - space_dynamic.yaml: adjusted RadialInfo to support a yOffset. content of float array is now: centerX,Y,Z, Yoffset, radiusMin,Max, angleStart,Increase, rotationX,Y,Z (only center X,Y,Z is mandatory)
    - Added IsKeepContainers: true for CoreNPC and CoreNPCcpu (Attention: pre-placed items will now be saved and spawned with the blueprint!)
    - All config files (*.ecf) now get loaded as UTF8. If you want to add special chars into them, save them as UTF8
    - GrassV2: better check for abrupt steep slopes (will still improve that)
    - GrassV2: better align to slopes
    - GrassV2: mapped GrassLowGreen01 to Flower04 as it the occurance number was limited and the GrassLowGreen01 was of poor quality
    - Added Swamp planet preview pic to Dedi Server for starter planet
    - Renamed the new asteroid rings around planets from AsteroidFieldRing to AsteroidRingPlanet, keeping the old AsteroidFieldRing instance
    - Downgrade/Upgrade tool: added max block count check to avoid exploits
    - Updated asteroid ring of Temperate Creative planet
    - System map info panel: showing origin name from "Restrict To Origin" instead of "Starter Origin"
    - Decreased range of light in damaged escape pod from 10 meters to 3 meters and removed shadows to reduce triangle count
    - structure attack value now uses average value of fixed weapon groups
    - added infantry A/D values to Blueprint Library window and prefabinfo console cmd
    - Slightly increased probability/count of space stations in default orbits
    - Added TSO_Variant8 and Polaris Supply Station to orbits
    - Updated Starter Planets: swapped AbandonedPOI group with specifically made AbandonedStarter group blueprints
    - Added / updated head area docu in GalaxyConfig.ecf
    - Refactored BlueprintHeader class to be able to provide this to modders or anybody who wants to load a BP header
    - Enabled proximity window for playfields and solar systems when clicking in registry on a playfield and on Proximity button
    - Added local damage applied to a structure to the HUD if 'di' is enabled
    - Using filtering ScrollablePopupList for trader type, sorting content for it and for NPC Spawner entities
    - Enhanced ScrollablePopupList to be used with an InputField for filtering content
    - Top right game message popup and its content is now centered
    - Creative Scenario: major update (incl. panel and staring gear update), updating orbits to new galaxy visuals, adding new 'White Canvas' playfield and two testing playfields with higher gravity
    - Changed: Starter planets now have more appropriate Abandoned POIs (AbandonedStarter group)
    - Changed: Deactivated SpaceBaseDefense (SBD) and OPV vessels in Starter Orbit
    - Set back old update frequency of 1 minutes for performance data and player position logging (instead of 3 minutes)
    - Cannot activate shield while warping active
    - Added fail safe code to allow empty Value tags in Properties in playfield yamls without CoQ
    - Added Commodity Trader to planetary and orbital Trading station in Starter System
    - Teleporters: With godmode you can override the blocking message "You cannot use teleporters with a fixed target in player created structures"
    - Increased stacksize for Fuel, Pentaxid and O2 in Creative scenario
    - Updated galaxy nebula colors
    - Updated TemperateSwamp and Alien fog position
    - Added commodity trader for Communication/Surveillance stations
    - Added default commodity traders
    - Updated TraderNPCConfig.ecf: updated Commodity traders and company traders with updated pricing and price-calc mode
    - Added: Default-Marketprices for relevant blocks and items
    - Saving game: the important file "game.dat" is now backed up on every save to avoid corrupted savegames. Also it is flushed to disc on every save now.
    - Freedom mode now doesn't consume stamina and also does not consume food when running
    - Do not allow to open ControlPanel while warping

    - Fixed: Turrets firing at players through terrain deco
    - Fixed: Some AI patrols vessels can continue to rotate & turn at the location they were stopped
    - Fixed: Vessels immediately stop after power off
    - Fixed: AI patrols vessels can continue to rotate & turn at the location they were stopped
    - Fixed: Set Home / Respawn at own structures does not work
    - Fixed: "Show Airtight Blocks" visualisation is not working for the "floor" of a structure
    - Fixed: Oxygen doesn't fill the back side of force field
    - Fixed: Center of Mass shifted
    - Fixed: When a HV enters a gravity gen field it can be launched up away from the structure
    - Fixed: O2 tanks missed texture after SI collapse
    - Fixed: Multiple same-faction territories break POI spawn rules and attribute the wrong faction to POIs
    - Fixed: Increase NPC render range & add max NPC ranged weapon limit. Added check and error message (Max NPC render range & max NPC weapon range are both now 120m)
    - Fixed: error message when changing worlds: "Net: chunk already loaded..."
    - Fixed: sun flares not showing up on planet playfields (set directional flag)
    - Fixed: freshly saved Blueprint spawn exception
    - Fixed: flares in structures not showing up
    - Fixed: "Spawn at Home base" not working in MP if player died in a different playfield
    - Fixed: bright spot on a planet happening during night sometimes. Fixed distant planets having wrong light color sporadically.
    - Fixed: regression that sun flare did not have the color of the sun. Fixed that the sun flare was shown after sun down for some time.
    - Fixed: CoQ if a playfield.yaml only had one parameter for PlayfieldLevelOverride
    - Fixed: regression that sometimes not all chunks of a structure did load when connecting to a server
    - Fixed: Adjusted camera height of MSCockpit02 to avoid head clipping into ceiling blocks
    - Fixed: Corrected wrong comments in blocksconfig.ecf about count of container extensions for max capacity
    - Fixed: problem with faction parsing (regression from Factions.ecf).
    - Fixed: AI Planet Vessel : AIPV’s don't move when the player is out of render range of them on a planet (around 3+ km away)
    - Fixed: Faction.ecf: Fixed regression that factions defined in the new config file didn't get parsed correctly
    - Fixed: Potential fix for dialogue variables getting reset to 0: set wait timeout for DB variables from 10s to 30s. Less DB traffic by writing player log data less often (every 3min instead of every 1min)
    - Fixed: problem that rockets did not hit a moving ship reliable
    - Fixed: problem in proximity log that sometimes column did not get truncated correctly
    - Fixed: problem that nearby black hole model was disappearing in some camera angles when being on a planet
    - Fixed: Placeable devices do not take any damage in PvP areas
    - Fixed: 07601 Locked Doors can be closed by the player
    - Fixed: 06242 Broken deco – 'Bamboo' vanishes close to the player
    - Fixed: 07639 Thruster boost exploit
    - Fixed: 07608 MT Downgrade glitch with Public POIs
    - Fixed: 07625 SV blocks preview have wrong textures
    - Fixed: 07039 Lava playfield ore deposits have incorrect textures
    - Fixed: CV & docked vessel repostioned when R2T starts
    - Fixed: [MP] Delay with shield info on the HUD
    - Fixed: Exit-throwback when exiting Nibiru (Hovercraft Prefab)
    - Fixed: Possible fix for AI getting stuck in elevators
    - Fixed: regression that the distant object light was also lighting the 3d map resulting in wrong sun light there
    - Fixed: Invisble Blocks
    - Fixed: Flight control issue on big ship while turning

