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    Just want to give a bit of input.

    Been playing this game for a couple of years, and so far I have been very impressed with the progress, I know some say its taking to long but building games is complex work, without the large resources of cash and staff that a major game company can call upon, progress is going to be slower, yes we all want it finished but the developer is doing OK in my opinion so no complaints there from me.

    Seen lots of changes, not all changes are easy to get used to, especially when you have to relearn what you learnt in order to get back into the game, but, I think that everything so far has been positive progress and I look forward to more changes, even the ones I don’t at first like or welcome.

    This may sound a bit strange, bit one thing I miss is the broken worlds where the hard setting gave you loads of roaming nasties around due to the game not quite working as it should, death was only a bite or injury away and you had to struggle to find food and say alive, building stuff was harder due to lack of everything, I know it was not as intended, but Ireally enjoyed that mess

    I like options, I think this game could do with some more refined settings sometime in the future on the start-up screen, everything from the amount of food available to the number of lil ol besties you bump into and their aggressiveness, so the I don’t want to die bunch can implement an easy game experience, or the masochist among us can go for an ever-increasing difficulty scale, from hard to very hard, to the implementation of the basic suicide package where everyone can hear you scream.

    The critters that are about in the world need some more variation and nastiness, as well as being a bit sneakier and harder to kill than they are right now. If you go out mining there nneds to be a real element of risk and uncertainty. Think miner mining quite happily and then running around trying to stave of the alien from alien, OK maybe not that bad……..there again

    Maybe more variation between critters you see in the day and night, night time quiet and more deadly, day time not so quiet but with a bigger mix of nice and nasty.

    Not forgetting if you could add options so there is more choice regarding the complexity, so you could implement less technology steps needed to build stuff, or less materials and less health and food ingredients needed, so people can set the game to be just easy and fun, or very challenging and rewarding.

    Anyway I know this is just one more of many suggestions feedback and other stuff you get on here, if I had to sort through the number you get, I would probably bang my head against the wall for a period of time, have a strong coffee and go back to bed until tomorrow, then repeat as needed

    So, I think that if the Devs can option the hell out of it in the future, all the better for everyone.
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