Needs attention How to share a custom playfield (Planets, Moons)

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    Very simple: presentation is everything! ;)
    1. Add screenshots of the playfield
    2. Add a description what makse the playfield special ( specific natural poi, arrangements, ores etc pp)
    3. If your playfield uses CUSTOM POI, we either suggest to remove them from the playfield before sharing OR you can add them to a .zip, including the playfield and the custom POI you are using.
    4. Use the appropriate PREFIX for your submission (Planet, Moon, Orbit, SolarSystem)

    REQUIRED information:
    - As the contents of ore and deposits is a key element, we consider EITHER listing which ores are available OR having a screenshot of the map's PLANET INFO card
    - Please add detailed info IF your custom playfield uses a different playfield type, so the appropriate changes can be made in the solarsystemconfig file!

    SUGGESTED submission form
    - To make it easy for 'subscribers' please zip the playfield folder and upload the zipped filed
    - Do not add a certain NAME for the playfield (like "Akua") but refer to the playfield type you were using (like "Temperate" )
    - Make sure the folder name is not the same as one of the DEFAULT game playfields
    - In case you want to submit a playfield that is merely a remake of a DEFAULT playfield, please clearly indicate that in your submission

    Looking forward to your creations! :)

    Note: Make sure you have the permission to upload/share custom playfields if it is NOT your creation!
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    Planet: ‘Glacial Ice’

    A harsh world covered in ice, that has somehow against odds developed its own life.

    Ore: Cobalt, Titan, Magnesium, Cobalt, Promethium


    Playfield is intended to be a harsh world that is mostly ice, and generally hailing with low visibility. It is intended to be sort of a T2 planet (hence Cobalt / Titanium). Custom POI’s have been removed (as there not quite done yet), though the vanilla drone base is still present.

    Planet sourced from the games Ice Moon.

    NewGame_16_2020-04-19_16-02-28.png NewGame_16_2020-04-19_16-00-56.png

    (Not sure if this was a submission thread or just just an instruction thread so, feel free to move this if you need to lol)

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    Looks cool! (that wasn't meant to be a pun either). :D
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    I wanted to let you know I'm adding this to my scenario with credit to you. It works perfectly and I was able to easily add some POIs to it.
    Thank you!
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