I Quit Empyrion. Fix it so I can enjoy playing again.

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    This post is for the developers. I will not revisit this post ever so don't bother insulting me for my suggestions or opinions I don't care. The devs should have access to my email address if they should want to talk further through my account. Beyond personal email from a developer I will only read patch notes until the game looks like it might be fun again.

    Backstory, I've played, Eve online, Minecraft, Space engineers, and many other similar such games. Where you build, fight, defend, hide whatever. I came to Empyrion after spending about a years with space engineer until they completely broke multiplayer, not that it was ever very good to begin with. I was quickly impressed with the pvp potential in Empyrion. Made some new friends and spent months playing until 4.0 and they basically all quit. I kept playing through 4.0 and a couple weeks of 5.0 but now I'm done too. This game is just going the wrong direction and it needs a major course correction or its going in a long list of epic potential followed by epic disappointment.

    I didn't like it in 3.0 when someone would consider the answer to a fight to just build a bigger and bigger ship with more and more guns. It wasn't awesome to spend countless hours honing your skills and building a well balanced ship only to have it die horribly to the first person who comes along with a massive CV with 500 guns on it. Obviously there was a problem there but while it was annoying to fight someone with too much material to build with an no skill at least it was possible. My small band of brothers and I preferred to use SVs for most fights as good piloting skill could to a large degree overcome skill less pilots who relied on tons of turrets to do their fighting for them. We caused a LOT of drama on our servers b/c we were so good that we made SV's look over powered at first. People with 300thousand ingot CVs were dying to a 5 svs that cost a total of maybe 30 thousand ingots. So they cried foul and said the game was unbalanced. Apparently the devs listened and SVs were nurfed to the point of pointlessness. Now even the best SV pilot dies quickly and horribly to a couple shots from homing missiles. Skill has yet again been replaced by auto turrets.

    Was it really unbalanced before though? 5 pilots who were actually "flying" their ships and aiming their weapons could take down a single CV which
    1) had a single layer of armor
    2) was not being "flown" but rather flailed around
    3) had someone in the pilot seat who for some stupid reason thought that b/c his ship was bigger meant that he would win no matter what and didn't bother to retreat when he realized he was outmatched

    After a few months as other pilots died to my small band others learned that they couldn't rely on giant ships and auto turrets and before long they started learning to fly their ships too, and even how to build them. Before long we were no longer stomping people in every engagement. Fights were even more fun now that the other teams could actually put up a fight. A fight with skill in building effective ships and piloting ability.

    Then 4.0 came out and SV's got the big nurf hammer. Their weapons were reduced from a max volley of 21 down to 4. while simultaneously CVs armor got doubled. If that wasn't bad enough CVs and bases got homing missiles. Making SVs all but pointless. Now someone will say ... But an SV should be able to do anything meaningful to a CV or a base. RLY? what about bombers attacking bases and ships in the real world. It happens all the time. It is the face of real warfare. Good pilots in the modern equivalent to and SV always out always outperform stationary or slow moving targets. There is no base or ship on the planet that can survive enough bombers going after it. Only by countering with other pilots in SV's. Fighters to take out bombers and so on.

    Real world warfare aside its just ridiculous to limit the guns without limiting the overall mass of the ships. What I have see more and more is people building MASSIVE CV's with 500+thousand ingots in them and a full loadout of weapons. They can't add more weapons but they can add mass all day long. No penalty in performance or speed. Just add more thrusters and gyros. No max limit to thrusters or gyros the only real trade off in the end is fuel cost. Personally I have never gone in to a battle concerned about fuel. I build my ships with enough fuel tanks so that they can hover for at least 45 minutes in planet. I fill up the tanks before a fight and I dont worry about it. What other game out there or what other reality does mass no matter at all and the sky is the limit?

    Good ship design and personal piloting skill in 3.0 was 70% of a battle. Now its all about tonnage. Piloting skill only matters so much as you can chase or run away. 90% of a battle is now determined by who spent the most resources on armor. Every pvp player now builds CV's to fly around b/c SVs are so useless, Every pvper always puts a full array of every weapon type they can b/c its the max and everyone else is doing it so they have to to keep up. And every battle is determined by who had the most armor. Most battles ending in a stalemate where after a while of both ships pounding on each other without doing any significant damage either both just stop fighting b/c they can't hurt the other one or when one starts taking any real damage he can simply warp out in a couple seconds.

