Known Issue Paintable custom blocks in scenarios do not support custom color palettes

Discussion in 'Known Issues' started by Garaman, Jul 27, 2023.

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    Build: 1.10.1 4233
    Mode: Creative / Survival
    Mode: Single Player / Multiplayer, Custom Scenario

    Reproducibility: Always
    Severity: Minor

    Type: Block coloring

    Summary: When a custom block is added to a scenario and made colorable following the provided instructions it only picks up colors from the default color palette even if a custom palette is specified on the structure

    Note: Does not affect vanilla, only custom scenarios.

    Any custom blocks added to scenarios have not been paintable using custom palettes since a few versions ago (somewhere around the lighting and performance changes). These blocks now will only show the default palette colors and will ignore any customizations to the structure's palette.

    I have reproduced this using a minimal scenario by following the instructions posted here:

    Following these directions I loaded in an open-source model of an office chair and configured it as a paintable asset, then created a scenario that attaches it to end of the furniture block list. I attached the relevant files in case they are needed:
    • The Unity project for the bundle, without the library files
    • Test The "Test" scenario folder that I created to load the asset into the game
    • Test A savegame using the Test scenario looking at a simple model with the chair asset loaded and painted with a custom palette.
    Alternatively you can load a Reforged Eden save and try to paint any of the custom constructor models with a custom palette.

    I have been in contact with Taelyn about this previously, but I wanted to file a formal bug report so that it can be tracked.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1. Extract the "Test" scenario folder from the "Test" file to your scenarios folder
    2. Load the "Test" savegame
    3. Look at the base block in front of the player and observe that the color palette is a 100% grayscale ramp
    4. Look at the custom block and note that is is picking up the pink color from the default color palette
    5. Try to paint the chair with any of the other colors in the palette.

    This shows the new asset on the left with the incorrect color, and one of the stock chair assets on the right that does pick up the custom color.

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    Thank you for taking the time to report this.
    I can confirm it affects any custom block model that is configured to be colorable.
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