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    Requirements for integration of factions:

    Today we are opening the submission phase for new NPC Faction candiates!

    For the first round, we only require a few things for a succesfull application as a NPC Faction candiadate

    A. Mandatory elements for the application:
    1. NPC Faction needs to have a name that is not too crazy (needs to fit the sci fi game and Empyrion)
    2. Give a brief description of your NPC factions global orientation in the galaxy
    (Are they warriors, isolationists, religious, traders etc pp; what are they up to etc.)
    3. NPC Faction requires at least*
    - one Combat-Ready CV (for use as Patrol Vessel on Orbits)
    - one POI that can serve as a Headquarter (for Base Attacks)
    - one Orbital POI / station

    *(these three CAN be in production or concept phase. They do NOT need to actually exist yet, but need to be ready IF your faction is added to the game!)

    Screenshots and pictures are strongly recommended ;)

    Most important: your faction POI and vessels need to be RECOGNIZABLE from its visuals and designs!
    If a player runs into a POI or ship, they should know "this is faction XY". This is mainly decided by the visuals of the design (shape) and the color schemes ( Logos do not matter at this point in time, as they might need to be chosen/changed when the faction is officially added )

    B. Optional additions to the applicaton
    - Define the relationship with Zirax, Polaris and Talon
    - Define the type of the NPCs (f.e.x human, reptiloid, insectoid, mollusk...)
    - Define the preferred playfield types ( temperate, ocean, lava..)
    - Define the name of their Homeworld
    - etc pp.

    Note: You CAN go as crazy and detailed as you want ( A good example what to think about can be found here: BUT for the application this is NOT required!

    C. How to submit an application?
    1. Write a comment to this post with the mandatory info (A) or all the Info (A+B+...).
    2. Only one comment per NPC Faction
    3. You can submit more than one NPC Faction
    4. If your faction already has blueprints available, send me a PN with either the bp files or a link to the workshop (you do NOT need to post this public if you do not want to!): > OPEN new conversation. Use your proposed faction name as SUBJECT

    For all the others: This is a SUBMISSION thread, so we will not allow any comments other than submissions. Applications ONLY!

    If there are any QUESTIONS, feel free to ask. I will delete your comment and add the answer to the 2nd comment of this post.

    Off we go! :)
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    Q: Is there a deadline for the submission?
    A: No. This is an "ongoing topic" that might be used for the forseeable future.

    Q: Which cores are allowed for the BP of my faction?
    A: Please use CoreNPC (the standard red one).

    Q: Are we allowed to mix and match devices from HV with BA (example)?
    A: No, please only use the device-types designated for the structure type. Otherwise this will create pathing issues on BA-POI when using SV or HV stuff there.

    Q: Are 'Tribal Factions' are allowed too?
    A: Feel free to do so, but note that we currently only have a few NPCs that could serve as "Natives" (Suggested: Hexapod, Alien Asssin GREY). The Talon are already used and cannot be used for any other Tribal faction.

    Q: Are we supposed to set Alien blocks, lootboxes, turrets, spwaners and sentry guns alike?
    A: Yes. For your factions POI you need to place and set all of these. For examples, just have a look at the POIs the games come with (load up in CREATIVE)

    Q: How about non fighning NPCs (as the dancing Alien for example) should we add them to our POI bases or is free for us to decide?
    A: Up to you. It should fit the theme of the POI and your faction.

    Q: Shall i use Alien Loot Containers and how to deploy them?
    The default containers and devices often contain loot.
    The dedicated 'Loot-Containers' (the Alien ones) should ONLY be used in Dungeon-Style POIs
    (Dungeon style bases are things like drone bases, abandoned mine, etc. Areas with large interior spaces the player has to fight through.)

    Q: Dungeon Style = These Alien Loot containers should be hidden? Or just defended?
    A: How you present them, is up to you. You CAN secretly hide such containers (so a explorative player might find them ;) or set them visually but put a heavy fight in between, BUT the higher the Alien Loot is ( Grey > Yellow > Red > Purple) the harder it should be defended. What is in the loot containers can be checked in the Config_Example file in the Config folder.

    Q: Can I use Player-Turrets or do i need to use the Zirax Turrets (Alien Turrets)?
    A: Open to you BUT if your faction uses one variant, please stick to it. (except it is a maurauder, scavenger, pirate or other 'scumbag' faction ;) )
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    Here's a faction from my scenario.

    *Updated blueprint files to remove HV/SV parts to match new build requirements*

    Name: Drone Swarm (It is unknown if they have a name)
    Species Type: Machine
    Civilization type: Hive Mind (unconfirmed hypothesis)
    Location: Space only. Main forces typically found around Red Dwarfs, White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars, Black Holes, and Rogue planets, in dark areas of space away from civilized sectors. Occasionally scouts can be seen traveling around other star types however.


    Note: This faction is meant to be mysterious, with unknown origins and an unknown purpose but can evolve with the story, and is designed to focus on challenging ship-to-ship combat over internal raiding on foot.
    They are a good source of optronics for T3 CPU upgrades (large and small) but some of their ships and POIs are very powerful and meant to be take on with a combat CV.
    They are meant to spawn in areas of space that are very dark (around orbits of Rogue planets, or in asteroid fields/empty space once space gets its own light color control).
    In my scenario, the playfields they are in are marked with a warning so players know of the danger these drones pose, and the drones themselves show up at 2500 meters so players can see them at a distance and choose whether to risk an engagement.

    Short Summary:
    These alien drones have only recently been discovered spreading out from unexplored star systems. Little is known of their origin or purpose, but they seem intent on obtaining raw resources to construct new drones and will defend their territory with overwhelming numbers if provoked.
    They seem to operate much like a hive mind, with individuals having specialized roles, though this has yet to be confirmed. Any attempt to communicate has been met with silence, and the Drone Swarm appears hostile to all other species in the galaxy.

    Further Description:

    While their origins remain unknown, there is speculation they were created by a now-extinct alien race. Others believe it was a rare partnership between House Xenu and House Abyssal to create a self-replicating fleet of attack ships that got out of control. Still others point to evidence that these machines somehow "evolved" on their own, forming complex behaviors from simple programming similar to an ant colony on Earth. A few outliers even point to evidence that the drones are somehow sentient, though the mainstream consensus is that there is no evidence to support this.

    The Drone Swarm seems to be hostile to all forces in the galaxy.
    They will attack any ship that comes within range and dismantle it for parts.

    When engaging Legacy infected ships, the Drone Swarm has a slightly different behavior. Instead of disabling the target and dismantling it for raw materials, the drones will pummel Legacy infected targets until almost nothing remains, then avoid the area, sometimes for years.
    Some believe this might simply be an adapted behavior to avoid Drones from becoming infected themselves. Others see this as evidence that the Drones true purpose is to fight the Legacy. Until more information is uncovered, it's all speculation.
    This behavior has been exploited by other factions to build space stations in drone space in locations where drones are known to avoid.

    Potential threat:
    There is some disagreement in the galactic community about how much of a threat these mysterious drone pose. Some say they are merely a nuisance to passing freighters and mining operations. Others theorize that if left unchecked, they will spread at an exponential rate and eventually consume all available resources in the galaxy.
    For now, the major powers of the galaxy seem content to issue only a travel advisory, warning would-be explorers to stay away from Black Hole systems and other areas where Drone activity has been spotted.

    Technology, ships, and bases:
    The Drone Swarm can be broken down into a few basic categories of ships or bases, with each type serving a particular function within the overall Drone Swarm.

    Scouts, Harvesters, and Salvagers:
    20191115062553_1.jpg 20191114065850_1.jpg

    Scout, Harvester, and Salvager drones can patrol far from their home territory. They will not actively pursue combat with enemy targets, preferring instead to scavenge for resources in asteroids or derelict ships. Once they find a source of resources, they will often stop and transmit a signal to call for other drones to come help gather the resources and bring them back to a nest for further processing.
    They are often fairly weak, armed with only a couple laser, ion, or rocket turrets, and rarely have a small shield.

    Combat Drones:

    These larger, heavily armed and shielded drones are specialized to deal with potential threats to the drone's territory, and will actively pursue enemy targets until they are neutralized.
    So far only one type of combat drone has been encountered, known as a Drone Nullifier.
    The Nullifier will strip a target of its shields using its vast array of Ion cannons, before destroying the engines and other vital systems with Rocket turrets. The Nullifier will then grasp onto the enemy target using its forward claws, and activate 4 gravity generators. The sudden G-forces will incapacitate or kill any crew inside, allowing the drone to dismantle the ship for raw resources with assistance from Salvager drones.
    The shield generator of Nullifier Drones is externally mounted, thought to be due to using older technology.

    Drone Controllers:

    These drones seem to direct the movement of drones in the sector and relay signals from drone controllers in other sectors.
    Lacking any weapons themselves, instead they rely on the protection of an escort and their ability to manufacture smaller laser drones to send at enemies.
    The high cpu requirements of directing drones over an entire sector of space means controllers are a good source of small and large Optronic Bridges.
    Lightly armored but heavily shielded, Drone Controllers are not to be underestimated.


    Individual drones of any type can link together into a Drone Swarm that shares power, thrust, shielding, and a core. (Technical reason: it's not yet possible to have "convoys" of separate AI ships in space_dynamic.yaml).
    These swarms are a much greater challenge than any individual drone, but the high CPU requirements of directing a swarm requires CPU extenders on board at least one of the members of the swarm, making it rewarding to whomever is foolish enough to take them on.
    The only way to disable a swarm is to destroy the rear thrusters of all members, or find and destroy the swarm's core.

    20191122201800_1.jpg 20191114212142_1.jpg
    Drones will typically make nests in asteroids, providing a fortified location for them to process raw materials or manufacture new drones.
    They are heavily armed with Ion and Rocket turrets, protected by a regenerating external shield generator, and guarded by numerous drones.
    The CPU requirements of a nest are expansive, providing a ample supply of Optronics for anyone who dares to take them on.
    Drone ships and bases do not have interiors suited for Humanoid life forms, instead having very few internal rooms sometimes guarded by various mechanoids.

    Blueprints are attached.
    Blueprints all have the "Eden" tag for the scenario and the "Rogue" tag for the drone faction.
    Anyone is free to modify or use for their own servers or scenarios. All I ask for is credit.
    Examples of how to spawn them in a space_dynamic.yaml can be found in the "Rogue" space playfields in Project Eden on the Workshop.

