PLZ Retest and Re-Report Game disconnects due to "Cannot send to dedicated server anymore"

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    Oct 30, 2019
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    Mode: Survival
    Mode: Dedicated Server

    SERVER NAME: Seems universal but mostly play the official US server

    Reproducibility: Happens at least every day but I cannot force reproduce it
    Severity: Major

    Type: Global

    Summary: Game disconnects due to "Cannot send to dedicated server anymore"

    Description: This seems to happen in bouts on any server I join but I mostly play the official US server. I have no other problems with other games and play on a 200mbps hard line so my internet is pretty stable. It will happen many times, sometimes a dozen plus, in a row and then stop but occurs every day. Restarting the game, computer or relog does not effect it.

    Steps to Reproduce: Not sure how to force reproduce. It happened on the 9th around noon and again at 320pm (PST) and one final time later that night. The game forces me out to the main menu about one second after the problem so I cannot always see if the pop up is different but I do not think it is.

    Screenshots, Crash Logs, any other Relevant Information or Download links: Not sure what you guys will need for this if anything. Let me know and I will attach it if I can.

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