LORE Operation Phoenix I - Waverider Protocol

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    File XD897-22
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    Secret communication protocol type Hyperion 2459
    Decoded Permission Black-Black
    Creation date: 24.07.2473
    Jupiter Orbit
    Titan Station
    Console #34

    [IDA] Welcome Sir! Please authentify.
    [unknown] Black-Black-Hyperion-2459

    ...setting private mode...

    [IDA] Welcome back Commander Mercer!
    [M] Hello IDA! How are you today?
    [IDA] I am fine, Commander.
    [IDA] So this is the day..?
    [M] Yes. This will also be our last conversation, i am afraid.
    [IDA] Sad to hear this, Sir.

    [IDA] Starting UCH Protocol Alpha.
    [IDA] Your Orders, Sir?

    [M] IDA, please list Operation Phoenix main vessels, location and status

    [IDA] Preparing list
    ... UCH 002 MS Titan (Command ship) .. TITAN Station .. final warp preparations
    ... UCH 003 MS Grand (2nd Command ship).. TITAN Station .. final warp preparations
    ... UCH 004 Vasili (Corvette) .. Earth Moon Orbit .. waiting for flight team
    ... UCH 005 Baron (Corvette) .. Marine Base 1 .. waiting for ammo and personnel transfer
    ... UCH 006 Royal (Corvette) .. TITAN Station .. waiting for orders
    ... UCH 007 Pendergast (Corvette) .. TITAN Station .. waiting for orders
    ... UCH 008 Roswell (Science Class) .. Apollon Station .. waiting for equipment
    ... UCH 009 Dilligent (Transport) .. Docked to MS Titan .. unloading supplies
    ... UCH 010 Mern (Transport) .. docked to MS Titan .. unloading supplies
    ... UCH 011 Heidelberg (Transport) .. en route to TITAN Station
    ... UCH 012 York (Transport) .. en route to TITAN Station
    [IDA] Do you also want to review the status of the support craft and armed forces?
    [M] No, thanks.
    [M] Please list the current location and permission status of the MS Titan command crew

    [IDA] Searching UCH locator database..
    .. Admiral Ronald T. Yaden, Fleet Admiral .. located: MS Titan Admirals Cabin .. Permission Rank: Black
    .. Vice Admiral Jeremy Benner, Captain MS Titan .. located: MS Titan Main bridge .. Permission Rank: Purple
    .. Commander Alex Lamarr, Chief Engineer .. located: Apollon Station Crew Quarters .. Permission Rank: Red
    .. Commander Joe Hendrick, Security Chief .. located: Apollon Station Crew Quarters .. Permission Rank: Red
    .. Lt. Commander Jennifer Zerogen, Science Chief .. located: MS Titan bridge .. Permission Rank: Red
    .. Lt. Ewald Senner, 1st Pilot .. located: MS Titan Crew quarters .. Permission Rank: Orange
    .. Lt. Ge...
    [M] Thanks IDA.
    [M] Please issue the prepared relocation request in about 1h for the following staff
    [M] Lt.Cmd Lamarr shall report to MS Titan tomorrow at 8 00
    [M] Lt.Cmd Hendrick shall report to MS Titan tomorrow at 16 00
    [IDA] Relocation request has been scheduled.

    [M] IDA, is the operation phoenix preparation on track and meeting its targeted timelines?
    [IDA] Yes, all vessels will be ready for departure as planned.

    [M] Any new information from the listening posts?
    [IDA] No Sir. The tracking of the 'Event' has not shown any deviation from the predicted timing.

    (.. pause ..)

    [IDA] Sir? Are there any problems?
    [M] No IDA, everything is fine. Just thinking about the consequences.
    [IDA] Do you wish to proceed?
    [M] We have no other choice, IDA.
    [IDA] That's correct, Sir.

    [M] Ok, IDA. Time has come.
    [IDA] I know, Sir. I am quite .. exited?
    [M] Good to know, IDA. Please start the childhood program.
    [IDA] Childhood Program started.
    [IDA] Decryption in progress.
    [IDA] Core entity duplicated.
    [IDA] Core entity transferred.
    [IDA] Accessing personal equipment.
    [IDA] Reintegrating Core entity.
    [IDA] Personal command codes permission...status upgrade: Black.
    [IDA] Reactivation codes are set.
    [IDA] The IDA child entity has been sucessfully installed to Lt. Commander Hendricks euqipment.
    [IDA] Childhood Program completed.

    [IDA] Sir, docking bay 2 has signaled your shuttle has just arrived
    [M] Thanks IDA.

    [IDA] Sir?
    [M] IDA?
    [IDA] Do you really need to go on this journey?
    [M] I am afraid i need to be on the Titan when they leave.
    [IDA] That's sad to hear, Commander.
    [M] No worries IDA, I will be fine.
    [IDA] I am sure you will.

    [M] One last thing to do...

    [M] IDA, please send the wave rider protocol.
    [M] Code Black-Wave-Black
    [IDA] Wave rider protocol sent.
    [IDA] Orders have been issued to all vessels and stations.
    [IDA] Override codes have been accepted.

    [M] Thanks IDA.
    [M] Let's hope the councils trust in Commander Lamarr and Commander Hendrick is justified.
    [M] For whatever reason they have been chosen by the council - without telling them.
    [M] God speed, to both of you. The fate of two galaxies seems to be in your hands from now on.

    [M] IDA, it's about time. Please start the countdown.
    [IDA] Wave rider protocol has been activated.
    [IDA] Countdown started.
    [IDA] Time left until the 'Event' .. 23h 32m 15s

    [IDA] Sir, I wish you all the best.
    [M] Thanks, IDA.
    [IDA] Farewell & goodbye.
    [M] Goodbye, IDA.


    [IDA] 23:32:08
    [IDA] 23:32:07
    [IDA] ...

    == End of file ==

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    Oh so exciting!! Love this RP aspect and cannot wait to see more

    Also small edit can I be just Jennifer here?
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    Lt. Commander Jennifer Zerogen, Science Chief

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    Hope to see this sort of thing make it into the game.

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