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    Name: Smaixuss
    Title: The Smaixuss Armada
    Sub-faction Titles: Battery (of)
    Sub-faction Names: Verdicers(Orange), Collectors(White), Nomad King(Yellow), Fabrizious(Green), Exciles(None specific, they get the oldest ships), Scouts(Blue),

    Species Types:
    Reptilian, Mammal, Morphic,
    Species specifications: mammals: 6 limbs, walking on 4, other 2 are like arms with 3 fingers basically like centaurs but not taller than 2 meters.
    reptilian: could remind you of kangaroos but they are reptials, they move hopping, have long throats and eat mostly stuff of trees (smaller animals and fruits.
    morphic: unknown/unspecified maybe something like snails as their ships dont have stairs.
    The morphic species can rarely procreate without a 2nd species. When they fall in love with another living or when they are living around another species they morph slowly to a copy of the other liveform. the kids they produce are to 100% morph but until they are sexually mature will totally look like their "formgivers". In their homesystem they just corpulated with one other species everything else resulted in miscarriage and the try was seen as a disgusting and therefore forbidden manner in the whole system.
    More is in the history part.

    Civilization type: Republic.
    Government type: democracy, each ship has a elected speaker (not the captain) each ship belongs to a house (depending on the ships purpose) each house sends 1 representives to the governmental circle, this circle elects one smeiken leader out of the house "king of nomads". (this may needs editing)

    Philosophies: Egalitarian/utopian
    Foundation: of Smeixuss 2112
    Religion: Carpe diem

    They are Space Nomads but sometimes you find them on planet with a lot of ressources or next to Asteroid fields/ring with lot of ressources.

    Main Planet:
    Original name of the Smeiks home planet is unkown, as it is probably destroyed by now they just call it "planet of pain". Home moons are ixulunti & xussol. they are also destroyed the orbited planet was later calles "hope of 3"
    Main Planet Type: -

    Short Summary: Space nomads with advanced technology. Actually 3 different Species that decided to live together. Basically friendly and understanding but harsh if you try to fool them twice or if you attack them. Always happy to trade ressources for some advanced tech but they gather their own ressources if needed. Specially right now as they are replacing their 2nd Fleet with the new 3rd Fleet.

    Further Description:
    Short history lesson:
    The morphic spicies(Smeiks) were fleeing from a world war in their home system. The morphic species was already using ressources of their whole home system and they already started to develop their first warp drive when the war started. The long war slowed the development of the warp drive and eventually stopped it. The war was going on for nearly a hundred years, when a group of scientiest formed a organization to leave the war mongers behind them. The organization was growing quickly but ressources were low. So they gathered every ship they could and the chaos of the war allowed them to let small stacks dissapear that the dying nations left. The small improvised fleet was hiding in the system very succesfully as no one really had time to take care of them. But when the last groups tried to leave the home planet some governments considered this act as desertion and shot them down. Therefore after 145 years of war, just a few thousands of the Smeiks could leave their home system with their improvised warp drive.
    During their travel trough space in search of a new home system, they lost the ships with their formgivers due to a exploding warp drive. ( The formgivers were probably a far less intelligent species that was treated like holy pigs. Smeiks don't like to talk about this topic as today they consider it as archaic and a shameful way of living.) Just when they accepted that they will probably be the last of all Smeiks (Scans / Signals of their origin system indicated that a really heavy nuclear war happened) They recived a message from a system not far away. They were not able to decipher the whole message but it seemed to be a cry for help. To find a species that might could be heirs of their fleet gave hope to the Smeiks, maybe and just maybe their fleet could rescue this other species from extinction if not the Smeiks themselves.

    When they reached the messages origin system they not just found one intelligent species that was crying for help but two. This two species lived seperated on two huge moons (ixulunti & xussol) orbiting one gigantic planet. In their past this two species were fighting just one small war. The reason this was just a small one was the lack of ressources on their moons. Cause of the war were the gigantig ressource deposits on the orbited planet. These circumstances forced both species to have rather smart adn efficient space-tech but really just a little tech actually in space and nearly all that tech was focused on getting miners and machinery of war to the planet and ressources back.
    Due to their fast evolving space technology it didn't took them long to find that their sun will soon turn into a red giant and that for unkown reason this is happening way faster than usual. This discovery forced the SCTM (Scientific Council of Two Moons) into existence. And one of their first desperate trys to save at least the legacy of their people they initiated a SOS beacon. Their own attemps to develop a FTL drive didn't stand a chance to be ready before "the big red" were going to kill all living in the system.
    (I shorten the rest of the story here:)
    Smeiks, ixus and xusses put their workforce together, gather as many RSS out of the system as possible to build as many Ships as possible develop their 2nd Generation warp drive. and flee before the sun ex and implodes.
    Somehow they all manage to stay toghether, social and cultural evolution/revolution happens. Thanks to science (fuck yeah) Smeiks can have kids with ixulunti and xussol (this was probably the glue that eventually kept them all together). They started to call themselves Smaixuss and to travel through space as nomads.

    Today: They are currently gather a lot of Ressources as they are building their 3rd Fleet, which actually is the 3rd Generation of the same Fleet. But the ships of the 2nd Generation (2nd Fleet) start to get old, the Smaixuss people is growing, and they fear that their 2nd Fleet could not meet new threats like The Drone Swarm. At the same time the 2nd Fleet was build for Millions of refugees therefore private space in these ships is rare.

    Relation to Zirax: :eek: due to their history you could think the Smaixuss hate the Zirax as the people of Smaixuss abominate war mongers. And the people of Smeixuss will always giveyou a 2nd chance. But don't be fooled! During their travels through the galaxy(s) several Species and Pirates tried to rob technology or ships from the Smeixuss, so they learned to defend themselves the hard way and the hard way they will go on you if you attack them. The whole house Battery has just one task and one task alone. To crush eveything that tries to harm the Smeixuss Armada.
    Well the Zirax tried to fool the Smaixuss twice in trading. So today there is no more trading between them but always the chance of a firefight when they meet.

    Relation to UCH(Terrans/Humans): :oops: They understand the situation of the UCH and therefore are always happy to offer you a good trade or to support you in other ways.

    Relation to Polaris: Trading partners.

    Relation to Talon: Rarely known, as Smaixuss are not so often on Planets. The few occasions they met they made a quick deal what the Smaixuss had to return for the goods they were digging out of the ground.

    Relation to Drone Swarm: Basically war as the Drone Swarm is a threat to free and save travel through space. And Smaixuss like to travel through space unharmed.

    Relation to The Felian Expanse: BTFF
    (Best Trading Friends Forever) [ still waiting for your wrist band as affirmation @IndigoWyrd :p ]

    Relation to TSN: Skeptical, they don't understand why the TSN is a own faction while they belong to the UCH. Specially as it seems to be a terran faction focused on the arts of war.

    Relation to Aviators: Very Respected due to her way of life.

    When building their "2nd Fleet" at the Planet Hope of 3 they had to do it quick. Therefore all Ships of the second fleet share the same Hull elements.
    WIP The Zip file currently includes:
    1. (CV) of 2nd Fleet hull elements
    2. (CV) of 2nd Fleet Cruiser
    3. (CV) of 3rd Fleet hull elements

    This post may be edited several times during the next days.
    Edit 1: 11/03/20 : Added short description
    Edit 2: 12/03/20 : Added Relations to other (potential) factions

    Edit 3: 13/03/20 : Added 3 BPs; Expanded Furhter Description; Minor refinements
    Edit 4: 16/03/20 : Added new pictures
    Edit 5: 19/03/20 : Added picture of the design not in the I might upload them public, once i am sure i am happy with the design.

    1) updates younger than 2 days will be marked by this lovely color =)
    2) The space-POI (Space-shipyard) and two Freighters of the 3rd Fleet are finished.

    1) from left to right: Freighter Cat8 (Size Class 4), Freighter Cat6 (SC3), Shipyard (SC6)
    View attachment 71900 Loading bay exit.jpg Ring production.jpg 2nd generation Lock outside.jpg Production hall 1.jpg Loading bay exit.jpg View attachment 71900 Ring production.jpg

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    Ships and POI's are a current WIP, but better to get this listed sooner than later - screen shots to follow.

    Patrol/Light CV at 70% completion.
    Command Center/Base in preliminary design
    Small Patrol Craft preliminary design complete.
    Orbital Station in planning.

    Name: The Felian Expanse
    Title: The Technocratic Hegemony of the Felia
    Sub-faction Titles: Kith
    Sub-faction Names: Kith of *
    Species Type: Feline Mammalian Hominids
    Civilization type: Cyberocracy
    Government type: Technocratic Hegemony
    Economics: Potlach.
    Philosophies: Utilitarianism
    Foundation: Ancient
    Religion: Spiritualism
    Location: Nomadic
    Main Planet: Felia Prime (Lost)
    Main Planet Type: Ocean

    * named for the Mastra or Mistra (leader) of a given Kith. The Kith of Atrus, for example is lead by Mastra Atrus.

    Short Summary: An ancient, nomadic organization of tinkerers and traders, the Felian Expanse continues to travel deeper and farther in space each day. Known to most races, the Felia are respected for both their diplomatic acumen and their trading prowess.

    Further Description: In the galaxy's youth, the first Felia departed their homeworld, to seek trade and knowledge among the stars. Driven in part by a nearly insatiable curiosity, and a desire for more exotic trade goods, these first travelers reached some of the most distant worlds known. Trading goods, services and technology allowed them to continue to reach farther and farther into space, and beyond. They have had contact with many worlds, though few such contacts have been sustained long-term. While it is not unheard of for Felia to construct permanant outposts, trade centers, or establish facilities on other worlds, these structures are often abandoned or given over to the care of Kith. Kith are a social structure of the Felia, similar to a family unit, though often made up of non-Felia members. The Felia are fiercely loyal to their Kith, and Kith are fiecerly loyal to the Felia that form them. This bond resembles both a family unit, as well as the bond formed between a hunter and hound, or Falconer and raptor. The Kith depends on the Felia and the Felia depend on their Kith. Kith without a Felia in direct contact, such as Kith whose Felia have ventured off world, are called Kithane. Kithane often select a leader from within their own ranks, who serve as Fel-thane, or "Voice of the Felia", and act to direct the Kith in absense of their Felia. Such outposts have lead to the formation of a Hegemony, wherein the Hegemons of Kith and Kithane throughout the galaxy remain under the guidance of the Felian Expanse, but otherwise govern their own affairs, while still accepting instruction from the Felian Expanse, when such direction is required or requested.

