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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TRX, Jul 25, 2020.

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    Apr 23, 2020
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    A little confused after this last update ... maybe someone can give me a answer :-/

    Picked up a rail gun from a loot box ... no big deal ... but under the description it says ...

    Placeable: GV, SS

    I've been playing since Alpha 11 and I don't recall a GV or an SS. I know CV, SV, HV, and BA. So ... what gives? Is this a new type of vehicle with the latest release? Any insight ... :)
  2. GV is what the HV is called in the config files and SS is SV.
    I couldn't answer why they don't just use the same abbreviations in the configs as is used in the actual game...

    Figured it out.
    In the config file it's written like this,
      AllowPlacingAt: "GV,SS", display: true
    When it should be flipped around in the other order like this,
      AllowPlacingAt: "SS,GV", display: true
    I don't have a clue why the config files don't translate correctly in game because of that but that's what is happening. The order shouldn't matter but it is for some reason.

    Why the devs do this stuff is beyond me. It's probably leftovers from a long time ago when they intended for different abbreviations or something like that. This kind of stuff should have been changed and cleaned up a long time ago though before it became used so much.
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    May 10, 2020
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    Oh my. That's SNAFU.
  4. Taelyn

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    GV = Ground Vessel
    SS = Smallship
    Base = Base
    MS = Mothership

    This is how we original called the Vessels in Pre Alpha Times
    You cant simple change them without changeing it everywhere
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  5. That's what I figured.
    It goes without saying it would have been easier to change it and start using the correct terms back when they actually made the change.

    It's not just those abbreviations. There are all kinds of newer examples of this kind of thing.
    Like the MobileAirCon in the config files even though it's called a portable heater/cooler in the game, or the RemoteConnection even though it's called a wireless connection in game. There are many more examples.

    After a while of this happening it just starts to get out of control. It would be far more prudent to adapt the names in the files when they are actually changed in the game instead of just letting it go.
    Are they ever going to be corrected or does it get left alone forever and never dealt with?
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  6. @Taelyn
    Back on the original topic.
    Placeable: GV, SS
    Why does the order that they are listed in the config files lead to a broken translation in game?

    AllowPlacingAt: "GV,SS", display: true
    AllowPlacingAt: "SS,GV", display: true
    Those two should be the exact same as far as the config files are concerned but one leads to a broken translation in game and the other doesn't.
  7. Kassonnade

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    May 13, 2017
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    One of the two is the "vanilla" version, so the game will fetch data for the tooltip from the localisation.csv file and values from defaults somewhere in the game's resources packs. The other one has a "mismatch" so it may be considered as "modified" so the game composes its tooltip from a root string from the localisation.csv and the "value" part is taken from the config file.

    In the localisation file, line 1285, the item "AllowPlacingAt" is translated in game by "Placeable" and the values are fetch from the config. If not from the config (for defaults) then the tooltip is probably packed somewhere in the games resources folders and has the correct "SV, HV" values.

    This is only my best guess...
  8. Taelyn

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    Because the LocalString is setup in a specific way, if you set it in a different way then the local string then you need to change the local string aswell
  9. Kassonnade

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    May 13, 2017
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    Can players change LocalStrings also ?
  10. Taelyn

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    Yes Localization works from Scenario Folders aswell since A12

    It will overwrite the Default one
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  11. Then they arguably should have been set up as 4 separate translations instead of one single translation that is dependent on the exact order.

    You have 3 examples of it being set up incorrectly in the config files as of 12.3
    WeaponSV01, WeaponSV03, and ContainerHarvestControllerSmall are all incorrect in the config files and lead to incorrect translations in game.
  12. Taelyn

    Taelyn Guest

    Line 1296 to 1299

  13. Taelyn

    Taelyn Guest

    Ill check that out and correct the config file
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  14. Khazul

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    Jan 15, 2020
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    I posted this into the update thread. All the SV/HV changes seems to have been very sloppily done and full of bugs. They were just config file changes and yet the devs seem to have a far lower quality bar and apparently with nmo testing whatsoever. This wasnt even fit to go to experimental never mind main branch. And yet - this is what - the 3rd attempt at these changes? (with 2 on exp branch) and it still a mess. they should be ashamed of such poor process and release management.

    Evidently they dont seem to communicate internally either.

    @Taelyn - talk to @Hummel-o-War about this he already knows.
  15. Taelyn

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    It already got fixed on the EXP Patch today
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