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    It would be great to be able to spawn BA blueprints that snap together like pieces of a larger base. These blueprints would still be separate BAs (edit> although later a merge option would be nice), potentially owned by separate players. The pieces would align when you are spawning them using glue/connector/joiner blocks. Basically, when you are spawning a new BA with a joiner block, it 'snaps' the entire building to the nearest joiner on the existing BA, aligning them perfectly as designed. One joiner then disappears. It allows precise alignment with out the need for admin rights.

    Things you could build with this:
    • Bases constructed in stages, where you select/add new BA blueprints to join to your base as you gain more resources, or as the need arises for a function (eg. defences, farm, constructors)
    • A railway or road system, that aligns many BA road/rail blueprints perfectly at the joining blocks
    • A modular space station like the International Space Station, where different players or even factions own different parts of the station, but can visit each-other
    • An admin-owned station, where parts of the station are rented/leased/bought for private use.

    It would be fun to still have your own BA but live in the same station as other players... or gain part of a NPC station as mission reward.


    To implement you just need to allow BAs to spawn touching and aligned with other BAs, and then implement 'snapping' together so the joiner-blocks touch or overlap.

    I did a search and this kind of thing has been requested before in various forms:
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