    The Felian Expanse itself, governed by the home world, which is actually unknown to most Felia, as they continue to travel through space, is a Techocracy. The most exceptional experts in their respective fields are selected to serve the Technocratic Counsel, which then determine policies which are communicated to the Felia, and through them to their Kith. Kithane often receive these directives from other Felia passing through an area, or by intermediaries sent by the Felia. Some will receive these directives from homeworld representitives directly, and will disseminate those directives to other Kith and Kithane.

    Relation to Zirax: Respected but suspicious

    Relation to UCH(Terrans/Humans): Respected

    Relation with Polaris: Respected Rivals

    Relation with Talons: Neutral, suspicious

    Relation to Potential Neighbors: Respected

    Relation to Smaixuss: Sympathetic Friendly, regular trading partners, fellow wanderers in the black.

    Drone Swarm: Neutral/Avoid, treated like a swarm of bees - best avoided.

    TSN: Friendly. Given that terrans seem to recognize the Felia form for some reason, and generally respond favorably to Felia purring, and almost always seem to want or need something, the Felia are glad to trade with them whenever paths cross.

    The Felia are a humanoid species with distinct cat-like features. There are two notable breeds of Felia. The first have only minimal feline features - articulate ears on top of their heads, tails, and feline teeth being the most common. Some have flat, feline noses, though most have more human noses. The second breed are more cat-like, with bodily fur, whiskers, cat-like lips, noses, and eyes. These are sometimes referred to by other Felia as "Ferals", though they are no less civilized or refined than their more human-like relatives.

    Strangely enough, the Felia form is actually known to Terrans, and has been an icon throughout human history, dating back to Ancient Egypt, and the cat-goddess Bast, and throughout literature, most often recognized and referred to as "cat-girls" or "cat-boys", a term the Felia themselves are only familiar with from contact with Humans. Felia Prime has no indigenous cats. Genetically, the Felia have more in common with cats (90-98%) than they do humans (2-10%), despite their physical appearances.

    Socially, the Felia practice what humans refer to as Potlach - an elaborate ceremony consisting of great feasts, song, storytelling, and the giving of gifts. These gifts are often of great value to the recipient, and are made as both a demonstration of the Felia's wealth and power, and as a means to illicit favor from the recipient. A potlach may be held to commemorate the meeting of a new species, to establish relations and open the door to trade, or to renew the bonds between species, and foster continued relations.

    War, while not unknown, is quite uncommon, owing largely to the Felia's nomadic nature. If pressed into conflict, the Felia prefer a mix of hit-and-run tactics, often sustaining lengthy hit-and-run strikes to maximize damage while minimizing their own losses. Once a enemy is weakened enough, ground forces will then move in to secure victory with minimal resistance. The Felia prefer not to kill an enemy whenever avoidable, as the dead make for poor trading partners. It is common for the Felia to, after conflict is resolved, enter into trade agreements with former enemies, to help them rebuild with a renewed understanding that the Felia do not seek conflict, only trade.

    The Felia are devote in their reverence of Ancestor Spirits, as well as the Spirits of various locations, and even ideals. Aside from familial ancestors, other commonly revered spirits are The Spirit of the Hunt (this applies to both prey and the hunt for trade opportunities), the Spirit of the Fray (a combative spirit), and the Spirit of Adventure (the call they feel that drives them to seek new places, new races and new opportunities).

    The Zirax have been known to the Felia for quite some time. While they eschew the Zirax's militaristic structure and see them as unnecessarly hostile, they respect their strength, and welcome trade opportunities, though they are always cautious in their dealings with them. Conversely, the Zirax view the Felia with an air of suspicion, as the Felia have demonstrated their willingness to trade anything with anyone at any time, which annoys the Zirax tremendously.

    As noted, the Felia are known, at least in form, to humans, and they view humans with respect due to their ingenuity and creativeness, as well as for their culinary skills. Humans familiar with Felia respect their trading prowess, as the Felia are often able to find hard-to-come by resources. Their familiarity also leads humans to regard them in manners similar to their own literary history - and while the Felia do exhibit many cat-like behaviors, and often do share some characteristics of the human "cat-girl" or "cat-boy" concept, such as their overtly friendly demeanor, penchant for occasionally inappropriate snuggling, promiscuous mannerisms, and audible purring, these are largely misconceptions that lead to awkward cultural misunderstandings.

    The Polaris group is viewed by the Felia as "competition", but in a healthy manner. Likewise, Polaris considers the nomadic Felia as a "friendly rival", though there have been some disputes that have arisen over things like mining rights and territorial exclusivity. The cunning of the Felia emerges during these sorts of disputes, and it is a common practice for them to recruit others to disrupt or sabotage operations of rivals when such disputes arise.

    Felia ships are noted for their rounded, smooth designs. Planetary constructs tend towards "tree-like" designs, consisting of tubular outcroppings and flat platforms. Orbit structures are rare, and usually converted Citidel class ships no longer capable of sustaining flight. These serve as both centers of trade as as diplomatic centers.

    Edit: Aside - I also have a language for the Felia, which will likely be featured in/on their constructs, and if I get my head around the tools we have, will likely play a part in at least one custom scenario I have in mind. For the truly curious:

    Just a little peek at my current WIP, Pura Fi'an class Patrol Ship:


    Te wa'ata, ma'ek kii'um.
    (Keep watching, more to come)
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    Name: TSN
    Title: Terran Space Navy
    Sub-faction Titles: Naval, Mare
    Sub-faction Names: Naval, Mare
    Species Type: Terran (Only Terrans!)
    Civilization type: Republic
    Government type: Democracy
    Economics: Militarism
    Philosophies: Libertarian
    Foundation: Before UCH there was TSN
    Religion: None
    Location: Milky way, Andromeda (Some group warped Whirlpool Galaxy for escape)
    Main Planet: Terra
    Main Planet Type: Ocean, Temperate
    Sub-faction ;
    Naval : Soldiers / Focused only protection and wars / Heavly armed vehicle and bases
    Mare : Civilians / Everything without wars, focused on trading-transportation / Mostly Naval soldier families / Zero personal protection
    Zirax : Pure enemy
    Drone Swarm : Enemy
    UCH : Friendly (Before UCH there was TSN. Necessary ally because of race, terrans.)
    Polaris : Respected (Like 2020, Navy can't survive without supply. Polaris is extrelemy important for TSN. TSN taking supply from Polaris in return giving protection.)
    Talons : Respected (Like Polaris but focused on food. Terrans need food for survive and best solution about that is Talons)
    Player : Friendly (Because you are terran....)
    Neighbors : Neutral (if you are enemy of Polaris, it means you are enemy of TSN)
    Some notes about TSN ;

    - TSN use Flag Cannon as a main weapon.(Old habit)
    - They always try peace first.
    - They always warp one location with big amount of ships. Reason is making the enemy retreat without war. (And this is the reason TSN always need high demand of supply from Polaris)

    Blueprints : if you see screenshot that part of TSN ready for "player". But i need more information about making NPC faction.


    Story : TSN (Terran Space Navy) is one of the first Milky way conquerors. Most of them are old-fashioned military people (even new generations same). After a lot of missions, new task given to TSN by Terra.

    That missions named : Sail to Andromeda

    All preparations were made and TSN was ready for HUGE MASS WARP.

    After warp jump, they see only death.. staying few meters in front of them..

    In few seconds they realize, they just jumped middle of the HUGE Zirax convoy..

    You can't warp with active shield....

    After a short silence, last sound was Zirax Destroyers in records.

    TSN lost %80 of their fleet in this day. %20 escape for protecting their family.

    They start from scratch, met Polaris..

    They settled in earth-like ocean planets.

    "Dirt on our buildings and vehicles is the symbol of the dark day we came here"

    Admiral DEM

    *** Ah rogue cyborgs again...

    TSN Buildings ;




    TSN Vessels;

    - TSN HV
    - TSN SV
    - TSN CV



    TSN Drone Carrier ;


    TSN Destroyer ;


    TSN Command Center ;


    TSN Settlement ;


    TSN - CORRUPTED AI (Dungeon like) ;


    There will be more.. But first, i must learn details about making "NPC" vehicle/poi :)
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    Name: Alavians
    Title: Alavian Conservators
    Sub Titles: Conservators and Sympathizers (see religion)
    Species Type: Avian (Bipedal, and their size is relative to humanoids, have large wings but are unable to fly naturally)
    Civilization Type: Republic (Not much need for a government outside their home planet, as they do not believe in expending: will be explained below)
    Home Planet Gov Type: Oligarchy-Democracy(a higher education is required for them to have any political say, but they would have this higher education provided by their government, as their species values knowledge and wisdom)
    Outside home planet Government Type: Philosophic Theocracy (for interstellar decisions, they are chosen by a panel of Philosophers. The decisions these philosophers make are highly dependent on the virtues of their religion. A few rogue "sympathizers" have branched off from the others)
    Economics Type: Scavenger Environmentalism (Their views on the galaxy contradict mass mining or anything that disturbs the balance of any celestial body, which makes it difficult for them to technologically progress. Their only mainstream way to acquire resources is by disassembling ships, either that crashed or the few ships they destroy)

    Philosophies: They have a philosophy of keeping a natural order to the galaxy. They believe that they should let the world be; or let the galaxy take it's course without sentient intervention. They believe that life should exist on the planets that it exists on, but that the ecosystems should not be conserved when they start falling. They do not believe in life spreading to other planets, and would equate it to a spreading infection. They do not believe in mass mining or anything that has a significant altercation on the galaxy: even things like growing crops out in space or mass colonization/imperialization. This is not to say that they do not like sentient beings; but they view them with their potential to disrupt order. They do have trading stations / public library and education centers(which would be free to any being). While they believe in keeping natural order for the non-sentient galaxy, they believe that they can take action with / against any beings that could be considered intelligent. This is why they use diplomacy and their limited military (mostly diplomacy only leads to dead ends), and have trading centers and general education facilities.