    - Updated EAH, patch notes:
  2. Wayson

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    Aug 3, 2016
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    More Updates = A Better Game!!!!
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  3. Don't Panic

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    Jul 5, 2019
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    well, I had expected more, can you finally use the crosshair? or is that still so bad. The Senario Invader vs Defender seems to be the most interesting one
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  4. Redakted

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    Nov 22, 2019
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    Very very nice update! Custom Factions was something I had been hoping for and it's cool to see it done! Looking forward to playing with the new factions.
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  5. Mirosya

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    Dec 9, 2019
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    Interestingly - is this all New Year's update or will it still be? :)
  6. Jawatraders

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    Aug 17, 2016
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    Awesome! Will we ever be able to add our own custom models for NPC factions? I'd love to make a Star Wars mod with the Empire, Republic, etc
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  7. Chris98

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    Apr 1, 2017
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    This would be so cool! I would love to play that!
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  8. Joij

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    Nov 24, 2019
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    Impressive most Impressive... and this isn't even the Christmas update!

    Now with custom decals I predict multiplayer servers will be spammed with anime waifu ships. Also meme ships, cringe ships, porn/hentai ships, Hitler ships, bronie ships, and of course FURRY SHIPS.
  9. rebuilthk47

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    <puke faces>
    Yeah, that was my immediate thought. Of course, that's up to the server owners.
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  10. rebuilthk47

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    Jul 9, 2017
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    First draft of skills. Is this leading to item modifications? And will this have a tie into character skill trees? Either would be awesome! Both would be really awesome!
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  11. RexXxuS

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    No, only Server Owners / Scenario Creator can setup decals. Players can't do that for now.
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    Are you sure about that??
    I was under the impression that THIS is the "Christmas" update.

    It's December already and they plan to release the Christmas update to the stable branch in a couple weeks, which is about how long this update will be in experimental.

    Meaning, this is the Christmas update.
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  13. ravien_ff

    ravien_ff Rear Admiral

    Oct 22, 2017
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    It's only for POIs or AI ships. :D
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  14. Supay

    Supay Captain

    Feb 23, 2019
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    I'm guessing the water update just isn't happening? or NPC crew?
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  15. krazzykid2006

    krazzykid2006 Rear Admiral

    Feb 28, 2017
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    Neither of those was planned to happen with this update.

    Will they happen in the future?
    Maybe. Only the devs could say.
  16. The Big Brzezinski

    The Big Brzezinski Commander

    Nov 4, 2019
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    The "skills" thing raises an eyebrow. Aesthetic and narrative conceits aside, I really hope upgrades to item performance don't entail yet more flying around in an SV shooting animals all night. Too much of that grind is required already just to get all the constructor templates.
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  17. Kassonnade

    Kassonnade Rear Admiral

    May 13, 2017
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    Since the skill upgrades are tied to dialogues they will evidently be tied to customized "achievements" from various missions.

    Now seeing that we can alter weapons properties with dialogue (really meaning : during the game vs only before game start in old config system) I wonder if we can make a player get "drunk" and unable to shoot properly when taking a "virtual drink" with a NPC... :D

    This also opens the door for "trainers" that players can visit to get "upgraded skills" or any similar system, for a price or in exchange of services, for example.
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  18. Spoon

    Spoon Captain

    Jun 27, 2020
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    Another one for "There is no mention of fixing the cross hairs", so I presume nothing has been done about it. Still can't see where I'm shooting in the heat of battle then.......
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  19. Supay

    Supay Captain

    Feb 23, 2019
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    Generally, we don't know what is planned as there hasn't been a road map unless I missed it?
    Was there a Q&A I missed?
  20. Fisch050

    Fisch050 Lieutenant

    Jun 11, 2017
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    I sincerely hope they've covered security issues with the custom graphic files uploads. There are security exploits available with graphics files that unscrupulous people could potentially take advantage of.
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