    Which brings me to one of the biggest and stupidest glitches that has yet to be fixed and persisted way way to long. You can actually stick your ship inside another ship? And then your turrets can shoot them from the inside? Like everyone else I too build a massive CV with ridiculous amounts of armor. I had to, thats what everyone else does, if I don't i die. In several fights I saw that the enemy was trying to ram me. Which seemed strange and they can't hit me ramming me. After about 5 mins of us dancing around each other all weapons firing the entire time and neither of us doing any significant damage I was hit by a lag spike. My ship stopped and they were able to place their ships weapons which were on an extended piece way in front of their nose inside my ship and gutted 1/2 my internals within a couple seconds.

    Once the lag cleared I warped out, after all you can just do that, when you get tired of fighting you just warp out? I went back to my base on pve and inspected my ship. 1/2 the internal systems were gone. and many of what was left was badly damaged. yet there wasn't a single hole in the ship from the outside. I mean I had 4 layers of armor and only a few of the blocks on the outermost layer were gone.

    That was weeks ago and now everyone has learned the glitching trick. It is now common place for ships to be build specifically to try and glitch their guns inside of another ship. It is very sad that the pvp that I use to love about this game which required exceptional skills to succeed at how been reduced to I win if I put tons of armor and manage to glitch inside of your ship with my weapons. PVP in Empyrion isn't fun any more its just stupid. I'm sure some dev will think. Oh well we will fix that ship glitching inside other ship bug and that will fix everything. Well no not really b/c then you will still have everyone flying giant chucks of armor with guns on them that can pound on each other for ever without anyone dieing. I actually got on a pvp test server with a friend of mine. We both spawned in our standard pvp CV put them at optimal weapons range from each other and turned the guns on. No flying around, not twisting and turning. We just let them shoot at each other. 20 minutes later both ships had taken moderate damage but completely functional. IMAGINE IF WE WERE DOING EVASIVE MANEUVERS!

    So now how to fix it. If you are still reading I hope you really pay attention to this b/c reading this far means you are preparing to be an uber troll or you actually care about making the game fun to play again. Now I freely admit that these are not all my ideas. These ideas have been around and been used in many many games before.

    First to counter the "i put more armor on i win" play style you have to have more of a balance than initial build cost and fuel consumption. The guy with the biggest stick can't always win. It has to be a balance between big stick and piloting skill. More in favor of piloting skill. People may like to win because their auto turrets beat the other guys auto turrets but that will fade quickly. The only victory to keeps being satisfying over and over and over is out performing to the enemy. A good pilot with a good ship should never lose to a bad pilot with a big chuck of armor and a few homing missiles. A good pilot with a good ship should never lose to an unmanned stationary target set on automatic.

    Base attacks use to be fun. It took a lot of skill to evade or negate incoming fire. It was a constant rush and often ended in several wrecked ships before a base could be conquered. But now its pointless to fly against a base in anything besides a CV using pl to snipe or an HV sitting back out of the base's auto range lobbing hundreds of artillery in on it. Even those just have massive amounts of armor on them to absorb the damage.

    The problem is that there is no balance between mass and performance. No real balance anyway. You can build a CV for example with 1million ingots of armor and all you have to do is keep adding RCS and thrusters and you maintain stupid fast turning radius, acceleration and maximum top speed. There is no limit on how fast a CV can rotate. There should be a very strics and slow upper limit. Ive been in fights even back in 3.0 with several SV against a single CV and the CV pilot had so many RCS on that even though we were flying and strafing well enough that his auto turrets rarely hit us we couldn't hit the same spot on him twice to save our lives b/c his MASSIVE CV was spinning on its axis 3 x a second. I know its a game but physics says nothing that big can spin that fast as inertia would tear it to little pieces and kill everyone inside. I use Eve online as an example here. The bigger the ship the slower it turnes. If you put on a bunch of additional armor. It turns EVEN SLOWER. Thats your trade off for wanting a LOT of tank. Incidentally huge ships also take much longer to get into warp. Unlike empyrion where a huge ship can accelerate and enter warp in 3 seconds.