    Foundation Date: While the dates of the existence of their species is unknown, they started sending their earliest probes into space ~7000 years BEP (Before Escape Pod :) ). In fact, they still regularly send out probes and satellites to discover as much as they can, even to this day. In fact, most of the SV's you will see are really lightly armed space telescopes.I honestly don't know anything about the broad timeline of this game so idk if it is drastically elongated / shortened to fit in.

    Religion: Zaakism: MOST of them believe that their equivalent of a "g-d" is the galaxy itself(which they call Zaakorion). They believe that the movements and reactions of the universe is the makings of Zaakorion, which is a big part of the reason that they dislike disrupting the natural order. They also believe that they were created to protect it from outside forces, and that it is their main duty. While they believe these things, they are not leading mass offenses against either the zirax or polaris, as they neither have the resources nor the manpower. But what is much debated is their view on the legacy; they debate over whether it is some hive mind taking over the galaxy, some mindless disease that would have a right to take its course, and some few even debate over the possibility of the legacy actually being the will of Zaakorion, but most dismiss that thought as blasphemy, as most have a different view of Zaakorion, and the thought of the will of Zaakorion attacking them, which they view themselves as its protectors, is devastating to them. They currently have no general concensus on the legacy, but will continue to protect themselves. Otherwise they believe life to be a beneficial thing, but disapprove of it's spread. Along with the general Zaakist's, there are very few atheists and sympathizers, but both respect the traditional Zaakism virtues and values so there is little problem (they are educated philosophers after all). Also, because their survival as a somewhat large community depends on other sentient beings at this point (because home planet is probably long gone), they accept that as a faction they will probably die off once they are no longer needed, if a point came where all other factions crumbled, that they're purpose would be achieved, and they would no longer need to protect Andromeda/Zaakorion. Maybe a few nomads would live past this point on temperate planets.

    Location: Will have planetary bases on any planet with a high atmospheric density, whether it be temperate or not.

    Main planet & Type: Tythum: Their home planet is a temperate planet that was known for its rough cliffs and mountains, and it only having one ocean, which is ~25 * bigger than the mediterranean. Long ago for fear that their race was going to be wiped out, they performed one of the greatest technical feats of all time by propelling their planet far away from the galaxy, and hopes to sustain itself with their high efficiency solar panels and stray promethium asteroids. While the planet is not too far from andromeda, it would take an enormous amount of pentaxid to perform a round trip, and it's location is unknown and the planet is constantly cloaked with some unknown technology making it impossible to warp to without them lowering the cloaking device.

    Color Scheme: Yellowish-gold with dark maroon trimmings

    Relationship to other species: I really don't know if they should be distintly related to anybody else, I was going for they aren't but if you guys think that it's too unimmersive to have so many unrelated but similar species they can be, doesn't make much difference to me. (also I'm not good at naming things if you think of something better go for it)

    Relations with other factions: Dislike both polaris && zirax. have little communication with talon, and have no alliance, but have a general liking for their kind. They hate polaris because its a mega corporation that exploits the environment and cares only about profit (which most companies kinda have to do), and the zirax because they wish to take over, control, spread life, and make use of the resources of the galaxy. Now I don't plan nor expect these guys to be a major player if they make it into the game, and thats if they do at all, and they arent going to be waging any wars against them. After all, the outposts they have are for protection, exploration, and public benefit services only, they are only in a position to protect the ones that they have some control over. But i would like them to have some RP gain for destroying zirax/polaris cores, and some missions to take some mining bases out for both factions. I'm kind of going for these guys to be slightly more difficult to have an alliance with the zirax || polaris at same time, but doable. I also am trying to make sure that they are no clear cut "Good guys", because I think an advanced "good guy" faction is unfitting for this amazing game, so I am trying to make them equally dislikeable as well as likeable (I think the few legacy sympathizers are going to make them more unlikeable). I also don't think that they are worthy of being a main player in the story, but more of a sidecharacter and to spice up the bases, factions, quests, combat, and everything else from the rest of the game by making them as unique, but also fitting into the game as I can.

    Physical Traits & General Combat: Bipedal, and the wings they have on their back have evolved claws on the ends to use as secondary hands \ (maybe a melee dash attack?). They also would have arms and hands for weapons and whatever else you use hands for. Along with becoming more massive and evolving a more comprehensive brain, it came at the cost of their flight. Luckily for them, like humans, they tend to use jetpacks a lot for a temporarily sustained flight. Because of their wings and more aerodynamic structure compared to humans, jetpacks are way more efficient and can hover in the air for a short while, or fly up in any direction, swoop down for an attack (my POI's would have lots of elevated walkways & high and low places), or use their wings & jetpack to sprint toward/away from their enemy at a very high velocity for an attack or as an evade. (As I know this all sounds like some very challenging things to code AI wise, especially for non-main faction NPC's, but i thought these ideas would provide for some fun combat, and please feel free to change / leave out anything that I've written, I'd be honored if you guys would implement anything here into your game in any way, and honored if you would even be reading this). The average troop would prefer laser weapons for their practically non-existant recoil, but some would have projectile weapons as well. I was also imaging them to have very light armor for these guys to balance out their mobility, and that would also show some of their feathers. I was imaging yellow feathers for laser weapons and dark red for projectile, and for them to have more of oxygen masks on their beaks instead of helmets, to reward players with good enough aim to land a headshot. When reloading, they could use their wings to cover their face and torso so they aren't as vulnerable.

    Quests: For faction specific repeatable quests, I would make it so the player would have a few to capture a specific zirax / polaris base and blow the core (different quest for each faction and it'd randomly select a close base). In addition to that, I was thinking of adding a few exploration missions, where they would ask you to scout a certain system/planet so they wouldn't have to send a probe over there, and would add incentive for players to explore further from their home system. Another idea is to scout out wrecked ships for them to salvage. And for some honored missions, I had an idea about sending the player to clear out a POI that was some kind of crypt before the sympathizers brought some legacy artifact to contaminate it (not sure if I should make this a quest though because I'm leaning towards that because of their philosophic ideology they respect their opinions). Maybe some story mission where you learn about their history but pretty low on to do list.

    Capital Vessels: While I have not done any work yet on any POI's / ships, I plan to work on some the rest of the week. For the capital vessels, my current plan is to make them resemble large predatory birds, I.E. I was going to make the reinforcement CV resemble a giant eagle, and the patrol vessel resemble an owl. I'm also considering making a third unarmed CV for base attacks, where (if the gliding were to be implemented), troops would glide down jumping out of hangar bays laying fire on your base.

    Small Vessels: The combat small vessels I am also considering making looking like birds, although smaller ones like bluejays. For the non-combat ones, I am planning on lightly armed space telescopes/probes that you might see roaming around.

    Hover Vessels: Currently considering making HVs for base attacks/reinforcements, since some of my current POI ideas are more early game / beginner, and I'm not sure but I don't think any HV's have been called for reinforcements yet in the base game.

    Space Bases: There are 3 types of space POI's I'm thinking of making rn: Trade stations and Satellites. The satellites would be lightly armed bases, probably without an interior, that an enemy of the faction can disassemble for some solar panels and basic components (beware for reinforcements!), and I am still thinking about some way to go with the overall theme I have in mind for this faction, with it still fitting in as a space station and making it stand out to gain passerby traffic. The 3rd one would be a forward operations base/Transport hub, where there would be hangers, some with some ships, that would act as a point to send ships / troops to other orbits.

    Planetary Bases: I have a lot of thoughts on planetary POI's, so I'm gonna list them out with a short description. I really enjoy level designing so I will take time with these, I'm a busy guy so it will take a while to get everything here done. Please send me an email or something if theres a certain order you would prefer me to work in. I also like taking POIs by foot so I will try to make a foot assault and a HV/SV/CV assault both equally viable (because I feel like storming a base on foot is way more difficult then a ship, so with some of these I'll try to make it a viable option again). Because these guys can't really mass manufacture or even have somewhat of a renewable source of anything, I am planing to factor in a lot of hardened concrete into these bases, in addition to steel (and hardened/combat versions of steel for the more defended POI's).

    Scavenging / Disassembling / repair type base. Because the only way this faction can obtain raw resources / advanced components by adhering to their values is scrapping, this would take place of a mining base. Since the only way to maintain maximum order is to salvage stuff that is caused by sentient beings, this is their primary source of everything, so these will be big scrapyards with its fair share of defense. The 3 parts would consist of an empty landing pad (if repairs are added this would be where.) The second part would be partially disassembled ships that they dragged in from wrecks, and some destroyed zirax / polaris ships (half-disassembled). The other part would be an indoor material processing / assembly, and I'd like to out in a basic trader too that only sells very basic scrapped components / assorted objects that a minimalistic culture would have no need for to add a reason to maybe check it out if ur on their good side / if you would need an npc for repair dialogue. Core would be in basement of the repair facility and loot would be only a tad better than salvaging wrecks.

    Standard living style bases. Plan is to give a unique look while still making it look like it fits in with the design of this faction. Plan to add in a lot of cliff faces / ledges into this one, it'll be a very compact base with the horizontal and vertical space well used, with lots of walkways above and below wherever you're at. Plan to make the entrance above ground, having to climb up a series of walkways to get in (I'll add in some things around it to make it hard to land a ship). Will have a variety of spaces like living, kitchen/eating area, target practice, and others into a pretty much all-open well used area. Might add some traders. There would be few good loot here, but the few good loot'll be worth it. The rest of the loot would be your average typical salvage.

    Drone base (eventually orbital too). I'm not too sure if it'd make sense to have drones or not based on their principles, but if they would I think it'd be sick to make some self exploding suicide drones, maybe for the lore friendly reason that they're observation drones and that's their only offense. If I'mma work on this base it'd probably be last, but just let me know if you would prefer it be done sooner.

    Trading Station. This I'm still going to go with the same distinct design I have in mind, but I'm thinking about making it off the ground so it would stick out more to passerby. Would have the same goodies as any other trading station(armor lockers, med/o2 station +), with a basic food/med trader but the rest would be non-traditional so it wouldn't really replace polaris. One awesome idea (probably way to hard to do) is make it so you can buy info about a nearby system without having to travel there first. But because I'm not counting on that idea, the rest would fall into the categories that this faction is strong at: Scavenging, jetpacks, and their knowledge. Not sure how I can work that into trading besides multi tools/ammo + jetpack boosts, but I bet I'll think of something clever and nontraditional when I get there. Loot would be ~ equal to other trading stations, same with defense (will add equivalents of security 1-3, current idea involves putting the turrets inside a loop).

