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    Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    We have added a separate Steam branch, which includes the in-development version of the game!

    This so called “Experimental Branch” will make our yet finished, internal prototype features available to the public for everyone to test and to contribute. This is kind of our shared public workbench where we aim to fix and improve the big features to come with your dedicated help.

    HOW TO CHANGE to the Steam Experimental branch?
    1. Open your Steam library
    2. Right-Mouse Click on the Empyrion Entry and open the PROPERTIES
    3. Head over to the BETAS tab
    4. Select the ‘Experimental - Unstable Test Branch’ from the dropdown and wait for the download to be finished.
    5. If Steam does not download the update, open the tab LOCAL FILES and verify your steam cache! This should kick off the download.
    You’ll then notice a [experimental] tag added next to your steam library game entry!

    Important Disclaimer: Please read before switching to the Experimental branch

    - UNSTABLE: Although there is no NDA to be signed or any specific invitation necessary to access this branch, anyone playing on the Experimental Branch should expect bugs, technical issues, stability problems, frequent updates, lots of small and big changes and even temporary removal of features.

    - COMPATIBILITY: Of course you can revert back to the public branch at any time – but there is a high chance, your experimental branch savegames are broken or at least not working when downgrading to the public version (Depending on how big the changes between both versions are at this point).

    - DISCUSSIONS: Join and contribute to the new Alpha Experimental features by giving us your feedback here:

    - UPDATES: We will announce every release of a new version (with the corresponding changelog) on the Experimental branch in this thread:
    Suscribe to this thread if you want to get notified when a new update is released.

    - BUG REPORTS: Have fun and do not forget to report bugs in the specific "Experimental Branch" bug section of the forum:
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