inputconfig_v35.xml breaks my game

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    For more information see here Bug Report Template

    Build: v1.7.9 3724
    Mode: Survival


    If applicable:

    Reproducibility: 100%
    Severity: Medium

    Type: UI

    Summary: Game behaves strangely after customizing controls

    The game has several strange control and UI-related problems after customizing controls. Even from a fresh reinstall with no workshop content or mods, as soon as I click the 'control' tab under options, the behavior immediately begins, and will persist indefinitely until I delete the inputconfig_v35.xml file in the saves folder and relaunch the game. (Relaunching the game alone does not fix the issue)
    The strange behavior includes the following:
    -While in any kind of menu, The mouse cursor jumps between two spaces close by each other every time the mouse is moved or pressed.
    - While using the solar map or galaxy map, attempting to click on any location will result in the cursor moving a small amount towards the location and then immediately stopping. Once the cursor is finally in position over the location, it becomes incredibly difficult to actually select it, as it will unselect itself a split second later. This makes warping to new locations impossible at times.
    -Need to press esc/tab/tilde multiple times to exit out of their respective menus, sometimes to the point of needing to mash the button to finally get it to close.
    -Attempting to move downwards in godmode (C) while holding shift causes the character to move erratically up and down.
    -Attempting to crouch normally is inconsistent, resulting in the character bouncing in place a bit, as if the crouch button was being released and then pressed again.
    -Sprint jumping (tapping sprint before tapping jump) causes the character to crouch first as if the crouch button was also being pressed.
    -The behavior does NOT occur in the main menu after first launching the game until I go to either resume the game or start a new game, at which point the double-mouse behavior noted in the first point immediately begins.

    Speculation: It's almost like there is a second layer of controls fighting me every time I try to do anything.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1) Launch game
    2) Begin a new save
    3) press esc and go into Options, and then click the 'Control' tab
    4) observe results, then exit game
    5) Go to Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Saves directory and delete the inputconfig_v35.xml file
    6) Relaunch the game
    7) observe results

    Screenshots, Crash Logs, any other Relevant Information or Download links:
    There might be a problem with the file itself, but I don't see any way of attaching it.

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