    Library / schools. Not sure yet if I'd want to incorporate this into 1 or separate bases yet, I'll decide once I'm building. Current idea is make it have more of a temple like shape, kinda inspired by the pyramids on yavin IV, but in the same style & spin as everything else. Loot would be ~ equal to a random outpost like this. Again, this ones on the latter side of priorities.

    Hospital / medical station. Would have medical vendor + wounded npc's if there would be models or animations for it. Would be just a fairly small very lightly defended outpost with the only good loot medical supplies / machines.

    Legacy Sympathizer dungeon. Planning on making it in a crypt, where this dungeon would be 3/4 this faction's enemies and once you get to the core that'd be the infected legacy area. Not sure if it would be better to make it Legacy controlled or this controlled, considering all legacy so that allies of this faction can do this dungeon too. Loot would be ~= to a similarly sized dungeon (so some dang good loot). Will add more dungeon types after some more of the basics are done. Will have shield generator, but a control room will branch off from one of the first rooms with 2 power switches. 1st would be a low energy mode, where the shield generator + some turrets and lights would shut down. 2nd will be critical energy mode, where still the previous will happen but all locked doors will be open + more turrets shut down, but some of the open doors had containment cells with more enemies inside them (not sure if i should put the last part on the LCD so people might accidentally take more then they can chew or not, thinking about putting something like "Containment doors have been opened" in red text on the screens for instant regret).

    Central base attack area / ground transport hub. (Conservators) This would be the primary base for the base attack system, and wouldn't play out like a linear dungeon. Would be more open spaces, and still thinking how this is gonna play out but I'm planning for a tightly packed open ended base. Loot would be less than the last one but still good. Would be more made out of combat steel than hardened concrete, in contrast to the other bases.

    Various Sympathizer Bases. Most will have tougher defenses then the average conservator bases, and will use some legacy technology / xeno steel for the "infected" areas. Besides (maybe)the crypt dungeon up above, these will all be under the control of the main faction, which will make the faction as a whole seem less appealing when there is a (very small) sect of them attempting to spread the legacy taint (thinking that it is the will of Zaakorion). These would be some rare POI's that would contain some pretty good loot, but your average POI would be conservators.

    Lastly, thank you Eleon for making an amazing game and letting the community take so much control over it's direction. I really hope that Ravien's drone swarm faction makes it into the game, it seems to fit right into the game even if it is unalliable. Also hope that some other ones that are accepted seem more alien and non earth inspired. If anyone has any requests, advice, or ideas just email me at [email protected] . Thanks again to anyone who got to this point.

    edit 1: finished what I left unfinished yesterday. will try to add screenshots or blueprints soon.
    edit 2: picked a name (thanks to the people that helped with suggestions), started working on some POI's but due to recent events I'm afraid I'll have too much on my hands to work on them, but maybe some day in the semi-near future I can work on them again.
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    NAME: Nidmorian Enclave

    TITLE: Pirates of the Grendi Nebula

    Chalk (Identified based upon the vessel they serve on) i.e. Chalk the Weeping Sun, Chalk of the Hammer of Nidmor, Chalk of the Behemoth Fall.

    SPECIES TYPE: Hexapod mammalians with two arms and four legs. Their rear legs are much shorter than their front legs.

    CIVILIZATION TYPE: Oligarchy (A council of the eldest and most experienced ship commanders make decisions)

    GOVERNMENT TYPE: Fractured Plenocracy (Each commander rules their vessel based upon the crews willingness to obey, mutiny is common when weakness is shown)

    ECONOMICS: Hedonism.

    PHILOSOPHIES: Might is right. Only the strong and cunning lead

    FOUNDATION: The Nidmorian, or Nid for short, evolved on the planet Nidmor. Which orbits a star deep inside what most of the galaxy refers to as the Grendi Nebula, which lies between the borders of the Zirax Empire and several of it's opposing neighbors. The Nid took up piracy both as a result of their cultural disposition and as a means of ruthless self defense, using the nebula around their home star with great efficiency with regards to their tactics. Though rare, the Nid have been known to venture far from their home using asteroid fields and gas clouds as cover for their piracy.

    RELIGION: The Nid follow a form of ancestor worship. The eldest of these is known as the Lord of Ships. The Lord of Ships was the first of the Nid to take up piracy when their civilization first took to the seas in its infancy. So successful was the Lord of Ships that piracy eventually became the modus operandi of their entire civilization. When they made first contact with another species, their perspective shifted from one of many nations on a planet, to that of a single nation in a new ocean waiting to be explored and exploited.

    Other Ancestor Deities are: Lord of Stars, Lord of Rocks, Lord of the Ocean of a Thousand Years, Lord of Mountains.

    LOCATION: Deep inside the Grendi Nebula. A nebula so thick and dangerous that most civilizations stay away from it. The Nid are right at home.

    MAIN PLANET: Nidmor


    Ocean with volcanic activity

    SHORT SUMMARY: The Nidmorian, or Nid for short, have been pirates since before they took to the stars. When they did finally get into space, they focused primarily on exploration of their own star system. Their perspective was a bit skewed though as their solar system resided deep inside of an unbelievably thick nebula that kept them from seeing most of what was outside of their solar system and that cast the night sky with a strong yellow tint. It took many years and lives lost before they managed to navigate their way out of the nebula and when they did, it was difficult for them to accept just how big the galaxy and universe was. Upon making first contact with another species, a species they now know as the Zirax, they learned very quickly that they were at a severe disadvantage. Their first instinct was to use the nebula around the home system to their advantage and began engaging in pirate activity along the outer perimeter of the Grendi Nebula. Rumors have it that the Zirax once sent a fleet of 8 capital ships, which included a carrier, into the nebula to do away with the Nid, but that the entire fleet was lost to a single ship that used the nebula and debris inside of it to great effect.

    FURTHER DESCRIPTION: The Nidmorians are a hexapod mammalian species that live on an ocean world with a number of active volcanos. These active volcanos have lead to the formation of several new land masses over the course of the centuries. Land masses which the Nidmorians have fought over. In their days as pirates of the oceans, it was not uncommon for new factions of pirates to form when a new landmass was found. Any opportunity they could take to distinguish themselves from the others of their kin was taken.

    RELATION TO EVERYONE ELSE: The Nid engage in piracy against anyone and everyone. They take no prisoners aside from slaves, and they make no attempts at diplomacy. When it comes to their slave taking habits, they only take the weakest of their opposition. Those who are strong or want to rebel are killed immediately and without hesitation. These slaves are not permitted to serve on Nidmorian vessels in any capacity and are immediately taken to the home world for use in hard labor.

    SMALL SHIPS: (These are only for capturing the look, feel, and idea. I do not expect these to be use)
    Nidmorian Skiff - A small ship used to drop troops onto the hulls of ships and begin cutting them open.

    Nidmorian Raider - A small CV used by junior commanders for patrolling the Grendi Nebula and often fielded in support of other vessels in small task forces. (Ready For Implementation)

    Nidmorian Berzerker - A medium CV used by experienced commanders. Operates as a light carrier and Ship of the Line, often in support of Raiders. (Ready for Implementation)

    Nidmorian Overseer - A medium CV used by experienced commanders. Operates as planet invasion and patrol carrier for fighters, ground vehicles, and troops. (Ready for Implementation)

    Nidmorian Harborship - A large CV used only by the Nidmorian Elders. The harborship is not often found outside of a fleet and can sustain a fleet through long periods of exploration and pirate activity. Harborships are also used to build other vessels. Only 7 of these vessels were ever made, one for each elder (
    Ready for Implementation but will see updates)
    PLANETARY BASES: Work in Progress

    Nidmorian Patrol Base - When the Nidmorian find vulnerable planets they feel confident raiding consistently they will often build a patrol base. These bases serves as staging points for their orbital forces when they arrive for raiding. These are also found on planets on Nidmorian worlds in isolated spaces to act as refueling stations. Also acts as forward deployment facility for air forces a reinforcements.

    (Ready for Implementation)


    Nidmorian Rural Residence - Only seen in isolated rural areas on planets that fall directly under Nidmorian sovereignty. These structures serve as housing for field and coastal farm labor.

    (Ready for Implementation)



    Nidmorian Elders Keep - Twice a year the elder's of the Nid will converge at this station to discuss the future of the Enclave and to conduct administrative business such as criminal sentencing and law making. (
    Ready for Implementation but will see updates

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    Faction: The Syndicate

    Government: Organized society consisting of different alien races with the shared goals of scientific research without any limitations and building a galactic paradise for the most gifted minds in the galaxy.

    Beginnings: A secret research program funded by the Polaris.

    Home planet: Nebulon (Desert)

    BackStory: The Polaris shutdown the program after these researchers began immoral research on the Talon and other species to improve the AI capabilities of their robotic technologies. The researchers gathered and declared themselves a sovereign independent entity by the name of the Syndicate.

    To further fund and progress their endeavors they launched their SpaceTron’s to pirate defenseless vessels and trade with the Zirax. These dealings led to a beneficial relationship with the Zirax when the Syndicate also began trading their secrets and weapon research for manpower to protect their lairs.

    The Polaris attempted to remotely shutdown the Syndicate labs and ships, but were overwhelmed by a mysterious malware that took control of several mining vessels. The Syndicate later claimed responsibility and a treaty was put in motion.

    The syndicate have caught on to word of a formidable threat by a new advanced alien race. They are determined to exploit this opportunity to advance their technologies and expand farther into the galaxy.

    Politics: Friendly with the Zirax, hated by the Talon, have treaty with the Polaris.



    SpaceTrons – Maneuverable robot like ships that are used for pirating or defending Syndicate assets.

    CommandTron – A mid-sized carrier for launching SpaceTrons and hauling cargo.

    SyndicateStation – The Syndicate’s primary space command facility. It is heavily defended.

    SydincateTradeStation – A simple space station offering amenities to any explorer that sides for their cause or defend them.


    Large Syndicate Lair – What appears to be a land mass with a small old ritual site is the Syndicates main facility for building their Trons and launching defense drones.

    Syndicate Lair – A secret research facility with several internal physical security features where the most important Syndicate research takes place.

    Syndicate Colony – Accommodations for Syndicate researchers and allies.

    BugTron – Basically a landed Spacetron on a research, recon, or special interest mission.

