Filed / Tracking New looting bug in 1.8.5 or 1.8.7 [00347]

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    When trying to loot a golem corpse using the "loot all" hotkey ([Shift+F]) and the player lacks available backpack slots to transfer the entire contents, the corpse inventory window will remain open instead of closing and APPEAR empty when in fact it is not. The remaining item(s) may appear briefly before disappearing, but they are still there. If the transfer is cancelled and more empty slots are freed and then the loot-all transfer attempted again, the remaining contents of the corpse will be transferred; when it succeeds the corpse inventory window will auto-close, as expected for loot-all. If the default [F] loot key is used, this behavior is not observed; it is specific to [Shift+F] loot-all.

    This may be applicable to the attempted looting of any container, but it's most certainly broken at least for golem corpses. I simply haven't yet observed it with any others, in part because I haven't progressed very far in a new game since 1.8.4. This bug DID NOT exist in 1.8.4, so it was introduced in 1.8.5 or 1.8.7.
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