    So to fix this there has to be an upper limit on mass. A low upper limit. Guns need to have a LOT of mass. Mass should reduce your top speed, your acceleration, and the time it takes to get into warp.
    For example.
    A with basic components, no weapons, little armor and large thrusts (like the typical warp sleed)
    top speed 120, rotatoin speed 10 seconds to spin 1 time, warp speed 10 seconds

    A medium sized CV wtih little armor and a full set of every weapon type.
    Top speed 100, rotation speed 20 seconds to spin 1 time, warp speed 30 seconds

    A medium sized CV with heavy armor and a full set of every weapon type
    Top speed 80, rotation speed 40 seconds, warp speed 40 seconds

    A Large CV with light armor and a full set of every weapon
    Top speed 100, rotation speed 45 seconds, warp speed 45 seconds

    A Large CV with Heavy armor and full set of every weapon
    Top speed 65, rotation speed 60 seconds, warp speed 60 seconds

    A STUPDLY large CV with 5 layers of combat armor and a full set of weapons
    Top speed 20, rotation speed 2 minutes, warp speed 4 minutes.

    The point is that you have to balance out the armor if you are going to limit potential fire power. In the real world a bigger ship can hold more guns. Look at any battleship. The trade off is it weighs more, so its slower. You can't just keep adding engines b/c they become prohibitively massive themselves. You can't build a battleship that can spin on a dime ever as it would tear itself apart.

    When more mass has proportional penalties to performance that can't simply be negated by adding another engine then pvp will quickly move back to a balance of good builds and skilled pilots. You will see those that prefer few weapons and lots of armor (the tank builds). Those who prefer the more guns and less armor approach (the glass cannon). And those who don't care how long it takes to get into warp they want tons of armor and tons of guns (the turtle) which is balanced in itself b/c he can't just run away from a fight fast.

    I highly recommend that homing missile are removed from CV all together or have a hard time tracking a target ding evasive maneuvers. As an SV pilot vs a CV its stupidly over powered. As a CV pilot vs SVs its also stupidly overpowered.

    Now on to bases. Bases need balance too. Like CV's there is no balance for building a bigger base. I have seen a great many ridiculously huge bases. I'm talking bases that cost million of ingots to make. Thats fine. Mass isn't an issue as its stationary. The homing missiles on them are way overpowered vs SV and HV. SVs just dont go near them and HVs just stay back out of range and lob artillary shells in. Homing missile launchers on a base shouldn't work at all or shouldn't have the homing function unless an active player is manning the gun and tracking the target to aquire a target lock or something like that. The homing missiles are way to overpowered for undefended bases. By undefended I mean auto matic. I've seen people drop these little prefabed bases with basic power supply, fuel container, ammo box, a armor hat, and 4 homing missile launcher all over a planet. So you go there to mine or pick a fight and every few hundred meters there is another of these little homing missile bases. I copied the design after I carefully shot the guns off of a few of them and took one apart. In the factory it only takes an hour or so to build and cost only about 1000 ingots. Nothing rly. Yet littered around a planet they are almost impossible to get rid of.

    To make that and all base attacks even worse pretty much everyone knows that they can use page down to push a blueprint into the ground. So when spawning bases like this they push them down until only the tip of the turret sticks out of the dirt. Then when you fire at it with your ship weapons your weapons can't damage the turrets b/c the dirt is in the way and for some reason the dirt isn't destroyed. How does dirt and components take up the same space? But it makes it almost impossible to destroy these or any other bases which are pushed into the ground.

    Missile launchers are just over powered and that base in dirt exploit has got to go.

    The other HUGE problem with bases is that stupid "can't build or dig within 250 meters of a core". I guess that was to keep people from tunneling? well it didn't work. now they just tunnel with plasma or ls. I built a tiny sv with a single laser on it. it can cut a tunnel big enough to fly the ship into and dig a hole much faster than a drill ever could. The thing is dirt cheap and possibly the only useful thing an sv can still do. So that "can't build or drill" bs didn't stop tunneling at all if that was even the point. What it does do is deny loot. I think everyone can agree that especially as over powered as base defenses are now that if you conquer a base you deserve the loot. Well not thanks to the 250meter protection area around base cores. See me and everyone else just dig a bunch of holes and bury random cores around our entire area. Its easy. You dig a hold down to bedrock and off sideways 300 meters or so from your base in all 4 directions. You place a base starter and add a few armor blocks so the system doesn't auto delete it. Then you use a filler tool to cover them all the way back to your base. You run a strip of armor blocks from your base down to bedrock and off to the side a way and then move your base core down there. If you are smart you move your generators, fuel tanks, ammo boxes and everything else important down there too then you fill it in with the filler tool.

