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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nimmanu, Feb 4, 2021.

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    Now that I have your attention...

    I think that IDA could be a huge help to newbies, and that she's underutilized. In fact, she could have a toggle to tell her to go stuff it on the "tips", so that long-term Galactic Travelers won't have to listen to this.

    IDA could:

    1. Notify you when you have a disease, and give a suggestion for what to take for it. "You have indigestion. I recommend finding a stomach pill. Or you may need to go sit on the toilet for a while. Don't worry, I won't tell." If the person has something already in their inventory, she should reference that. "You have a parasite. That decontamination unit might be just the thing."

    2. Notify you of concerning environmental conditions. She already notes that you're not wearing your helmet, she could also say, "I sense radiation ahead. Perhaps you should get a radiation pill before venturing further."

    3. She could give warning when you have gained the notice of something in space. "There is a dreadnaught in the sector" after you scan. "A rocket drone has scanned us and is sending out a transmission." "A zirax corvette is nearby. It hasn't seen you yet. Perhaps a hasty withdrawal would be prudent."

    4. Offer commentary the first time you loot something important. "This large optronic bridge could come in handy later. You might want to put it away." Or "That coolant might be useful to the Polaris merchants."

    5. Warn of upcoming difficulties in quests and make a suggestion on how to prepare. "You may want to consider taking a Capital Vessel with a very strong shield to that place. Old scans show that Zirax bombers were seen in that area."

    6. She can warn you about the strength of a POI or opposing vessel so you don't run into the arms of a 'max difficulty' POI blindly.

    I just think that some degree of information is necessary for new players. The tutorial is great, but it's a vast game with a LOT of information. And particularly with quests, it would be really great to have her make comments to warn you of things. For example, on the Ilmarrin mission, she could say, "I don't recommend pulling that lever. Those markings have appeared repeatedly in very dangerous locations. It could make things much riskier."

    Anyway, just a thought. I feel like IDA could be used in many more ways than currently.

    Also, please put in some kind of 'log' where if you miss something, you can go look at it. "Picked up 5 gadgets," and you're like, "What did I pick up??" You could go look in IDA's log file.

    (Sorry for so many posts all at once. I'm done. For now. :D )
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    I'd like it even better if she had a voice!
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