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Warp zones option (off by default)?

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    I'd suggest this feature should be optional and server configurable, but on PvP servers it would be great to have warp/jump zones. This would be an area (large sphere several km wide) of a system which you have to travel to before you could use a specific jump route. This effectively sets up corridors (warp in points travel to warp out points) through space that increase chance PvP encounters, cat and mouse games, and create strategic areas for conflict.

    In order to encourage patrolling instead of undesirable camping, BA building would not work in a warp zone. The zone size could also be large enough (configurable?) so that you could enter from multiple angles to avoid a fleet trying to camp the zone. But if you're transporting heavy goods in a larger ship, the direct route will save a lot of fuel and wasted time - interesting risk vs reward. In PvE systems, this could create transport corridors where you are likely to fly past other ships (player and NPC to give spaceflight more scenery), and also a great location for stop-over space stations.

    The downside is increased flight time, so I think this should be configurable per system and per server to suit personal preference. But also, when I can warp from one side of the galaxy to another in under a minute, the galaxy starts to actually feel really *small* and less epic! Adding a bit of travel will create a better sense of scale.

    Visually they would be invisible except on the map, or perhaps a minimalistic non-distracting HUD display.
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