How about incorporating a tournament into the game?

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    There could be a separate tournament for Single-Player and for Multi-Player.
    The winner would have their info displayed on the splash screen visible to each player until the next tournament.
    Maybe also create some special gear that would be available only by being won in the tournament.
    Or maybe others can come up with other ideas for winners.

    For Multi-Player Tournament:
    - Tournament is announced minimum of 24 hours (maybe 48 hours) before the start.
    - Players must form teams to play the Multi-Player Tournament.

    Multi-Player Team Formation:
    - A special POI is generated at the same time of the announcement. The POI is placed randomly in the player's world.
    - Each player who intends to play in the tournament must travel to the POI, enter it, and indicate (in a way to be determined) their intent to join the tournament and the team they will join.
    - Each player must specifically indicate their intent to enter the tournament (playing a tournament is not required).
    - Teams MUST be formed prior to the start of the tournament.
    - Once the tournament starts, players cannot join any team.
    - Players can leave a team during a tournament, but they cannot join the same or any other team until the tournament is over.
    - Probably a minimum and maximum number of team members should be established.

    Tournament World Set-Up:
    - For ease of managing the tournament, it would probably be best to have the tournament play on a specific server where restrictions can be imposed.
    - Once the tournament starts, the tournament world is accessible. Team players are provided instructions to access the tournament world (perhaps have the instructions revealed at the special POI that was generated).
    - Restrictions must be placed on players to keep the playing field level.
    - God-Mode is disabled.
    - Console is disabled (at least any functions that would give an advantage -- for example, players cannot use the MAP command to reveal all the map).
    - Blueprint production cannot be adjusted -- production time is set to be the same for all teams.
    - The Home Base is fully functional and is stocked with some resources. However, this is not going to be enough, and it's not infinite, so players will have to find (and defend if they set up autominers) sources of raw materials.

    Tournament Play:
    - There are two kinds of tournament worlds:
    (1) Team versus Team
    (2) Team versus AI (and this would also be modified for Single-Player tournament)
    Teams get points for specific actions and results, with the team having the highest points being declared the tournament winner.

    For Team versus Team:
    - Tournament goal: Player teams must defend their home base from other teams while attacking and destroying the home base of other teams.
    Once a team's Home Base is destroyed, they are out of the tournament.
    Once there is only a single team Home Base left standing, that team is automatically the winner no matter the point count.

    - Each team starts out on their own planet.
    - The planet has the Home base and a good amount of resources -- enough to get the team going, but the team may need to find the more rare resources on other planets.
    - The team will have to establish a strategy to defend the Home Base, and will have to built vessels to get to the other team plantes. They can use blueprints to build the vessels.
    - Teams may mine ore deposits completely or they may set up autominers. If they set up autominers, those are susceptible to enemy fire and destruction.
    - Teams must travel to the other team planets and destroy the Home Base.
    - Some game mechanism should be set up to address the possible situation where each team basically travels to the other team planet at the same time, leaving the Home base undefended. Perhaps have a sensor device that alerts when the adversary team has left their home world, or something like that.
    - Teams get points for:
    * Stealing ore deposits from other team planets
    * Destroying adversary team buildings (like farms)
    * Killing other team members
    * Destroying other team vessels
    * Destroying Home Base

    For Team versus AI:
    - Tournament goal: Find and destroy all enemy POIs. AI can attack the team Home Base, so a strategy must be established on how to attack the POIs while still defending the Home Base.

    - Special POIs are created for use only in tournaments. The POIs have variable design -- that is, all adversary items (like exploadable blocks, turrets, spawners, etc) are placed in changeable places in the POI, so that they are not in the same place every time a tournament is played. This will reduce the ability of players "learning and remembering" where the adversary items are.
    - Land mines are created for placement around the outside of the POI. Player stepping on a land mine results in an instant kill.


    Anyway, this is just s quick start at a suggestion for this idea. A game like Empyrion would need to have this thought out more deeply than I have described, but it's a start.

    It sure would be fun with tournaments. it would address one of the complaints I sometimes read where people say they get bored with just exploring, looting, mining, and building.

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    Sorry to say, but my very first thought was:
    "Have you EVER played on a Server?"
    * Players dont have GM Rights
    * Thus cant reveal map
    * or have other 'gm benefits'

    That's all (gm Rights) only possible in SP, or coop games, where your friend makes you an admin in an instant.

    Please, dont get me wrong.
    Idea sounds nice, kind of sounds like the invader vs. Defender, but havent played that just yet.
    Because to me, it also reminds me of re-inventing the Wheel as they Sound familiar.

    Maybe you should give it a try, and then Elaborate the differences between the two?
    So you could give a better Explanation of their differences / specific purpose.
    Or maybe your suggestions might (then) help to improve the Invader vs. Defender Scenario (offical, packed in Default game install)
    Just a thought/Suggestion.
    Thanks for sharing your idea! :)
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    Absolutely sounds like a scenario type thing, and might not be outside the scope of possible.

    I’ve been kicking around the makings of a Hunger Game’s type of scenario using a resource- free planet, where all available building materials, tools and weapons are found in supply caches (POIs) scattered throughout the world. These contain various blocks for building, devices, and the like.

    The ultimate objective being to build a craft (CV) to escape the planet. The victor gets to move on to a new world. The losers get to stay there and wait for the next escape pod to fall from the sky, and the next game to begin. And of course, the lovely Zirax drones will make their appearances to keep folks moving and one their toes.

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