    Now when someone attacks the base they can't find the cores to destroy them. So even after defeating the defenses they still can't salvage anything. Unless they spend countless hours and ridiculous amounts of ammunition blowing holes in the ground looking for those buried cores. I actually built a base like this. Just to harass someone who had build a big base on my favorite mining planet. I built a small flack tower on the surface with 10 flak on it. then i dug and buried the core to it, I dug down and sideways and buried 2 more base starters so even if they found the first they couldn't salvage. The next day I got on and they had destroyed all the turrets and dug some massive holes in the ground with their SV plasma it looked like. I means so huge holes all the way to bedrocks. They must have has several ships and spent hours digging those holes and who knows how much ammo and yet all 3 cores were still intact. They never found them.

    The point is that that 250meter "protection radius" isn't protecting anyone from tunneling its just being used to deny loot to the victors. Oh and in several cases while I was attacking a base I took so much damage that I lost my core. (this was in 3.0 when SVs were still viable). I had a spare core on me and other than that the ship was still plenty functional. But b/c my ship went down in that 250meter area around the enemy core I couldn't even place a new core on my own ship. Beyond ridiculous IMO.

    Oh I guess offline protection is still a thing too? I don't play on servers that have that enabled so Im not sure. But I touch on it just in case. SOOOO easy to exploit. Thats why all the servers turn it off. Or most anyway. Simply put you build a base. In the middle of an area. then off to the side you place another base core and run two pillars up high than your first base on each side of it. Just trus blocks up and across and up again. Then you put an offline protection on it.Repeat this for all 4 sides around your base the top and the bottom. It takes a little time but not hard at all. Maybe 1 hr if you are slow to set this up and very little material cost. Now you transfer ownership of all of these bases to your Steam Family shared alt account. Log it off and log your main character back in. You are now in the middle of an offline protection bubble of sorts with your main base completely active and yet b/c it is made of 6 separate bases build on flat planes you are not being killed by the field. when you want out you log your alt on and disable one of the sides to let your main character out. Also this technique can be used while instead of completely surrounding a base you can leave a small opening to get in and out and then train a ton of guns on that opening. Basically you could only possibly be attacked from that one small opening.

    Another common exploit with offline protection is to send out runner of armor blocks usually underground for the maximum range around your base and up into the air in a spire or several spires. Now when an enemy attacks you just wait for them to destroy your defenses and try to enter the base. As soon as they do you log off and the offline protection field kills them. If they parked their vessel close enough you trap it too. Now the person you trapped re spawn without immediately dying. Even if they do spawn outside the field they can't get back to their backpack and possibly even their ship. All that loot that they rightly deserve for conquering the base is now inaccessible. Many servers have rules against doing that sort of thing so usually the person who logged out thereby activating the offline protection will log back in every few minutes claiming to have connection issues. Or claim that their mom made them get off or some other thing that can't supposedly be held against them.

    Yet another common exploit is to build a base in a lake under water. Dig holes and put all the important stuff under ground but build the turrets into the water layer. Since firing into the water layer doesn't do any damage to anything in the water layer. In 3.0 at least you could fly a SV into the water layer and then fire at turrets in it and since your ship and the turret were both in the water at least you could damage it. This usually ended in the SV being destroyed as its pretty hard to dodge when you are in a lake but at least it was possible to destroy them. Now SV float and their weapons don't work underwater even if you power down momentarily to sink them. So any base build in water is basically invulnerable. As for the offline protection exploit it is common to see people build such a base in the water and then cover the base with a offline protection hat. So two bases. The main base has all the weapons and no offline protection. The second base belonging to a different character just has blocks at four corners to cover the turrets. This base isn't 6 walls but one big shell so the offline protection field of the second base covers the first base. Since the turrets arn't part of the base with the offline protection they are still active. Since they are already inside the field they can fire out and ship or people. However anyone trying to fire at these just hits the offline protection field. So now you have bases that can shoot at people but you can not damage them in any way.

    So... Offline protection is completely broken and way way to easy to exploit.

    The next issue is the new market. You basically tried to go to an Eve Online style of market where you have to take stuff and sell it at specific areas and buyers have to get it there. This is a great idea.....if.... you have 30,000 people on a single server like eve. Or even 500 people. There are way to few people on any given empyrion server for that to work. Especially since most servers space planets out so far that to move from one planet to another takes a full tank of jump fuel. The other reason it works for eve is that it doesn't cost you anything to warp from one system to another. In Empyrion you pay for every jump with at least several minutes worth of collecting and processing crystals. So if you want to go buy this thing off the market over here and its only 3 jumps away and you want to come back to your base when you have it you need 150 pentaxid? Nobody wants to do that. You have basically crippled the markets. There is a LOT of stuff for sale but hardly anybody buying.

