Fast move a slot content with ctrl+left_click too

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    You have (left) shift + left click to move whole stacks from inventory to toolbar or cargo, or from cargo or toolbar to inventory.
    But if F4 (logistic system) then you get a conflict of where to send. As for now there are only 2 options any way.
    By adding ctrl + left click (or the Shift Modifier used for F to pick up), then you have a way to select what of the 2 ways.

    Not sure what is the best logic to follow, maybe:
    shift: Inventory (or Left cargo) to Toolbar
    shift: Toolbar to Inv/Left

    shift: Right cargo (if present) to Toolbar
    ctrl: Toolbar to Right

    ctrl: Right to Inv
    ctrl: Inv to Right

    There is one conflict situation more, if F2 blueprint factory is selected. Now the Right cargo mis not shown, so the BPF slot can take it's place.
    Another issue with BPF is that the Left storage system should be as F4 logistic system to the left, possible to select what storage/cargo device to use.

    The Armor Locker also have a conflict situation. Then the Boost slots or "Armor slot for a suit" replaces the Toolbar as possible move location. A suit can not be placed in a Boost slot and opposite, so those slots then get decided by what item are to be moved, sorting out a possible conflict.

    Similar logic for any other devices that might have similar conflicts.

    If someone else already have suggested this, then cred.
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    The whole inventory systems seems a bit of a mess to me right now. I think there are two if not 3 separate systems in play with some connection between them in places, but mostly not. Right now I just wish they would bring everything under the new system, but I am not holding out much hope of this happening any time soon.
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