O2 tanks chain explosion distance?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Frederick Taer, Feb 17, 2016.

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    I've come to a cople of questions about tactical employment. :)

    What is the fuel/O2 tanks chain explosion radius for SV/CV/HV?
    How far should that tanks be placed to avoid such accidents?
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    I know that CV large fuel tanks will damage all adjacent blocks, except for the "base" block, which will damage blocks up to two blocks away.

    When I say "base" block, you may notice that the game will try to place the large fuel tanks in relation to a specific block. The explosion from a fuel tank thus can reach two blocks away from this origin block.

    When building "core" rooms, we would mix generators and fuel tanks so that while two fuel tanks were adjacent to each other, pods of four were separated by generators, which have a lot of armor/health. The pattern we use is something like this:


    We haven't put it under a combat test, because that central room has avoided damage, but synthetic testing where we set up the pattern and blow up a random fuel tank shows the system seems to work.
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