    I don't have a great idea for fixing that. Yea its a little OP to have materials magically transported across the galaxy through the market but this isn't working either. I posted some stuff for sale at a starter planet when 5.0 first came out. Many people even chose to start on that planet. I posted it relatively cheap. Just some basic stuff to help the noobs starting. After a week nobody has posted any cheaper and nobody has bought any of it. The market as it is, is basically dead. Another reason that works for Eveonline isn't just the 10's of thousands of players but also b/c all the major market hubs are in high security space. And more importantly b/c you can post hundreds of buy and sell orders at a time. Not just 10 lol. I mean you could wait a week for something to sell if it wasn't 10% of everything you can sell at a time. I can sell more than 10 things at a time at a garage sale. But not in empyrion wtf?

    The other big problem with the markets is the pirates. Now that jump points are more random what do you think they are camping? Thats right. the markets. which kills the market that much more.

    Finally the Deep Safe Spots. I do this too but its really really broken to be able to do it. As much as I went on about bases being over powered deep safes are even worse. I dont know why anyone even builds bases on planets when they can just deep safe. So simply put if anyone doesn't know you fly your ship for 5 minutes out into the middle of nowhere. that gets you about 40,000km out from the nearest planet. You could go farther but there isn't really any point. There is no way to find anything out that far by chance. If someone says they did they are lying. The chances of accidentally finding a base that far out are so astronomical that its ridiculous. Ok not that high but rly rly high. I have taken a group of 10 people testing this. We all started by a planet and we went pretty much straight at the spot in space we knew the base was in line with and fanned out as we went. We tried this over and over and still never found and it and we knew where it was and how far out. When we had the man on the station set it to public so we could see how close we were nobody was within 20k of it.

    The point is that its just way way to easy to hide everything you have out at a deep safe spot like that. either in a base or smarter IMO a CV built as a base. You can go back and forth freely so long as you don't fly straight at it while someone else is watching, break down a ship at it so that the core shows up to everyone, or warp out from right by your base (b/c everyone see that), then nobody is ever going to find it. Without exploiting somehow that is. There are a fews way people have been found cheating to find deep safes but I wont go into those. This should be countered with a way to find them as a game mechanic. A sensor that can scan for them or something. Its too over powered to just store up stuff out that far where nobody can find it or touch it. The reason I say that is that b/c so many people use deep safe spots very few are building on planets. And b/c they are impossible to find they just keep building and building and building. This type of game needs destruction and entropy to survive. That is to say. Things need to be blown up so that the servers can handle the load. If everyone or even most can just keep building and building and building then the servers can't keep up. Bad enough every pve planet within a couple weeks of a full server wipe is completely full of the max amount of cores. Even in pvp space the same is happening. The whole point of pvp space is risk vs rewards. If you want to live there, there is risk involved. But b/c of deep safe spots there is no risk.

    I highly doubt anyone read this far. I'm not just ranting. I'm hoping a developer will read this and save the game. I want to love this game but right now its not even worth playing.
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    Ok to start I'll be honest and say I didn't read this post in its entirety I just skimmed it, but I don't think I need to really. If you want real change in the game you need to be part of the conversation! Not just making demands then throwing your toys out of the pram without for the most part even offering viable fixes or alternatives for the issues you see.
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    If the OP makes the effort to deliver the amount of text, i find myself giving a listening ear in respect and not just skim.
    He makes valid points tbh, gives out some alternatives aswell. Only thing i couldn't agree on was the change from the 21 gun SV's deminished.
    Personally i found those an exploit on its own, not only causing dogfights in to screenshot fights, but back in that day when clanmerging didn't exist yet you would be run over by the largest pirateclan every time. Causing one to start over, again and again and again and ... untill you finally had enough of that nonsense. But the real issue is always as he states about balance, in wich this game isn't ready for yet ... apparantly.
    That is why i fear for its future myself.
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    He may make valid points but again I don't think that matters in this case. If your part of the conversation willing to stand by your ideas, hear peoples opinions, and champion the changes you'd like to see in the game then I've got all the time in the world for you.

    But as far as this thread goes he isn't willing to do anything other than rant and leave. personally I'd rather save my reading time for people willing to discuss there ideas for the game and the changes it needs going forward.
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    I think i know how he feels. His thread was meant to catch the eye of the devs, not so much discussing forumwise.
    They hardly ever commit time to respond in that manner, so he's left to making a statement. And there it is.
    Nothing new that is raised that hasn't bin brought up countless times allready...
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    I honestly don't see the need for this game's development to cater so heavily to PvP or to servers in general, but that is only my opinion. The game is still in its early stages of development and I understand his pleas, but really, A L P H A... there, even though he isn't here to read it, I took the time to spell it out for him. LOL

    I read the entire OP, carefully, and I feel that the developers should read it as well. Obviously he cared enough to type all of that out, I gave him my time to read it.

