Missing the "Display in HUD" in Map screen / not showing HV icon behind underground (Alpha 12)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JCataclism, Jun 24, 2020.

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    Hello again!

    There are two features I used to count a lot with in Alpha 11 that I´m missing now and, again, didn´t report as bug because I don´t know if it was deliberated, despite I haven´t see them on any changelog notes.

    One of them, there used to be an option in the map screen for "display in HUD", so I could enable only resources or POIs to appear in my HUD. Now, it´s gone, and it seems a complete mess whenever I hit the scan. Would it have something to do with the note below?
    HUD objects: Z sorting and dark background to improve readability"

    Other than that, as I use to go A LOT undergound, the HV vessel continuosly appearing even behind the terrain/ground was always a perfect poins of reference to perform my escavations. Now, whenever I dig a turn or whatnot, that icon/reference disappears, and I get completely lost. Hence hard times, as the compass in the drone´s HUD doesn´t follow its movement.

    Thank you!

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