Filed / Tracking Inaccessible public devices on official EXP server [8278]

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    Build: 1.7 3612 (Experimental)
    Mode: Survival
    Mode: Multi Player

    SERVER NAME: Eleon Game Studios - Experimental Branch Test Server

    Reproducibility: Always
    Severity: Minor

    Type: Devices

    Summary: Some devices in trade stations and POIs are non-interactable even though you are prompted

    Description: Noted a few oddities while visiting POIs on the exp IvD server:
    • The medic stations on the Polaris trade stations on the planet Mato and in orbit will not heal you even though they prompt you. Other medical devices and armor lockers work fine.
    • The repair station at a Colonist POI on a moon is similarly inaccessible. The armor locker next to it works fine.
      Star: Phenergo
      Planet: Manvi Moon 1
      POI: [Col] Dropbase 10

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1) Visit the listed stations while friendly with the appropriate factions and attempt to access the specified devices

    Screenshots, Crash Logs, any other Relevant Information or Download links:

    Prompt to access repair station on Dropbase 10. Pressing F does not do anything.

    Faction stats if applicable:
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