    SyndicateSpacePOIs.png SyndicatePlanetPOIs.png SyndicateLargeLair.png

    14 March 2020:
    Addition: SyndicateResearchStation with Reinforcement (SyndicateCallTron) SyndicateResearchStation.png
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    Damn! So much talent and imagination!
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    Official name: The galcion empire
    otherwise known: The galcion resistance
    (the name could be anything after the "THE". the ... empyire, the ... resistance. Not super set here. Could just be the C-47 empire after the homeplanet, but felt this sound very robotic. Althought i build them a bit cleaner/hightech/industrial, felt this would not fit very well. but not very attached to the names overall)

    (bit militaristic by neccessity, see history)

    traits: reluctant warriors, very pragmatic, uncompromising truthful
    apperance: let's just say space vikings i guess, humanlike. I don't have a specific preference for this. Could be anything that fits with the traits/story i guess.

    defining feature: banners^^
    (mostly the classic, but with holo lcd's sth like the banner stone i made works too)
    NewGame_214_2020-03-14_10-40-53.png NewGame_214_2020-03-14_10-46-14.png NewGame_214_2020-03-14_10-46-52.png NewGame_214_2020-03-14_10-47-51.png

    homeplanet: some snow-/iceplanet ( C-47 ) (dropbase 14 workshop picture captures this quite good)
    dropbase 14 9 old.jpg

    The galcion empire started as a resistance movement against polaris economic expansion on world C-47 (official polaris naming, otherwise home of the galcions). Initial attemps to surpress this splinter group failed and just accelerated it's growth. The whole planet banned polaris trading in the end, claiming independence. Reports of shedding polaris occupation could not be stopped in the aftermath of this, finding sympathizers everywhere, calling themselves the galcion resistance.(e.g. ruin 17 – landing pad)

    After this the galcion empire decided it would be their fate to free the galaxy from the all economic supression(=polaris), granting independence to other planets. In this course they basicly started an intergalactic endless war.

    Internal organisation:
    mostly familys/houses/feudal-ish. Ordered by standing, duty and respect. The ships/bases have a strict chain of command, where everyone know what his job is. This can be broken/overriden in utmost emergency situations, to ensure the survival.

    they basicly pray to the maker, one god. A civilisation without religion they regard as foolish and without morals (=without order= their enemy)

    relations to current fractions in game:
    POLARIS=arch enemy (if you don't have very bad standing with polaris, the galcion empire will not deal with you and you are their enemy too)
    other corporations like polaris= see above, enemys
    UCH= suspect, but kinda neutral. The galcion empire os not sure what these are up to. (since they are not out as a fraction yet. I must admit not sure here.)
    ZIRAX/TALON=friendly, but will not tolerate their expansion in the galcion empire territory. But the enemy of my enemy is my friend and all.

    general relations:
    enemys=reckless corporations and lawlessness, all that stand against order, like POLARIS and pirates etc. , fractions without religion
    neutral=there are barely any, mostly only new contacts like UCH. Otherwise they later go to enemy or friend.
    friendly/tolerate=other honor/duty bound orderly fractions,like ZIRAX, TALON

    @traders/trading: the galcion empire is generally not hostile to traders/trade in general. They charge high traiffs and produce most items themselves. It's more a being hostile to big reckless corporations and lawlessness, which comes with galactic trade and massive corporations.

    builds to use for the fraction:
    (most stuff in my banners collection, all already build, but as player stuff. They would just have to be updated and converted to patrol cv's, poi's i guess. But things are there already.)

    patrol CV's:

    asket red
    (thunderstrike, Rising Light)

    POI bases:
    dropbase 5, 6, 8, 13
    schneewitchen (space station)
    ruin 17 – landing pad
    (oku castle/mitzuki 2.0)
    (dropbase 11)

    @building style: i would mostly go for the black/white with some yellow/red/orange colors, like the schneewitchen stuff or dropbase 14 (even tho thisone has no banner) + some banners of course. Since this setup is quite unique and defining: camouflage texture in white + throw in some industrial/metal stuff/look in + a banner = done.
    NewGame_214_2020-03-14_10-49-45.png NewGame_214_2020-03-14_10-47-23.png NewGame_214_2020-03-14_10-46-52.png NewGame_214_2020-03-14_10-40-23.png NewGame_214_2020-03-14_10-46-37.png NewGame_214_2020-03-14_10-47-51.png NewGame_214_2020-03-14_10-46-14.png
    (the asket red and the rising light i replaced some textures/colors to make it fit, just as an example here)

    color: i mostly went with the turquoise, because it was some color i did not use in another place, so you could just replace this to your choise without changing other things. The color of the banner could be dark red like the snowball carrier too? But i like the turquoise too, so yeah not sure here and not really set. (Or this could be defined by the subfraction)
    symbol: went with an big i and a symbol. This could be bases on the family house two. But for consistency maybe one or the other. otherwise might be to confusing if color and all symbols change.
    NewGame_214_2020-03-14_10-38-36.png (testing example with different symbols or colors)

    @oku castle/mitzuki asian style stuff: could be from a liberated/friendly planet or some subfraction. oku castle would be a very cool base i think and nice as a poi with different the levels, but i have no ship for these bases. So this is something that i would have to do if this was choosen. Not sure if these styles even fit into the game, might be a bit to much.
    (both builds are in my banners collection on the workshop for pictures)

    @thunderstrike/Rising Light/dropbase11=project eden stuff: This was mostly build as a set and exploration type vessels for spanj's let's play. But they turned out to have quite a good unique look to them. i think it mostly fits with the other white stuff in terms of design. if just recolored/-textured with replace texture on the brown/redish surface to the white cameou they fit the rest, might need some more banners, but othersie fine ;)

    @player interaction/gameplay:
    trading = hard/expensive if you are not friendly with the galcion empire (high tariffs)
    general relations = neutral to suspicouse(slightly enemy at the start maybe?), if you get good with polaris(or pirates or anyone defined above as enemy) you loose rep with the galcion empire badly. With fractions the galcion empire personaly is on friendly terms, like ZIRAX, you can still be yourself enemy number 1, the galcion empire does not care. You just proved yourself worthy in their eyes.

    Ranks could be a bit feudal like and they could speak to the player in a bit medieval way to add a bit of flair.

    On planets/space where the polaris and galcion empire reside would be war and some polaris and galcion ruins to show that some fighting is going on there (could just be the small bases like dropbase 5,13,etc).
    on planets/space with just the galcion empire could be polaris ruins.
    on planets/space with just the polaris could be some resistance signs, like ruin 17 - landing pad. or some holo advertisment would have "grafitti" like overlays with slogans etc., example [​IMG]
    (done with two holo lcds overlapping. could imagine sth similar with the slogans for the resistance movement, would be mostly to add rp-value/flair)
    [edit: can be done with one holo lcds and negative line-height set]

    in the end, this probably summs this fraction up quite nicely = BANNERS :D

    update: 04/12/2020 - started to add some poi things to the worldbuilding collection with the GE in name. currently 2x cv's , 1x planet poi
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    Oh my gosh! Look at all of you go!

    Those are great!

    I am going to pay more attention to this thread. Sulus - those are some wickedly cool banners and projector work.

    Edit: @Hummel-o-War oops, I got excited and commented where I should not have. Please delete this post. :(
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    No, these are definitely good

    @sulusdacor, you may be onto something with those

    Love all the small details....
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    I can't exactly pinpoint what but I just love this faction concept :p
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    Brilliant work. Awesome building and writing skillz.
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    (Sorry for my bad English)


    I've meshed alien turret with normal turret and insert alien cargo and spawner (only in bases), don't know if is possible

    Name: Emberian
    Species Type: Mutated Salamander
    Civilization type: Small enclave
    Government type: Tyranny
    Economics: Militarism
    Religion: None
    Motto: To punish and enslave
    Main Planet: Sbraxa
    Main Planet Type: Lava
    Politics: Due to their nature, they are hostile to all other factions or entities and, even if they are few compared to all other races, their military power is high, however they stay in their solar system and tend to isolate themselves.
    Emberian are salamander genetically mutated by an unknown race ages ago, probably with the intent to create a biological weapon, then the Emberian was left to evolve undisturbed.

    Emberians are quite intelligent and can stand on 2 legs, they conserve the tail but is useless.

    They have 3 fingers and one opposable thumb, so they can use all the technology.

    Their mother planet, Sbraxa, is a giant lava planet with only one huge mountain and the only water in the planet is located on its top, the rest of the planet is an inferno of magma and volcanoes, caves are the few livable spots.

    They don't breath oxygen but a mixture of sulfur, the oxygen is used for create water or for refresh the air or the structures.

    The Emberians have to fight if they want to survive, in fact only the stronger survive and eat; for that reason they are omnivores and in critical conditions they can cannibalize the weaker ones. They consider other life form as food so they enslave other races to create food supplies.

    Civilians do not exist, military hierarchy regulates everything and all the Emberians must serve in the army, the strongest become the highest in command.

    The high temperature have conditioned the way of building and in fact all the Emberian's structures are made with the purpose of dissipate the heat or use it to produce energy.


    * All creations are mass/volume, cpu, legit thrusters, etc. compatibles

    Blueprints : coming soon

    Pictures: don't know how add pictures, i try with images hosting site

    Small Transport

    Small Base

    <<<<<< WORK IN PROGRESS >>>>>>
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    (This Faction has been indefinitely postponed by myself due to time issue. This post can be deleted if I have not responded for a long time.)

    Name: Kinnator

    Title: Institute of Kinnator
    Species type: Combined species (Human-like, Legacy-infected; latent.)

    Color scheme: White, grey, black, and 1 highlight color (referring to the corresponding 'Sphere'. Details in the History section.)

    Civilization type: Oligarchy
    The 10 Founders as heads of the administrative units Spheres. Only 7 Founders are active and thus 7 Spheres exist, each rules over their own region.

    Government type: Technocracy/Stratocracy
    Medical science plays an important role in the technocratic part due to their heavily altered physiology to adapt to the Legacy Infection, requiring the healthcare policies from the public section. The strong military presence also reflects their history of war with the Zirax and the extermination of Legacy.

    Economics: Capitalism
    Competition is encouraged for bountiful academic and technological advancement, especially when considering the challenges imposed in Legacy study.

