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    Been computer gaming since the '90s. FPS, survival - both sp and mp, adventure, etc.

    I have endured the 24/7 lone-wolf grind of ARK/Atlas, the unpredictable fizziks of Space Engineers (KABOOM!) and the never-ending apprehension of solo DayZ official (You are dead).

    I'm currently inclined to stick with sp survival with lots of building options and some missions/scenarios to provide external challenges. Empyrion appears to fit this with the scifi flavoring I prefer. There looks to be quite a few enthusiastic gamers in the community which is always welcome.
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    Greetings from Argentina!
    Welcome. Enter the forum and chat! Although at times this part seems very still, the most moved area is in the chats of characteristics and substitutions, as well as error reports.
    Go on to read and comment on your experience of the game.

    Saludos desde Argentina!
    Bienvenido. Entra al foro y conversa! Si bien por momentos esta parte parece muy quieta, la zona mas movida es en las charlas de caracteristicas y sujerencias, así como informes de errores.
    Pasa a leer y comentar tu experiencia del juego.
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