Future of Empyrion- community requests at a glance

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    I took the liberty of combining requests from multiple posts/forums to put in this one thread, with the idea of keeping it updated as more come from the community. So it's in one easy to read list instead of the devs having to go through 500 posts. They just have to read the list 1-100 :)

    ** Many items were requested by multiple people. Some items are not transitioned because they are requests basically to undertake something way out of reach (as have been said by devs before) like making it an MMO.

    • Small requests from community
    • highlighted in purple are serious QOL which would improve experience
    Things which are more Quality of Life (QOL) and would not take a lot of resources to add and are not MAJOR features. Perhaps try to add 10 per update?

    1) A burn drive. Engine boost.
    • Enable a short speed boost to help with those slow treks within star systems especially when you have asteroids 20-30km out? It could be made to only be activated when no enemy is near. Just like how you get a warning you can't log out if under attack.

    2) More shortcuts and keybinds like how X is used to toggle shields. A button to turn off weapons.
    3) collision damage
    4) more modding support
    5) Variable power thrust. Not just 'Idle' or '100%'.
    6) ability to purchase default vessels in game for in game credits. (Expanded economy and trade)
    7) Add a thrusters hot key. (no idea what this means)
    8) Add radar for space and scanning mechanics (seems easy since the game shows us where things are, just a matter of putting it in a 'radar graphic')
    9) add grappling hook for player character
    10) add point defense turrets
    11) bigger AI base attacks (probably a setting which can be adjusted. send cv's for player base?)
    12) Smart LCDs (real time updates with ship stats)
    13) While in the 'Pilot mode' bullets shoot towards the control circle(editor's note: I suspect this player means gimballed weapons for the fixed weapons a player controls when flying)
    14) Ability to plot a route on the galaxy map so (Astic has a script which plots routes, all we need now is something to highlight the system, so you dont have to manually search for the next one in route)
    15) Indicator for remaining pentaxid on pilot view.
    16) ability to mod more more stuff (like sounds)
    17) better loot
    18) make the salvage gun/multitool have a wider area of effect, work faster.
    19) add a repair turret with a wide area of effect to use on constructs
    20) deleted already mentioned
    21) flamethrower lol (think this in game now) - added in game (RE at least)
    22) add VR support
    23) add grenades
    24) full voice chat in game (VOIP) - maybe discord good enough for now
    25) ability to sell finished blueprint tin the trader market
    26) create a warp interdictor (guess this is pvp multiplayer centric since npc do not run)
    27) add personal shield device for player (uses pentaxid/promethium pellets). Uses armor slot
    28) More realistic physics
    29) add a health regen device that you can slot into your armor (make it stackable)
    30) Open Player Market !!! Many Servers / One Market
    31) Vastly improved bike with proper handling for braking, turning, and colliding
    32) Vessel hotbar manipulation, so that we can easily change thruster profiles, turn on/off lights, and the ability to set up different fire groups would be fantastic.
    33) Allow us to select multiple devices in the device list to add to group - one at a time gets annoying quickly
    34) add drones that collect ore from auto-miners and return them to designated base
    35) add sustained beam weapons to the game - added at (at least in RE)
    36) Ragdoll physics on enemy NPC's when they die.
    37) More interesting AI/Diplomacy
    38) Add death penalty - so the game actually starts to feel like a survival game rather than quickly respawn to remove negative effects
    39) allow us to choose /lock/designate targets for turrets. (instead they fire at closest thing)
    40) give us ability to call our own ship(s) while traveling on the surface and in space.
    41) Landing View: A switch on HUD to allow you Get Alternative <Underside> view for Landing Quickly
    42) add more Npc traffic (space and planetside)
    43) would like to be able to see enemies/NPCs past 150m, especially while flying a ship
    44) add auto salvagers - place on a structure and let it work
    45) Add a “manage weapons” page for vessels. Mainly to check which are loaded and which aren’t. It’s irritating to have to manually load 20+ turrets on a brand new CV.
    46) Ability to Actually Claim Land/Space/Sectors/etc
    47) consider a factory rework
    48) Give us giant creatures to slay/kill
    49) add longer WIFI range
    50) better lighting inside structures
    51) Items to return to their original slots when you loot your backpack
    52) An item/upgrade/tool to automatically disassemble your own builds and recover the resources
    53) make meteorites to be 1000% faster to mine
    54) Configuring the flight toolbar. Every time you press P, then switch to the menu, and search for the device - it is very tiring.
    55) add a depth meter.
    56) Ability to assign hotkeys to P menu switches.
    57) add wi-fi extenders
    58) a big one: better galaxy map, this includes search by star type, visited, maybe even planet types and resources(obviously only explored ones) and route planing. maybe teleporter range display too.
    59) Magnetic boots to walk in ships without gravity

    60) add a alien life detector. A hand held device, like a tricorder from the tv series star trek
    61) Give us a sentinel robot companion.
    62) Add the ability to search/sort planets / systems on the registry. Add better sorting tools on the teleport screen, for example to show only your stuff and not ALL available friendly faction teleporters
    63) Can we get smoother transition between space and planet
    64) Standing under cover / under roof to provide protection from fire rain, etc.
    65) Hold ALT to move camera view point, let fo of ALT to steer ship. Allows steering / parking without resetting the camera view.
    66) Increased range of the F5 drone please.
    67) Ability to lock an enemy target, which your turrets will focus on. Different turret modes. Mode 1) fire only at locked target or targets (can lock more than one) mode 2) fire at will (closest target of opportunity
    68) follow camera. Example. If i lock target onto a structure or other CV, then the camera pans to keep my cv and that object in view.

