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    Build: 1.7.3 3649
    Mode: Survival & Creative (possibly any)
    Mode: SP & MP

    SEED-ID: -

    If applicable:

    Reproducibility: Indeterministic
    Severity: Major (LCDs pop in directly in front of you when broken)

    Type: Rendering

    Summary: LCD render distance breaks non-deterministic

    Description: The render distance of LCD Text sometimes breaks so that it is reduced to 1-2 blocks only. Sometimes this only affects the back side of LCDs (when looking at them from behind, or when they are rotated 180°). Spawning BPs with LCDs on them can lead to several LCDs working fine and several others having a broken render distance. It seems as its always the same LCDs that are broken when you spawn the same BP several times.
    A) a 100% working fix: interact with the broken LCD (just access with F, then exit dialog again) - voilá render distance works perfectly again.
    B) re-entering the playfield may fix it
    C) restarting the game may fix it
    D) (untested) leaving renderdistance for longer periods and returning may fix it too.

    B, C and D may also break working LCDs again :eek:

    I assume from testing that the desired render distance is 30 blocks, which results in 15m for small and 60m for large blocks.

    May be related:
    Some symbols (not normal text) have a seemingly endless render distance while other symbols do not. They are also not affected by the bug described above.
    An example just from the first row of symbols: ☡☮

    Steps to Reproduce:
    Unluckily, i have not found a way to perfectly reproduce it via spawning/reloading/restarting or similar. But i'm sure the community can confirm this bug since it can be seen very often in lets plays or streams. See also linked video for an example.

    For seeing different render distances in the same LCD, use e.g. this:

    Screenshots, Crash Logs, any other Relevant Information or Download links:
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    I tried to see if I could make any sense of this issue given my own experience, and am failing to understand it. Like Vollinger said sometimes this issue can be fixed by simply looking at the LCD editor, though in simple cases it appears this does not work.

    Attached is a quick test of some LCDs that show the very inconsistent behavior. This is all tested in a new creative save in 1.7.5 3715. My FOV is set to 60 as I noticed that the paging distances change depending on what it is set at (I usually run 75).

    The test consists of 16 LCDs. Most are set to size = 50, and they contain different types and lengths of glyphs as detailed below.

    As you pull back, a handful of the LCD emitters page out. However, the symbols they display remain.

    Pull back further, and the lower-right emitter will page out, but only the text portion of the LCD goes with it while the symbol remains.

    Keep going and the next set of emitters pages out. This time they take the entire display with them, regardless of content. Note that the large "AAA" emitter remains.

    Pull back further still and the last text-only emitter finally pages out. At this point all emitters are gone, but still some of the symbols remain rendered.

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    it happend on some LCDs yesterday in creative. going into the LCD panel to edit things fixed it.

    edit: totally missed that this was already mentioned above, so disregard :rolleyes:
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