    " I want to love this game "

    I understand why he wrote all of this. Plain as day.
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    I stick with PVE mostly. PVP is interesting but I already knew it was highly unbalanced. I prefer them spending more time focused towards PVE honestly. I usually play single player but I probably would play multiplayer if it was balanced better.

    The OP made excellent points. I would read this if I was the devs. Lots of ideas on how to balance things and he has found many exploits and given suggestions on how to fix them. Devs would do well to listen here.

    As for the homing missile issue. I will post an idea on the suggestion thread on how to balance it. Mainly has to do with counter measures.

    His idea on balancing heavy ships with slower turning rates and acceleration is excellent. That way flying a giant ship feels heavy.

    All of the things mentioned here seem valid and he presents ways to balance them. You wold do well to hear him out I think.

    Another thing that I want to say is that if this game were to become larger then that would drastically change the gameplay as well. I could just leave into the void and rarely come across someone.
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    At first I hated this post and just wanted to troll this guy for leaving 20-30 minutes of text for ppl to read. Then I realized he was just listing exploit after exploit that experienced players have been using to cheat the game as well as listing legitimate criticisms of how PVP works in Empyrion.

    Definitely a great game, but yeah, the game is starting to feel kind of like a game of exploits at this point. I can only imagine how new players must see the game when they first start and then quickly realize that none of the rules and strategies they think would apply actually do.

    I didnt agree with everything. Mostly just his take on the market places. So the markets dont work like they used to in 4.0. Thank God. Markets in 4.0 were awful. You could put all the valuables in your base as you were being attacked on the marketplace. Very exploitable, and I'm glad the devs changed it to be less "user friendly." I think changes still need to be made. Adding AI frieghters that move goods back and forth would be a huge improvement to how the game feels and this would make market places more usable again. Also, markets will get used more as ppl stop throwing their pity parties about how much they dont like them anymore. They are still super useful.

    The way ppl hide in deep space is BS
    The way ppl use the dirt exploit on bases is BS
    Offline protection is BS


    Alpha game.

    Hope the devs give this a read through so they know how their game is working out in practice. Great game, but very exploitable still. I'm just glad I havent seen someone flying around one shotting ppl out of their SVs with a hand gun lately. Big improvements so far.
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    @FullSized I can relate. Shame you are not here to know your not alone.

    One example of oversight observed by myself:

    We can't crouch!?
    This game was released when? August 5, 2015.
    So in the two + years, the dev team has neglected this simple function. Yes, that's true. There is no crouch function.

    Less than 8 lines of code to do this.

    What gives? Who's testing this stuff?
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    I am fairly sure that the developers wanted to nerf the crap out of CV RCS and came up against massive opposition to the nerf (I may be wrong about this statement).

    I would love to see RCS nerfs for CVs, they should fly like bricks and still be big and imposing, but still bricks.

    I would love to see a lot of things, like weapon numbers scaling with a metric, top speed being reduced as more weight is added etc. I believe these things have/are all being considered. and due to player outcry been "put on the backburner".
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    I fully agree with OP i took time to read everything, being a novelist helps me have the patience to take the time to read it all and from what ive read ive experienced this raming bullshit too, its a exploit being hugly and widely abused making pvp players just another asshole player, hence why i started AEGIS, my brand focuses on pve builds tho some can be modified or used in pvp there not made that way but i carter to everyone, but the glitch ramming is extremely stupid and refuse to pvp till beta comes out do to this exploit.

    Im also worried about this games development its been out for 7 years and still in alpha, ya sure thats normal, but development wise its slow, bug fixes are not patched right away in mini patches witch would be a good fucking idea but is not being done! atm in 7.6, there are 5 6.0 bugs that have reappeared sadly too, and 2 game breaking bugs that been around since 4.0 from what ive been hearing such as the glitching threw CVs with SVs.

    I think before 8.0 since we got another good month @Hummel-o-War you guys should just be bug fixing like crazy and pop a patch or 2 like come on we need these bugs fixed BEFORE 8.0 not during, thats how you get new bugs the experimental testers ALWAYS miss, its not the testers faults its the devs not doing it the correct way.

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