    Foundation: 2297 Terran Year

    Location: Outer rim of Andromeda
    7 main star systems plus 6 to 16 protected systems. Outside, their presence can be seen anywhere near Legacy-infested site.

    Main planet:
    Lodra, ocean (formerly: Kiandu, temperate)

    History summary:
    During the mass evacuation from the homeworld demolished by the provoked Zirax Empire, millions of the Predecessors were sent to and scattered across the Legacy-infested sector by warp malfunction. The only surviving 10 Founders 'awakened' the ancient machineries on the orbiting planet and had succeeded in adapting their bodies to the Infection, saving the Infected to the last possible one. At the price of the denial of natural aging, fated to revert back to the abomination with time due to reactivation of the Infection. In 2297, The Predecessors reunited and established the Institute of Kinnator, a faction whose goal is the pursuit of their cure and the support of resistances against Zirax oppression.

    The obscured origin (???? - 2234 Terran Year)
    Their original race is often a point of conjecture since the entire population has a heavily modified gene pool of two or more species, possibly very high resemblance to human, but none can be confirmed as so.

    Originally a combined fleet of spacefaring explorers with unknown foreign contact, little is known about the Predecessor aside from few verbal recollection of the 0th Generation's memory and an archaeological findings on the now dead Planet Kiandu. The planet was the first known settlement following the first encounter with the extremely hostile Zirax empire in 2197. The frequent and detrimental confrontations gradually transformed the Predecessor into an armed explorer, and eventually a wargoing conquistador. A development which would soon lead to their demise.

    Waking the giant (2234 - 2236 Terran Year)
    Blinded by their so-called 'technological superiority', in 2234 the Predecessor brought an all-out war to the Empire's doorstep, achieving series of tactical victories by lightning attack over half the year but grinding to a halt in 2236. Now confronting the full glory of the Zirax Navy, the military leaders at the time realized the severe disparity in industrial power and the impending doom. At their last line of defense, they ordered the mass evacuation back to the combined fleet and onto the further edge of the galaxy. However, the relentless Zirax eventually reached and bombarded the fleet-sized space gate mid-warp, sending the entire fleet to their awaiting hell.

    Marching in Abyss (2236 - 2239 Terran Year)
    Their encounter with the Legacy after the warp was not their first, given their experience in space travelling. In term of the scale of Infestation, however, the world they're facing was described as 'in its cataclysm never seen before.'

    Scattered across the unknown sector with disrupted communication, each patch of ships was left to defend themselves against hordes of destroyer-sized entities whose pitch-black shell was near impenetrable and whose glowing pattern rained energy volley that tore their ship apart. The 330th Expeditionary Division managed to survived the landing on the nearby planet and the following onslaught from the roaming monstrosities, beginning their struggle to escape before the Infection can corrupt all of them.

    Bristled with extinct civilization once fighting the same enemy as theirs, this world had already laid a ground work for Predecessors' salvation. Within an ancient research complex lied the vast medical and engineering science knowledge, as well as an unfinished research on the intervention for Legacy Infection, controlled by an AIs whose Creators no longer existed to maintain it.

    But the research would take months to come, even years, and the Infection process would not stop for them. Desperate, the Predecessors underwent several trials and errors in attempt to preserve their conscience, and most perished in the process. By the time the intervention was finalized, only 10 were still capable of administering it. The work from the past was based on the Creators' physiology, and so it is a miracle that the little remain of the intact genetic material can integrate into the Predecessor during the process of intervention, creating bodies of a combined species later known as the Kinnatorian and the 10 Founders.

    Reincarnation (2239 - 2260 Terran Year)
    Aside from a few abnormal bone growth and skin calcification which resemble animal horns or patterned scales over the body, the appearance closely resembles the Terran and the Predecessor with greatly enhanced physical attributes similar to but not at the level of the Legacy creatures; tolerance to extreme cold or heat, vacuum, radiation, various noxious gases, and pain; rapid tissue regeneration; and strength. The Kinnatorians shed no Xenoparticle, which would become non-infective once extracted from the body regardless. They also experience no body aging passing the usual peak at the age of 30.

    However, the dormant Xenoparticles in the body cannot be entirely eliminated, and are hypothesized to deny their natural death with the eventual reactivation of the Legacy Infection. The curse which transfers through the placenta for generations to come, and those going to be brought back would have their unsettling fate dictated. Regardless, the Founders set on a mission to search for and treat the Infected all around the sector, and to reunion them for the journey off the Legacy hell. Stating to have forced them to cruelty, the Founders vowed to dedicated their hearts and souls to avert the crisis, so that the Kinnatorians can live with unwavering hope to the day of salvation and beyond.

    The gift from the past (2239 - 2260 Terran Year)
    During the two decades of rebuilding the fleet and fending of the Legacy creatures, the study on the ancient and advanced civilization had greatly influenced their architecture in shipbuilding and various structures, facilitated with the reconstructed ancient technologies and even that of Legacy origin. Their science and military saw numerous breakthroughs despite the difficult time, including the purified Xenosteel, Ghost Gigasphere warp drive, RIFT shield, and the SC 'Supercharged' series high output energy weapons. The study of this heavily infested sector continued to be fruitful even in return trips several years later. Except for the Infection-related medical advancement, the most important of all.

    Several requirements for the research include: the Creator's genetic material; the sophisticated alien technology; the knowledge to replicate and operate the technologies; and the medical knowledge to guide the research. All of which were only at the bare minimum in the research complex to continue or recreate the past work, but far too lacking or damaged for the full controlled trial, let alone inventing something anew. Apparently, the Infestation had rapidly overwhelmed the Creators before a more meaningful advancement could be made. So on this regards, the Kinnatorians would have to rely on their own ability to control the disease.

    However, the remnants of space gates and drydocks had raised the possibility that there might exist the surviving Creators, and the later encounter with the Talon also proved to be another promising lead to their future cure.

    The Institute of Kinnator (2260 - present Terran Year)
    On 3 November 2260 TY, The Kinnatorians had completed the combined fleet and the recon on nearby Legacy 'warships', successfully launched the fleet up between the gap large enough to glide silently to the warp point without being located. Their escape was fortunately uneventful.

    Their key concept to prevent the Legacy outbreak was to die before the Reactivation could progress. Early on, many Infection-failsafe policies from the Founders was strongly opposed owing to the ethics and invasiveness of the interventions. These includes mandatory programmed death genes and cerebral microchips for early detection which value the prevention of Legacy outbreak over the autonomy of the people, plus the untrusted safety issue that no accidental trigger will ever occur.

    With time, advancement in medical science allowed a later onset and slower rate of Legacy reactivation, providing longer warning period for the safer programmed death and more time to react. Kinnatorians nowadays are obliged to the said program, but received better education and healthcare to monitor the event, and quality of life care policies for terminal patients to promote dignity in their final moment of life. The programmed death is also becoming more natural to the Kinnatorians' life, and different traditions to bid the loved one farewell were later developed in each regions.

    Over the course of nearly 40 years, the fleet ventured in search of habitable sectors slightly towards their former homeworld. After confirming the territory of the Zirax Empire, they settled down on Planet Lodra, featuring vast and deep ocean, occasional lands brimmed with mineral resources, and breathable atmosphere, ideal for sending in a large construction ship to accelerate the colonization process. Their first encounter with the Polaris Megacorps also happened timely with their colonization, although their first impressions of each other were mutually poor as Kinnatorians were initially devalued, and Polaris' too sincere attitude upset the Founders. It does not take long to convince the Polaris that Kinnator would soon become a rapidly growing market of consumers, and the megacorps was also willing to trade the resources and industrial power in exchange for patents of some exotic technologies, high skill labor, and military cooperation. Soon, the Lodra became a prosperous second home world to the Kinnatorian, and the territory rapidly spread to the nearby sectors with the help of the super economic power of the Galaxy.

    The Institute of Kinnator declared their sovereignty on 5 December 2297, a hundred years after the Predecessor first settled on the planet. The three Supernal Founders went disappearing during this time due to unknown cause, and each of the remaining seven Founders separated to form their own administrative unit, Sphere, and specialty over each seven regions, based on seven star systems.

    The Citrine Sphere - Expedition specialty.
    Equipped with high endurance fleets and brigades of field researchers, mainly the Archaeologist and Legacy specialist. Primarily armed with cruiser and carrier divisions. Its main planet is of alien type. The Citrine Founder is said to be a quiet young woman of a small frame and a sharp intuition.
    The Amethyst Sphere - Industry specialty.
    Possesses the largest drydocks and the shipbuilding company as well as a tight defense of anti-capital ship batteries and battleships in reserve and maintenance. Its system consisted of several gas giants with even more moons and some desert and hot planets. The Amethyst Founder is said to be a vigorous and diligent man of a towering statue.
    The Opal Sphere - Technical specialty.
    Responsible for advancement of applied science and specialized equipment in various fields of work especially the weapon development. Advanced weapon platforms and cruisers are to be expected in this region. Its main planet is of hot barren type. The Opal Founder is said to be an easygoing and eccentric woman with tall and thin body.
    The Emerald Sphere - Art and Foreign Affair specialty.
    Covers trades, interfaction policies, media, Zirax resistance propaganda, and support of artwork. The most lightly armed region, but also the most specialized at electronic and information warfare. Its main planet is oddly of greenhouse type. The Emerald Founder is said to be a lighthearted and creative small young man.
    The Golden Sphere - Administration specialty.
    Includes but not limits to courts, police, resources management, infrastructures, and public services except healthcares. Patrols usually consist of cruisers and torpedo flotillas, but a battleship with 'coastal guard' sign painted to her hull is also a common sight. Its star is of G class with various types of planet orbiting including the Lodra. The Golden Founder is said to be a cyborg woman with honest personality.
    The Ruby Sphere - Defense specialty.
    The Sphere that represents the military power of Kinnator and the administrator of Kinnator Navy, responsible for most military operation beyond the territory. The largest aviation battleships and numerous battle and carrier divisions can be found here. Its main planet is of barren metal type. The Ruby Founder is said the be a woman with strong determination and decisiveness.
    The Sapphire Sphere - Academic specialty.
    Supervising the education program of young Kinnatorians and extensive medical service network especially the programmed death care. Also pursuing excellence in theoretical sciences and responsible for applications of ancient, Legacy, or other technologies beyond the resource of the Opal Sphere, being the most technologically advanced Sphere of all. Supposedly has no armed fleet of its own, but practically can put part of the Kinnator Navy under direct command at will. Its main planet is a gas giant with several kilometers long space station. The Sapphire Founder is said to be a cunning man with a calm attitude.

