PLZ Retest and Re-Report Grow time Big Alien Flower and Spice

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    In the plant info it says Big Alien flower should produce buds in 27 mins and Spice should produce in 20 mins, but for me it seems like those are switched around. Reason is that i can harvest almost twice the buds before i can harvest a single time the spice.

    Also Worth to note is that it seems as spice stop growing when i leave playfield, but the other plants keep on growing. Especially visible when i leave for the night, and arrive the NeXT day and all other plants are ready to harvest, but spice is not.
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    One thing I have noticed is if you have your grow lights on while planting them the first time, the clock starts for the plant. I make sure that the grow light is off while planting. Then I make sure I have my grow lights off while harvesting them. Once done then I turn them back on.

    The plants will always take into account your time it takes to interact with them if the lights are on.

    The spice doesn't take longer at least in my games.

    But in saying that. There is still something wrong because every once and awhile it all goes haywire and I have had a row of spice to take forever to grow. This has all been in single player.

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