[Official Scenario] DAWN OF THE GALAXY

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    PLEASE DO NOT REPORT GLOBAL GAMEPLAY ISSUES over here! This thread is ONLY for issues that originate from the SETUP and LAYOUT of the SCENARIO and only happen here!!


    PLEASE read the FAQs before reporting bugs that may just be gameplay changes.

    [READ FIRST] Alpha 6.0 - Gameplay FAQ
    [READ FIRST] Alpha 6.0 - FAQ for BUILDERS


    Post your bugs here using the following template:

    Location: (Singleplayer, Dedicated Server, Peer2Peer Coop)

    SERVER NAME: (If you were playing on a server using this scenario)
    SEED-ID: (Please always add the SEED-ID for SingleplayerSurvival games; Open the console. The Seed is noted somewhere to the "playfield loaded" dialogue)

    Reproducibility: (Always, Sometimes, Unable)
    Severity: (Trivial, Minor, Major, Crash)

    Type: (Global / O2Rooms / Temperature,Radiation / Player Armor,Boosters / Repair / Teleport,Portals / Instances / Triggers,Sensors / AIVessels / Gamestart / ... )



    Steps to Reproduce:

    Screenshots, Crash Logs, any other Relevant Information or Download links:
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    Location : Singleplayer
    Seed-ID Elia 554809
    Reproductibility- Always
    Severity : Major( To the Scenario)
    Type: Gamestart

    I started a DotG scenario this afternoon, needed to take a break, saved the game, and quit. I just came back to restart the game and continue with the mission/scenario and the mission step I was on is no longer there, and the game is acting like it was a normal SP survival game with standard tutorial missions like Dinner for Two. No more Dawn of the Galaxy missions I had just placed the starter block before I saved and logged out and was suppose to be working on placing a cockpit, fuel tank, and generator on that block to continue the scenario but now nothing except for standard tutorial missions.

    No matter what save a start up, because I noticed the game has two saves once from a player directed "back-up" and another one from when you quit a game. Both load into a typical Tutorial mission line up, the ONLY difference is that your in DotG house looking like this is normal.

    Love the game, hope this isn't just a screw up on my part.

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