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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Furious Hellfire, Nov 11, 2019.

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    A map marker that fixes to the exterior surface of the planet when in orbit map, allowing one to identify the optimal location to re enter there base.

    I dont mean automatic, I mean i want to place a map marker as a re entry point so I know where to enter the atmo.

    As it stands we cannot place a marker on the exterior of the planet because it rotates.

    I was able to post this suggestion before completing an 11km trip around the planet to get to my base :p
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    When we are in space and looking at a planet or moon we are essentially just looking at a picture of the terrain of said planet rotating in space slowly.
    It stands to reason that all they need to do is update that picture inside the game whenever I add or remove a waypoint on a planet or moon.

    Then they don't need to program waypoints that rotate through space to match the planet rotation or any of that nonsense they always claim.
    It's just a simple one time update of the representation of the planet from space to show that waypoint location.

    It wouldn't use up any more PC performance than we already use from looking at a planet from space. The only time it would use more system resources is for a split second while updating said image the moment a waypoint is added or removed.

    Yes, it wouldn't be 3d. If you were on the wrong side of a planet you wouldn't be able to see it until you flew around. So what? It would be infinity better than what we have now.

    This could be done and stored on the local PC as well so that planets don't get cluttered by other players waypoints in MP.
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    "It's too hard to do that, so we'll just keep calling it an alpha as a euphemism for 'lazy execution'." -Eleon, probably
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