    Technically, there is another administrative unit with neither the territory nor a defined specialty of its own; The Supernal Sphere. Since its Founders were missing right at the beginning, its existence is known only in name, and the exact mission of this sub-organization is concealed. Considering the strong affiliation between the Institute, the Legacy, and the ancient civilization, the unit is speculated to engage in a cult-like mysticism beyond the scope of science.

    At present, Kinnator has a population of over 10 millions people and 42 millions registered androids over the territory of 7 main star systems plus protected systems varying from 6 to 16 in number, controlled by one or more Sphere. The Kinnator Navy consists of approximately 1,300 combat warships, mostly destroyers and cruisers with 55 battleships or aviation battleships and 46 fleet carriers in 2473 TY. A small faction that bolster its manpower with AI-controlled androids serving in various field of work, especially in military where standard squads usually consist of 6 androids per 2 infantries. Stations and warships are usually assisted by powerful AI cores with a low number of Kinnatorian complement. Their common missions involve Legacy field research and military operations which extend far beyond their territory, and the Kinnatorians have several tendencies to come into conflict with the locals and occasionally some travelers. These include monopolizing the knowledge and access to the local Legacy or ancient technologies; proactively forcing the propaganda to join resistance against the Zirax; causing collateral damage in an unnecessary confrontation with the Zirax; and lack of empathy for the loss. UCH survivors should take this into consideration when interacting with the Institute.

    Relation to the others

    Kinnatorians may take an interest in you, since Terrans are very similar to them, and may prove to be a good subject for clinical trials of Legacy-related medicine. Fortunately, unlike the AntiZirax propaganda you are not forced to view several pages of consent form and your IDA may have already send it to a spam folder anyway.

    Zirax Empire: Extreme hostility
    Almost always prefer sinking destroyers and harassing the dreadnoughts to quietly patrolling pass the fleet, and levelling the whole military complex to methodically capturing it. So that the next day the Zirax would launch a counterattack and become an excuse to be obliterated again. The only restricting factor is the unacceptable loss, the line for which is drawn fairly high.

    Polaris: Ally
    A great economic partner who enables the rapid growth of the Institution. Trying to exploit each other on a common basis, but that is just how business work.

    Talon: Ally
    One of the potential key to the cure. Not much progress can be gained from them over seven decades of interaction, seeing that a lot of information about Legacy has been lost with time, but the good relation with the generally peaceful and humble Talon always bring the Kinnatorians back to them for more than their main mission. Their spiritual view is a fascinating charm.

    Kriel: Respect
    Kriel civilization has long been admired by Kinnator ever since their exploration era, although the interactions are few and no solid relation has been established yet.

    Pirates: Cooperative
    A source of exotic goods and information that no others can provide. Mutually agrees that cooperation benefits both more than destroying or pillaging each other. Polaris and Trade Guild may not condone this, however.

    Traders: Unfriendly
    Kinnator alignment with Polaris and Pirates stands poorly to the Trader guild for obvious reasons. An attempt were made to establish a trade route to Kinnator, which utterly failed.

    UCH: Neutral
    Aside from lately that some local Polaris coworkers mentioned how similar the Kinnatorians appear to Terran, no interaction or relation has been made between the two yet.

    Legacy: Arch nemesis
    It is unpleasant having some Abominations screaming at one's ears for hours, and it is triply so for the Kinnatorians on their shift to work on the Infestation site, the Legacy Lab, or in a battlefield fighting hundred meters long monsters. Expect a very loud sounds of firearms, explosions, and heavy metal during and after their field work.

    Others: Neutral
    Isolation policy in effect lest intention is proven.

    Below are the list of bare minimum POIs planned for the faction. As noted above, delivery date cannot be defined. (Actually, the delivery itself cannot be guaranteed.)

    Planetary Base
    1. Airfield (Drone base)
    2. Corvette drydock
    3. Research station
    4. Defense
      • Coastal defense battery
    5. Quarantined site
    6. Containment facility
    7. Garrison
    8. Miscellaneous
    Space base
    1. Observatory

    Capital vessels

    1. Mystia class Corvette Phatasia Class Corvette.jpg (Workshop link)
    2. Erebus class Destroyer Erebus 1.png (Workshop link)
    3. Chaldene class Heavy cruiser
    4. Revolution class Battleship Revolution class BB 9.png (Workshop link)

    Attached Files:

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    Name: Aquatics

    Title: Aquatics

    Sub-faction Titles: Unknown

    Sub-faction Names: Unknown

    Species Type: Multiple species, made up both fish, mammals and amphibians.

    Civilization type: Republic

    Government type: Constitutional Monarchy

    Economics: Capitalism

    Philosophies: Egalitarian

    Foundation: Around 40 years before Humans came.

    Religion: Fishiest. Almost nothing is known about this.

    Location: Regular solar system?

    Main Planet: Home-water (rough translation).

    Main Planet Type: Ocean, Class "M

    I Short Summary: Faction:

    Aquatics. Also called “The fish people” by the Talons and others.

    The Aquatics are rather new to the galactic community. While humans only recently discovered them. The other races have known about them for only a few generations. The Talons call them “The fish people” over there resemblance to fish.

    A common misconception is that the Aquatics are all fish. But they really are a group of beans that live in the water. While some can only live in the water, others can spend time out of the water and even interact like other terrenes do.

    The Aquatics are a noble and honorable people and are respected by all.

    The Aquatics seem to get along with everybody, even the Mighty Zarax Empire which is in itself a huge accomplishment considering the Zarax reputation. As a result, they enjoy good trading with the other factions.

    Their home planet is called Home water. An oceanic world that that until recently has been there universe. Only now are they finally discovering that there is a whole universe out there filled with worlds that they can all there own.

    The Aquatics are explores of a sort. They search for new worlds that they can colonize.

    II Further Description:


    The first contact you may have is a patrol ship. One such vessel is called the Sun Fish (rough translation) was so named because of their aquatic nature and it was also one of the fist ships to get close to their sun. Old but very reliable as it was first used to explore there solar system before moving further out into space.

    The ship itself is thick and heavy, making the vessel slower than average but much stronger and can take a greater amount of damage, especially kinetic energy. This is due to both the hull and it’s eternal environment.

    If you were able to board it you would be very surprised at the layout of it. First the vessel is filled with water and not air. Because of this they have no use for gravity generators or elevators. They simply don’t need them.

    The ship is also very opened, to allow freedom of movement as the Aquatics would find terrain vessels very enclosing and cumbersome and even Closter phobic to some. The Sun fish almost like a giant aquarium.

    It also has lots of windows which are to the Aquatics nature both thick and strong. The many windows are mainly physiological due to the fact that they don’t like enclosed areas. The windows help alleviate that. The walls are all curved and smooth much like their home environment, keeping them from scraping themselves as they swim about in their daily routine.

    The outside of the ship’s hull is covered with curved parts. This symbolized waves, another reminder of home.


    Aquatics live and breathe in water, not air. For that reason thirst is not known to them. As a matter of fact there is no word for thirst in their language. They also poo and pee openly and regard it much like Terrens do exhaling breath. Another reason why terrens should wear there environmental suits when visiting the Aquatics. The smell and taste of the water is what you might expect but to the Aquatics it seems normal and don’t even notice. This is much less noticeable on their world due to the fact that it’s more spread out.


    Aquatics Bases are all underwater on Ocean based worlds that are open and only use large bay doors as access points.

    Aquatics Space ports look like a cauldron made of glass.

    Although most Aquatics either stay in the water or in their ships. Some are rumored to be amphibious and can even walk on land and even breathe air. But so far that hasn’t been confirmed.

    In a way, Aquatics have better eyesight then Terrens do as their eyes are farther apart. This allows them to keep more in their view than any other known race. This as well as living in water allows them a better understanding of a 3D environment.

    TRADE: The Aquatics build their community’s on the ocean floor. So they had to set up platforms for other factions to come and open up trade as all of their worldly communities. These platforms are areas for other factions to land. But to do business with them. One has to down a dive suit and swim to the ocean floor.

    Some factions use NV (Navel Vehicles) to visit them.

    A NV is a vehicle that can travel on and under water. Some can even travel on land to a limited degree.

    FUN FACTS/Brief history:

    The Aquatics view the area above the water and below space as inner space where the land walkers (terrens) roam.

    Inner space is the least likeable place for them due to their build and try to avoid it whenever possible.

    Although they had the ability they delayed going into space for a very long time due to the extra layer that they had to pass though, inner space.


    Unknown words to the Aquatics

    Gravity generator



    Aquatics sayings: Water replaces land. Water is life. To Aquatics, water is land and life.

    Relation to Zirax: Neutral

    Relation to UCH(Terrans/Humans): Neutral to friendly

    Relation to Potential Neighbors: Neutral

    Screenshots so far. I want to set this to links once I know how to limit it to devs only.

    NOTE: This CV ship is made for the Aquatic faction. It was not intended to be used by players. Please don't use this for anything other than the Aquatic faction.

    The blue shark is a smaller vessel of the Aquatics. Fast and nimble. The blue shark acts like a patrol ship for systems. But may also be found exploring or even escorting larger Aquatic vessels far from home.

    The ship is unlike anything you may have seen before. First is the different color layers. This reflects there home environment. The colors get darker the closer they get to the floor for there ship. This was done to help the crew better just to there ship outside of there home. Lighter color on top signifies the sky and the surface while the darkest signifies the sea floor. The plants put there to simulate the light water effects which may hopefully be replaced by better ones if the Developers are willing. :)

    The vessel was made to simulate a water environment. Think of the inside of the ship as if it were a swimming pool or aquarium. The crew swim every were just as a terran crew might walk about there ship, the Aquatics swim.
    So again they have no use for ladders, elevators or stairs.

    The windowed bridge is made to accommodate the wide view of the Aquatics as there eye placement allows them a wider field of view that is not possible for terrans.

    The large openings are like there home environment like that of corral. You should try and swim through the ship and get adjusted to how it works.

    I am hoping to one day have a water effect inside the ship itself to that it will handle much like it would underwater.

    Thankyou for considering my ship and faction for the game.


    Unique Designs
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