Orbit Keeps Wiping with Server Rollback

Discussion in 'Multiplayer Meeting Room' started by Strated, Jul 20, 2019.

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    Hi everyone,

    To begin, I am only a player, not an owner or admin. Any information I gather here will be going to owners and admins of the server to help prevent this from happening again.

    Here's a rundown:

    Anytime a server rollback occurs, everything on planets reappears just fine, but everything in orbit, including asteroid discoveries, player stations, ships, etc. disappears with no way of getting them back. It is becoming a nuisance that we are trying to figure out here. Is there a file we are missing? Is there a certain file that needs to be backed-up that we are not hitting?

    The reason for the rollback is because we attempted to restore planetary resources, but the server did not like that, therefore we had to do a rollback to access the server again. Once the rollback happened, this is when we noticed this problem happening. It happened a 2nd time when the server had a hiccup due to the provider and a rollback was required.

    Any help or advise I can share with the team on our server would be incredible so us orbit players will stop losing ALL of their progress anytime a rollback is required.


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