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    Aiming at the ship will repair all the blocks on the ship instead of one block at a time. This would work only on the sv and hv because a BA and CV would have their own repair mechanisms. AS a sacrifice, increase the cost of repairs a little.

    BA and CV would have a new block that slowly repairs the base or CV while not under combat. Call it the "Nano Repair Module"

    I think that both ideas should also keep track of blocks that were blown up and replace them. Replacing blocks would take a bit longer as the blocks would require a full repair cost and then start with 1 hp when restored. While repairing create holographic block of all missing blocks as aesthetic effect. The color of the hologram could be yellow to not confuse.

    This removes the tedious nature of repairing at the moment while not destroying balance. It also makes repairing a bit more satisfying.

    T1 Multi-tool has no change.

    Thoughts? :)

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    Maybe it becomes a mobile repair bay, that repairs X HP every second for the entire ship, much slower than the legit 20MW repair bay itself per unit of Multi Charge, of course. That'd be really handy, because I hate having to take apart one side of my ship just to get to the core to repair it thanks to splash damage, then having to reconstruct everything back again.

    And that Nano Repair module sounds like a great device.

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