Help needed Kicked Out of All Online Servers

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    First of all I am currently a server owner/admin of a dedicated server with a small community. So this issue is starting to get quite urgent, so please, if you know something that might help please do tell me asap as I've been unable to connect to any server for the past 72 hours.

    For the background -
    Over the past few days, I have been noticing a number of disconnections messages appearing quite frequently across my server for all my players. I thought for it might have been something to do with EAC glitching as it occurred shortly after logins. So, for a test, I decided to switch off the server, disable EAC on the server as well as on my client, and started everything up again. I reconnected to the server with no issues, as you would expect. However, shortly afterward, within seconds, in fact, I lost connection to the playfield and the server kicked me out. I logged onto the server again to have the same thing happen again. Looking at the logs of the server it appeared that for some odd reason had terminated my connection. I decided to revert to the previous EAC settings on both the server and client and restart everything. This time I expected a connection with no issues. Instead, my connection was terminated in mid-loading and I was sent back to the main menu. I repeated my login and again was booted. I checked the server logs and noticed the same message appearing regarding killing my connection.

    I have since then switched back and forth between EAC being on and off on both server and client, restarted the server several times, reinstalled the game, verified the game, uninstalled the game, installed the game, cleared my steam cache, cleared my empyrion directory, all to no avail. I have even installed Empyrion onto a new laptop which was logged into my same steam account (obviously one active at a time) and that did the same thing. I can also state that this issue affects my login onto all servers, not just mine, and with and without EAC active. So I'm not sure if this is an EAC or a issue.

    All of this is giving me an uneasy feeling that something has gone very wrong... Below is my last attempt to log in to my own server. If anyone can see something that might help, please do...!

    P.S. No family sharing is not on, I have deauthorized all other devices via Steam guard, my PC is now the only machine/with account that is allowed to connect.

    30-10:49:42.608 11_49 -LOG- NET: Raknet player connected CId=9/1748497095148004592
    30-10:49:42.680 11_49 -LOG- [PA] Player 76561197962009726/'PROBABILITYOFSUCCESSZERO' asking for login
    30-10:49:42.680 11_49 -LOG- Steam: BeginAuthSession for player CId=9, EId=-1, 76561197962009726//'PROBABILITYOFSUCCESSZERO', result: k_EBeginAuthSessionResultOK
    30-10:49:42.680 11_49 -LOG- [PA] Player 76561197962009726/'PROBABILITYOFSUCCESSZERO' login ok
    30-10:49:42.682 11_49 -LOG- EAC: Registered CId=9, EId=-1, 76561197962009726//'PROBABILITYOFSUCCESSZERO'
    30-10:49:42.861 11_49 -LOG- AuthState: Client CId=9, EId=-1, 76561197962009726//'PROBABILITYOFSUCCESSZERO' asks to enter game BEFORE EAC decided auth state
    30-10:49:43.314 11_49 -LOG- AuthState: UserStatus update for CId=9, EId=-1, 76561197962009726/=/'PROBABILITYOFSUCCESSZERO' came AFTER client asked to enter the game (ClientAuthenticatedLocal)
    30-10:49:44.410 11_49 -LOG- AuthState: UserStatus update for CId=9, EId=-1, 76561197962009726/=/'PROBABILITYOFSUCCESSZERO' came AFTER client asked to enter the game (ClientAuthenticatedRemote)
    30-10:50:01.738 11_50 -LOG- INFO: Uptime=03h47m 60.000 2169 heap= 648MB fps=42.6 players= 0 pfs=r0/i3/a0 ticks=112665262 nwqueue=Net:0/1
    30-10:50:14.832 11_50 -LOG- Sending solar system (20400000, 100000, 12700000) playfields to client CId=9, EId=-1, 76561197962009726/=/'PROBABILITYOFSUCCESSZERO'
    30-10:50:14.850 11_50 -LOG- Player CId=9, EId=-1, 76561197962009726/=/'PROBABILITYOFSUCCESSZERO' connecting now to playfield 'Jutine I Sector'
    30-10:50:14.850 11_50 -LOG- No server with playfield 'Jutine I Sector' available at the moment, will try loading soon...
    30-10:50:14.850 11_50 -LOG- Requesting pf server with PID 32876 to load playfield 'Jutine I Sector'
    30-10:50:15.118 11_50 -LOG- Playfield server (PID 32876) loaded playfield 'Jutine I Sector' in 0.3 sec
    30-10:50:15.118 11_50 -LOG- Connecting CId=9, EId=-1, 76561197962009726/=/'PROBABILITYOFSUCCESSZERO' to 'Jutine I Sector'
    30-10:50:20.135 11_50 -LOG- Got player id: CId=9, EId=1113, 76561197962009726/=/'PROBABILITYOFSUCCESSZERO'
    30-10:50:51.587 11_50 -LOG- [Steamworks.NET] Kicking player CId=9, EId=1113, 76561197962009726/=/'PROBABILITYOFSUCCESSZERO' with invalid login. Response: k_EAuthSessionResponseAuthTicketCanceled
    30-10:50:51.587 11_50 -LOG- Server kicking player CId=9, EId=1113, 76561197962009726/=/'PROBABILITYOFSUCCESSZERO': Kicked by STEAM (AuthTicketCanceled). Please check your login data. (Maybe a Family Sharing problem?)
    30-10:50:54.579 11_50 -LOG- Client CId=9, EId=1113, 76561197962009726/=/'PROBABILITYOFSUCCESSZERO' disconnected from Jutine I Sector, now empty -> delayed unload enqueued
    30-10:50:54.579 11_50 -LOG- [CM] Player CId=9, EId=1113, 76561197962009726/=/'PROBABILITYOFSUCCESSZERO' disconnected
    30-10:50:54.579 11_50 -LOG- EAC: Un-Registered CId=9, EId=1113, 76561197962009726/=/'PROBABILITYOFSUCCESSZERO'
    30-10:50:54.579 11_50 -LOG- Steam: EndAuthSession for SteamID 76561197962009726
    30-10:51:01.753 11_51 -LOG- INFO: Uptime=03h48m 60.014 2163 heap= 643MB fps=37.3 players= 0 pfs=r0/i2/a1 ticks=112666462 nwqueue=
    30-10:51:15.676 11_51 -LOG- Requesting pf server with PID 32876 to unload playfield 'Jutine I Sector'
    30-10:51:16.180 11_51 -LOG- PfServer (PID 32876) unloaded 'Jutine I Sector'

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    Well, after doing a complete reinstall and wipe of the server and starting fresh, everything is fine. We just had a random weird issue I guess.
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