Invisible spawners.

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    I hope in the future these spawners will be removed absolutely.
    My main issue with them, is that they cannot be removed during salvage, so the poi or vessel marker stays on the map. Reforged Eden even made them indestructible, which is even worse imo. In vanilla, you could just destroy them using rocket launcher or c4 by targeting adjacent block.
    I understand they intend to add additional layer of difficulty to the POI's. I mean - hard difficulty is good, but endlessly spawning enemies from the air are so immersion breaking.
    So my proposal is:
    Create visible spawner blocks for each enemy type. Those zyrax spawners are looking awesome. At some POI's they placed in pair with some piping so they look like a teleporters. Add more to this! Diferent teleporters, portals, cloning chambers, etc. If you need increase in difficulty - increase durability, there is so much could be done, without making them invisible and indestructible.
    For animals and monsters, there could be also some lairs, nests, etc. Everything that is logically suitable. That is not even hard to implement. I mean we need just a couple of blocks, and edits their stats... Thanks :)
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