    • Major features which inject alot of gameplay options
    The below listed were popular major feature requests and so I put in some thoughts on them.

    1) Universe economy revamp or enhancements
    Correct me if I am wrong and totally disregard, but the way I feel the economy is now it isn't based on anything the player or other NPC do. It's just random. Like every so often after a timer expires, the stock of a trader and maybe the prices is adjusted. Could their be a system to create supply and demand based on what the playe or other NPC do?

    I guess first you might need to designate certain types of buildings on different planets owned by the various factions. Like suppose you introduce several industries. For example a large mining operation on a planet might be supplying ores to a refining facility on a different planet. NPC must transport cargo inbetween, any large amount of cargo lost due to pirates would mean a shift in supply and demand.

    Then there could be a starship factory or spacedock in another system which imports these refined materials to build starships. So the economy is built on raw materials, transport, refinement, all the way through the chain to the end user. So I guess there are many ideas for this, but this I think is something your massive game needs to add to its value. A working simulated economy. Something like this is only enhanced in fun because of how awesome empyrion is in scale already.

    2) AI Improvements
    This probably goes hand in hand with many systems I propose for revamp. Could we see eventually the introduction of AI archetypes, like pirates doing pirate things, traders, cargo transporters, security, passenger transporters. Bringing the universe to life? I think this is something well simulated in starsector nexerelin.

    3) Inter Faction Relations / Faction competition/ Faction warfare
    Based on a set of rule you create, factions ally, fight, co-operate, disrupt, take over, invade, change territory?

    4) Dynamic missions or events
    Mission board, or NPC looking to hire you to do stuff. Transport cargo, passenger, blow something up, kill an entity, steal something? Guess this is linked with AI development too. Perhaps a real actual distress call from a ship under attack.

    5) Space combat revamp or enhancement
    Yeah I am a big fan of this :)

    6) FPS revamp.
    Unity is capable of good FPS games. So a revamp to the physics of the FPS side of the game. Movement, firing, etc etc...you know like any other FPS. -coming version 1.9 December 2022 update

    7) Walking on ships

    8) Player and NPCs can grow their Territorys, Colonys and try to expand their "Kingdom" and influence on Planets and galaxy.

    9) Enhanced camera options from third person view
    Example, allow us to LOCK a target. The camera follows that target and keeps your ship locked in view. This would help to fight in space when trying to dodge incoming fire. The way it is now with the chase camera only, you can't see incoming fire if you are pointed AWAY from the enemy ship.


    Hello Eleon what is the future of this awesome game? I remember backing the failed kickstarter and being so dismayed the game wouldn't get made. But you forged on and created it anyway. Now that it satisfies the description you have on Steam, where are you going to take it? Where do you want to take it?

    I think you've got a great foundation to expand upon. I guess your resources are limited. But instead of seeming to do work all over the place (water ripples) perhaps focus down on two major features per patch. You might find then at the end of a year you've delivered 6 major features.

    updated May 12, 2022.
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    Major Feature: CONT'D

    Power Management: Ability to manage the power between systems in the vessel. Additional energy generated transferred to weapons to increase Damage? Transfer to shields to increase recharge rate or damage resistence?

    Minor Features: CONT'D

    67) Stars within range of your current jump range radius are highlighted. So as to make them stand out from the other nearby stars but which arent in range.

    68) Ammunition Factory - produces ammunition faster. like how furnace melts ore faster
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    49) add longer WIFI range

    I haven't actually tested this in the current build, but previously I have been able to accomplish this by creating "WiFi Extenders", a prefab of my own devising, which is little more than a truss-block tower with a WiFi device and a couple antenna deco objects to make it look cool and placing them near the edge of my base WiFi range, creating a "relay network" to significantly increase my range.

    Another item I'll add, because I have been requesting it since the first time I placed one of these:

    NPC Crew Functionality - We have quite a few of these, and while they look fine, they don't actually DO anything. Give them some function. A "Tactical Officer" should improve the performance of weapon turrets. A "Pilot", and this will be a tough one, should be able to operate a vehicle. A "Security Guard" should patrol an area and fire on enemies. A "Commanding Officer" should improve the performance of other NPC Crew.
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    The game is not rounded at all so that the above would be important. The only thing that will round it off is what is most missing and that is underwater life. Only when he gets it can he work on what is written. Life in space, on the surface of the planet without the ability to build bases and fight below the surface of the water makes almost no sense. A chance that will make the game better than the current almost 50%. Everything else is pure cosmetics.
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    62 is #1 in my book.
    So much data in the registry, and so hard to find it.
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    Yeah well as usual my role in Empyrion's forum is to remember everyone that the main story is not yet finished and not quite in the 2022 roadmap (disappointed :( ).

    So thank you Aaron for your incredible work really also for your patience in finding everything :) I'll just add one point... let me think to the proper position in the list considering the priority given by the devs and also by the forum... well... let me think... oh ok:

    999) IF nothing else emerges then finish the main story otherwise MOVE TO 1999)
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    updated today.

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