If anyone wants to finish/use a blueprint or few as I won't be playing anymore probably

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    So I know this forum is for introductions, but idk where else to post this kind of ggwp and a small archive of blueprints I created while I played (without it getting buried by random conversation instantly). Includes some blueprints that I don't think should be lost just because I stopped playing, with some unfinished ones that anyone can pick up and finish if they want (no pseudo-copyright, maybe credit as who started it, basically - you can download, modify/update and reupload them if you want)

    So I have about 800h on empyrion, mostly from pre alpha to alpha 6, when it was basically rust in space instead of whatever this new empyrion is supposed to be. Over time empyrion started changing in weird ways, going more for pve in already developed space with npc factions and aliens (which is mostly what I dislike) versus empty desolate systems with occasional noone's buildings (POI) and automatic sentries, and it became annoying with stuff like research, forced looting (for some weapons), auto mining (and mining in general), extremely slow start, territories etc. Some updates I liked, like medicine and technology to cure some debuffs, warping that wasnt completely free, more realistic radiation from engines, temperature, more blocks etc.

    I know many people wanted exactly opposite of what I liked (like cosmetic stuff, npc factions and fleets, working for them to get paid and buy stuff instead of looking for resources or trading with real players etc) so I guess it makes sense. I liked more the fact there was basically nothing and players had to build for themselves, and the chaos of pvp, constant fear of raids, hiding your bases in far moons, hiding ships in subterrean hangars, finding places to raid yourself, designing ships and buildings not only for aesthetics but for battles too.

    And the fact this all was done without relying solely on how many people you have with you or how good you can aim with guns, and more of who has better designed ships, more resources and hides the best or simply is a fried with everyone through trade which is usually impossible in similar games like rust as everyone shoots on sight and asks questions later with no cooperation or reason to, where its only clans killing each other. This wasnt so in empyrion somehow but then empyrion itself changed after a while to current one.

    Im mostly interested if any of you want to finish and reupload the Nova class below because that one probably was the largest and most complicated CV to build and it would be a waste if it just stayed unfinished after all the building and planning already done, anyway here are some blueprints if anyone wants them:

    Some may recognize it from a teaser pic.
    It is designed to be literal 1:1 of Nova class in empyrion, including the interior (according to these designs, translated them to square grid below to fit in empyrion geometry). Because that is the only CV sized ship that fits in empyrion's 500 block size, and wouldn't need thousands of hours to build.

    There are more screenshots on workshop page:

    If you do continue and finish it, please do it in intended way of being a 1:1 of original in every way exterior and interior. It has 8 decks, each is 1 block tall with a shared block for ceiling/floor between 2 decks to have same size as original ship. It already has elevator system connected like in original (horizontal parts are simply walkways without elevators).


    Some decks interiors are partially done (most notably top deck (bridge) and few bottom decks mostly done, and a few rooms like medbay and computer core on other decks), textures got messed up during construction for some reason (I think update replaced textures that I used) so it needs "repaint"

    I created detailed plans for each deck on a graph paper, translated from original plans (each square is 2x2 meters, so a CV block in empyrion): https://imgur.com/a/aljXr6C

    note for finishing exterior - between 2 decks (the ceiling of one and floor of one above it) to smoth the shape, it extends walls of a deck to halfway between that deck's shape and bigger deck's shape (above or below it). This was only done for decks 4 and above in current blueprint, decks below are rough when compared as you can see from these screenshots.

    Building it in space might need gravity generators placed somewhere in middle until part where they are supposed to be is done.

    There is a Waverider shuttle that I started too and didnt finish, on Nova class you can see its shape on deck from below, this is where it is supposed to be docked to it when finished (in deck above there is designated landing bay for this shuttle)


    CV I use the most, not good for battles mostly designed to look like its name suggests. Its very fast.

    Might be useful as a carrier, a few small SV/HV fit in it.
    Probably one I use the most. Its most updated one too, with stuff like automatic opening and closing doors and combat/peace states that turn devices on/off for conservation or for battle. Not designed to fight and has no weapons so you can build it faster and without some materials you need for weapons and max armor.

    Spacemoths are replicas of seamoth from subnautica and designed to be earliest possible unlocked SV/HV. Both are very cheap, pretty fast and maneuverable with great vision from cockpit. Not good for combat tho.
    An escape pod that fits in 1 CV block hole (girth wise).
    There are more blueprints on my page except for ones above. All of them: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198115969096/myworkshopfiles/?appid=383120

    And some random screenshots, gg:
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    sorry, the game is no longer for you. thank you for leaving with class. congratulations.
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    I think this is true because Empyrion attracts builders first, and PvPers second. Succeeding in PvP required a passion for design, as the workshop is mostly PvE designs. Builders tend to respect builders.

    Blueprints are the name of the game, in a sense, as your post here goes to show.

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