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    Name: [FR] Empyrion.fr | Repere du GeeK Forcene | My!Mod | PvPvE
    Slots: 75
    EAC: Active
    Server IP: SRV.EMPYRION.FR:30000
    Server Location: France
    Admin Ingame Name: BenjiColors, Watcher330
    Admin Forum contact: BenjiColors, Watcher330
    Offers donations or perks: Yes
    Infolink to donations: https://my.empyrion.fr/don
    Uses 3rd Party Tool: EAH + My!Mod https://www.mymod.cloud
    Savegame started with version: 8
    Mode: Survival
    Seed: n/a
    MP Type: Custom scenario
    Scenario Name: RDGF
    Scenario Workshop link: N/A
    Maximal Blueprint Spawn Class: 35
    Allowed BP Types: ALL (owned, subscribed, stock)
    More Informations On https://my.empyrion.fr/regles
    Universe Full Details
    More Informations On https://my.empyrion.fr/univers
    Global Marketplace: Available
    Difficulty Settings: Hard (All settings are settings up to Hard. Custom Aliens Turrets Stats)
    Additional Info:
    WebSite = https://www.empyrion.fr


    Verified Servers are neither run, nor owned by Eleon Game Studio staff, but are 100% driven by community members (owners). Eleon Game Studios provides the dedicated server files for free. Any costs that result from being hosted at a 3rd party hoster, are subject of the individual contract between the owners and the 3rd party hoster. The Verified Server initiative does not offer compensation or other monetary gifts or other, similar advantages for the owners of 3rd party hosted servers.
    The owners are fully responsible what happens on their server(s) in terms of user management and world layout. If you do not agree with the servers administration, please file a complaint directly at their admins. Eleon Game Studios staff can not moderate or manage such complaints. Eleon Games Studios can not be held responsible for bad behavior of either the owners or their admins towards their players - although this will lead to a removal of the Verified Server label. Same applies to update frequency of the server and technical issues that are not related to the game itself (aka "bugs").
    If you run into a game issue, please report this at our bug forums: http://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.24/
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