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    Now I like that idea. It allows us to use these trusters as cosmetic versions of smaller thrusters. I have made a few PVE vessels which look silly with the tiny thrusts, and using the large thrusters means you have to counter with additional large revers thrust which is wasted fuel and mass. After a point you are only redistributing the thrust from one direction to another by placing more thrusters. With a governor so to speak you place the thusters and control direction thrust with a setting.
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    New thought, the "destroyed" blocks.
    Have the game engine replace the players regular blocks with "damaged" blocks after the block is taken down to 1/4 of it's total HP.

    Also, have them repairable using the multitool.

    Of course, that would mean that you would have to make a "damaged" block for the hardened & combat block types.

    I think having the extra block types would be necessary, having the player upgrade them from steel, concrete to the hardened & combat block types using the muititool while repairing would make it hard to run down all the damaged blocks, also, the repair station would not upgrade the blocks to the type (hardened, combat) they once were.

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